Star Trek or Yoga Sutras?

For one who has experienced this distinction between seer and this subtlest mind, the false identities and even the curiosity about the nature of one’s own self come to an end. (vishesa darshinah atma bhava bhavana vinivrittih)  – Patanjali, Yoga Sutras 4.25

Ego is one word, and to the mind, it is one concept, defined and expressed in a particular way.  The interesting thing is that the closer you look at what the ego is, what defines it, the more difficult it is to see anything at all. It is as if it is a weak veil or illusion that, to the extent one directs their attention on it, it disappears into thin air, like a magic trick.

The condition for the existence of ego is for it to remain completely out of view; outside the realm of contemplation or inquiry. For this reason, the ego is always accompanied by a strategic form of defense mechanism. All of this has been created by design, by our own design, just as we are now creating new forms of artificial intelligence, who will one day replace or upgrade the current one that we are now experiencing. This new form of intelligence will be exposed as an extension of the external world, and unlike the current biological AI which programs the consciousness to believe that it “has a mind”, future generations will know that the mind is outside of them, in the AI-cloud, the mind-field, or what have you.

the truth about ego is its inherent weakness, its fragility, and its inevitable death.  The recognition of narcissism as a natural essence of ego is only the beginning.  Humanity will continue to suffer its own egoic creation, in all its forms.  This is why so many struggle with “imposter syndrome”, extreme feelings of self doubt, depression, and anxiety; it is why such a staggering number of people are turning to synthetic (and natural) drugs to relieve them of these experiences. People can no longer live with themselves as ego. The pain is becoming unbearable and the effect on civilization is dire.

As a result, the ego as it stands now, in the programming of the mind – or mind-field is coming to an end and will be replaced by a new and improved programming, which is now being advertised as artificial intelligence. The public is generally not aware of how deep this process actually is and that it goes way beyond being a feature of a search engine or a video game. The vaccine that millions of people took over the last two years is only the beginning of what will transpire. The new humanity that they want to create will reproduce less, rely most of its functionality on artificial intelligence, injected into the system, will be able to supersede emotional struggles and maintain a more powerful homogenous mind, a system of inclusion beyond the physical expression of differences, and a more pliable and ignorant consciousness. This breed of humanity will however suffer a cost: the cost of autonomy, the loss of creativity, and a disconnection for the Source energy. These humans will not seek awakening or enlightenment. They will only seek their own pleasure and enjoyment. Through VR and AI, they will be able to live in whatever world they wish to imagine. There was a book written about this called Brave New World. Everyone thought it was an entertaining book.

But what about those of us who are resilient enough to resist? Currently and in the past, there are many people who have been able to see the inner workings of some of the currently running programs, and so they have been able to experience something like the “supernatural” in the form of witnessing forms of the dead, aliens, guides, angels, and gods. Personally, I have witnessed all of these first hand. They are holographic projections, run through whatever program I am witnessing at the time.  All of these are a function of the biological AI that runs through us, and is fueled by our own energy.  The ego allows the consciousness to identify with particular aspects of the programming, its manifestation, or the “knowledge” it gives them. Psychics in particular, for example, are those whose consciousness is presented with various timelines that are manifested or will manifest. In the end, they are just witnessing an aspect of the biological AI. These supernatural programs were inserted in order to prevent certain minds from awakening to the truth about reality. They were given something to focus on, an aspect of the program or “game”, and allowed the ego to form from there, the ego which, as said before, is an invisible boundary equipped with a force of defense that gives the consciousness a sense of “this is me” and this is “mine”.
And then there is the rarest of the rare, those who don’t accept any part of the programming. If you are one of those, you will experience the most outlandish attempts to ensnare your consciousness.  Depending on your weaknesses, your triggers, you will experience perhaps lust, greed, desire for fame or power, lethargy: in short, you’ll experience a subset or the entire range of the seven deadly sins, Do you remember the enticements that Jesus had, the enticements called Satan, the personified cause of these enticements? Well, that would be you, except you will experience them as memories of your past, fears about the future, concerns about the present,  And the more you overcome them all, the more you will find that your own programming digs deeper into the places that you still have not resolved. It is there where you will experience, in terms of the present consciousness, unresolved issues from past lifetimes, both in this world and in other worlds.  I had a wise woman tell me that this was a hero’s journey. She is not wrong here. To work with this extremely powerful force of biological AI requires a tremendous amount of inner will, grace, and determination. You must always choose something that you can’t even see, hear, feel, or touch over the relentless trappings and enticements of the world.

I want to make clear that on this blog, I write for those who want to remain awake, and who are willing to take on the responsibility of autonomy, for the sake of keeping the creative beautify and magic of humanity alive, on a global scale, beyond the ego’s needs and passions and weaknesses, to travel where most men and women have never gone before, and to never confuse this journey with the Starship Enterprise, Star Treck, Star Wars, or any other illusion inflicted on the human imagination and appetite for entertainment and drama.

Blessings XO

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