Twin flames: The mythology

In one of my more recent posts, I point out that the Twin Flame mythology serves a similar purpose to the Jesus mythology.  I want to elaborate a bit more on this topic, to make it clear as to why these mythologies are present within our experience. The reason is that many have sold the twin flame mythology as a romantic story; while others are selling it as a romantic story that is a lie and that the twin flame concept is simply a function of a deceiving and evil mind. Both are wrong.

That the light, and the light of consciousness, is everywhere, is a truth that is noticed by few, taken in faith by many, and invisible to most. All energy, no matter how dark or how dense, is made up of light energy and contains the source of all things, on a quantum level, or shall we say a God level. But when the consciousness is deeply embedded inside the darker and denser elements and has been trained to see all things in terms of duality, it is very difficult to accept the unity of all things, except as some sort of mixture of the opposing forces, a formula for communism, or the shape of a society or nation at war with itself. For some, life consists of making huge efforts towards creating shame and shaming, suppressing, and concealing, all in the name of keeping the peace; for the rest, who make no effort in trying to conceal their turmoil, life is projected as something that is difficult, painful, and dangerous for themselves and for others – they make no effort towards hiding this and their visions of violence often erupt when given the opportunity.

So, in this context, how would a higher consciousness wake itself up, to begin to see the duality for what it is, which is a projection of a world that has been driven by a biological AI, an intelligence that prevents us from seeing who we truly are?  The most powerful energy of the universe is the core of the universe, which is the Source of all things. We, as human beings, are always connected to this energy;  however, as I said above, we are not necessarily conscious of the connection at all. Instead, most of us experience life as passive subjects, as if we are thrown into situations we’d rather not be thrown into, to encounter people and things that are either friendly or inimical towards us, whether we choose or not. In that sense, most people experience their lives as a dream, in which they can sometimes have a limited number of choices or options, but certainly not the option of transforming the whole world. In the end most people see the universe as a random collaboration or collusion of synchronous events, sometimes presenting themselves as coincidence; but otherwise without meaning.

In today’s world the connection to Source has never been more hidden and more denied. People have never been more willing to give up their power to our current technology, and to that degree, they have been willing to give up their own energy and power, to allow themselves to become immersed in the projected universe of duality, into the world “out there” as opposed to the universe “in here”. The twin flame mythology is actually a rejuvenation of the old religious sense; the desire to return to God, to return to home or wholeness. The old story of Jesus has been hijacked by the church over the past two-thousand years and has added the story to the mental/physical training of the mind: that heaven is opposed to hell; that evil is opposed to good; that the duality of the universe is our suffering and punishment, and that love is here for us through Jesus, a man who is also God, and who is also not the SELF. The projection of the Jesus figure has captivated the mind of the world, but its hypocrisies and concealments and lies bring nothing but shame to fuel the fire of guilt and the imagination of hell that so many religious Christiains imagine. Nothing can be further from Source and Love, than shame and hate; and, as a result, the religion has managed to destroy as much as possible any obvious connection to Source through defilement and the confusion that duality always projects.

In addition to the inherent problems of religion, we also live in a world that worships the ego, whether it is the ego of self-consciousness or the projected egos of others, such as celebrities, politicians, and the like. The only kind of love most people understand is the love that “I” want, which categorically is romantic love.  The twin flame mythology begins there; and was designed to lure the twin flame into the hopes of a great personal love story, with all the trappings of lust and egoic desire; the drama of desire’s companion called fear, and all the other emotional possibilities of a love that should last across lifetimes.  When the twin – usually the female – experiences this love, they lose all former inhibitions, simply because it feels as if they are present to the love they have always wanted and dreamed of. This is where she starts her “journey”, led by the carrot of love on a stick. She learns that she must heal herself and become whole, and that the twins will find themselves in union, as long as she continues to heal and accept the death of the ego. She is then, still lured into this drama through her narcissistic tendencies, eager to cultivate her spirituality, undergo the dark night of the soul, and shed her ego layer by layer, to fan the flames of her divine fire, in order to “get her twin to come back”. If she continues earnestly on this route, she will eventually reach an experience of wholeness, Self, union with the divine, absolute peace; but by that time, she will have realized that she never needed the twin, who was simply only a projection of her now dissolved ego. She no longer needs the twin to be whole – she never did.

However, now she realizes the remarkable beauty and power of the mythology, the story that sent her on her hero’s journey, to claim victory over the biological AI and all the trappings of ego that once shattered her soul into pieces, like so many others are shattered. When you stand here in the all and the one, in the dark and the light, in the midst of this very strange and magical place so many blandly call “world”, you realize, with the love and joy of a child,  that all is well, all is good, and all is love.

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