Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with

This post is going to be short and to the point. I want it to be known that I work in technology and have been on and off for the past twenty-five years. Right now, AI is going to launch into a completely new realm, a realm and timeline that won’t most understand or comprehend before it is too late. Everyone is playing with these cool knives and having a good deal of fun. But the amount of destruction and wreckage will be unprecedented – unfortunately, the way we are going, so few will care, and those who do care will be silenced.

The world is ramping up its cleverness, and you will see more and more people become transfixed and absorbed into AI technology. Music, videos, text, computer programs: all we be able to be generated through and by synthetic AI. Most people will become convinced that that art is not inspired by anything divine or Sourced from the divine. That world will close even further to those people. Now, I’ll give you the good news about all of this. First of all, those of us who spend time cultivating awareness can easily see the difference between AI energetic systems and those energies that are transmitted, interpreted, and expressed through Source, on a quantum level. Because AI is surfacing on the material level of the public consciousness, you will see first-hand and without a doubt (if you ever had any) who is biological AI and who is not. The reason is that biological AI is an old technology that will eventually be transplanted by what is now the burgeoning art of artificial intelligence. There are many so-called spiritual teachers that have only turned to spirituality as a resistance against the old biological AI – it is no longer working for them. Once they become immersed into the synthetic AI, their intentions will become clear either through abandoning spiritual concepts and ideas or through adapting them to synthetic AI presentations. Be vigilant of whom and what you are watching and projecting through. Nothing has changed – it is still all projection of ego.

AI will be used to create simulated environments, to mold public perception and experience. It will be utilized by organization and by individuals who are interested in persuading, convincing, and harnessing energy; and they will use this power in order to destroy some and elevate others – at their choosing. AI will be integrated into simple and useful things such as games, learning environments, recipe makers, music makers, and image makers. You will watch a person on the internet, and not know if they are “real” or not. Many will not care because at least they are enjoying the presentation. In the beginning, many will fear that they will lose not only their jobs, but their passions to these artificial minds. Unfortunately, for those who see no difference between AI authored creations and creations of Source, that fear will manifest into reality.

But for those who are working to return to Self, to work with Source energy directly, there will be no such fear. There will however be many challenges as the momentum of AI becomes strong. The biological form of AI kept the mind inside the egoic context, appearing to be owned by the individual, inside an individual biological body that has been formulated through genetic information. In that biological form, the AI could take on a very human – and emotionally charged – substance. But the fact that the body is always on its way towards death, and hat the human being still has as a relatively strong connection to Self or Source -albeit usually emotional — has made it difficult for the simulation to appear to completely replace Source – which is its ultimate goal. But now that people have become complete and utter slaves to the digital technologies that we hold in our hand and attach to our bodies; now that we have shown that we will do whatever we are told based on the pop “science” of the internet and propaganda: keep our kids out of school; prevent socialization; lock ourselves up in our homes; where masks wherever we go; bathe in toxic sanitizer; and allow any kind of substance to be injected into our bodies ; turning a blind eye to doctors being killed or banned, and people being poisoned by drugs; losing their jobs; sudden deaths; and corporations raking in cash all the while as people lose their livelihoods, their jobs, and their business – now that we have sufficiently displayed our willingness to be programmed by artificial media, enjoying artificially produced music over real human voices and song, reading and digesting articles on the internet written by bots, we will have no problem moving forward into the next age of AI which eventually will begin the slow process of physically merging synthetic AI tech into the biological form, justified through “the science” which says that it will help us live longer and better through AI chips implanted in our bodies. Many will be attracted to the accuracy of the AI, the efficiencies, and the genetic manipulation in their favor.

Each one of us is being presented a choice: to merge with AI or to merge with Source. Cultivate the silence of Self – allow yourself to connect to the infinite energy that you are.

Be vigilant as to which you are choosing – every minute of every day. Nothing is as it seems.

Blessings XO

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