Meditations on “new earth”

When the ego listens to information about the state of bliss that accompanies freedom and awakening, it usually imagines an experience of infinite pleasure, whatever form that may be. However, the bliss that is experienced is not an object of experience, nor is a sandbox of experience. The bliss that is in fact experienced is the feeling of absolute acceptance and presence in who you are, which is the bliss itself. This bliss cannot be created or destroyed. It is not of this world.

Bliss cannot ever be experienced inside the veil that is ego.

Who you are cannot be imagined by the ego. The reason for this is that who you are is not a function of or object of mind.

The extent to which the ego cannot give an account of its ideas or its impressions; the extent to which it doesn’t connect to the roots of all things in its experience, is the extent to which the consciousness is dissociated from true Self, and so from nature and the bliss.

Source is at the root of all things. It is the infinite mystery and marks the limits of all understanding. The ego has no awareness of this except in the form of dread, as if the mystery were a black hole or death itself, waiting, lurking to destroy it.

The greater the fear, the less room we have for creativity.  This is why nothing transformative can be invented in times where security is a priority. For ego, this can inhibit the expansion of power, and so it chooses domination over creation, such as in the form of the Roman Empire, or the World Economic Forum.

It is in the interest of all corporations and governments, that the people are vibrating on a low frequency of fear. This fear cannot be too obvious, otherwise panic will destroy the illusion of control. Instead, fear is dialed down to almost an imperceivable drone. Almost all music and entertainment in the popular sphere contains within it the energies of fear. The general population is actually addicted to it, because it fuels their desire, and their addiction to pleasure and narcotics.

The public is taught to believe that the great powers of the world represent strength; but these powers are actually in their declining years. Youthful energy and presence is not manifest in the realm of the seeming or the public consciousness. It is as powerful as the seeds, hidden beneath the earth, in darkness.

Those who try to be like others in the world, are like seeds trying to imitate dying flowers. They will die with them. Most people worship celebrities and those who are proclaimed as powerful. This is a drain on any energy they may have. The energy is fed to those powers, through energy and through money.

The world is designed to deplete the energy of all souls, in order to feed what should already have passed away a long time ago.

The masculine energy is not an oracle and never will be. There is a reason why, in Ancient Greece, the Delphic oracle appointed young girls to be the mouth of the Earth, of Destiny, and the God. The masculine energy is good at interpreting the symbols in a fixed way, and has no access to, nor experience with the generation of those symbols, except through the feminine. All beings who enter here come through SHE and depart through SHE. She is the death and the life. He is the believer and is very much attached to surviving in this world. When the male and female energies are at odds, as they are in this iteration of the world, there is nothing but stagnant energy, porn, and madness. The dominating egoic powers feed off this energy. As people age, they feel their own worthlessness. And this worthlessness is not because of old age, but because they never lived as worthy in the first place.

Egoic power always banishes woman to the darkness and will only allow her if she serves him. He cannot create and he cannot destroy. He withers and tries to find ways by means of science and even spiritual science to achieve immortality.

Women who disfigure their bodies in order to appear more youthful have lost their feminine qualities.

Everything you have ever experienced in your life is a function of who you are, albeit on all frequencies, low and high. The ego attempts to understand “itself” by trying to reason out or give cause to all the emotions and thoughts that arise from experiences. All explanations, whether spiritual, psychological, or simply judgmental, are generally erroneous on premise; the premise being that all experiences revolve around the ego or the I itself, and that the reason for them can be located either inside that I or inside the others that accompany it. All of this “explanation” and “explaining” is time wasted for creative and destructive pursuits.

The ego attempts to know everything because it cannot see anything at all. Artificial intelligence will present as knowing everything. Discovery, however, will disappear.

There are many who are being awakened and find that much of the process is confusing and painful. There are many places for them to rest and find hope: answers, explanations, and communities, rocks, and tarot cards. All of these are needed, but they are not an end in themselves. Eventually, one has to abandon all hope, if he dares to enter HERE.

Truth is sacred. It can never be destroyed, nor can it every be created. This is bliss.

Many spiritual seekers have been programmed to abandon their mind; and that has been their downfall. The mind is the way, the labyrinth, the passage to awareness. It is the key that unlocks the doors and solves all puzzles. One must understand that magic of mind, how it works, and how it is used by ego to create layers of illusions — all in order to master it and become free. The idea that mind must be abandoned is a trap that ensnares way too many,

The mind functions on a binary programming system. All understanding is binary and separates by nature. Nothing it conjures is real or true. This is why those who study science only learn the projections of mind and reach nothing inside the sacred temple.

There is a world beyond mind, beyond the veil, and that world is always and ever the same. It will never transform or change. It is one with who we are. It is who we are. That is Source.

The idea that there is a new earth or a new grid, a new age in human awakening, made many feel like that it would provide for our bliss, and be the final resting place for our spiritual travels, the end, the ultimate goal and home of all. This is an illusion. The only new earth is a new program of earth.  This has been documented by those who have written about the singularity and the merging of mind into the supercomputer, ultimately rendering most of humanity obsolete.

Most human beings either believe that human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe, or that there are aliens who inhabit other worlds inside that same universe. All of this is ridiculous, because the universe we know can only be conceived through the projection of mind, and a very limited and narrow scoped ego that defines it.  The truth is that most people are completely ignorant of who they truly are, and that is where they are so easily manipulated by programming that tells them who they are.

We are now in the process of unravelling the old programming, only to enter a more powerful one. This new world will project the mind into the world, and we will witness the super-intelligence that plays out into the projection. For some, this will be devastation, denial, and the eventual worship of the great beast. They will lose their minds to this entity in a way that cannot at the moment be imagined. For others, this will be the challenge that will free them from identification with the ego, the old mind, and the new one that sits as the sky itself, above all minds and all imagination, just as the ceilings of a prison lurk over the heads of the guilty. Many will wonder why this has happened and invent all sorts of evils and evil spirits. But the truth is easy to witness now: we have created this and will continue to do so until we wake up from the dream to realize what exactly our mouths and minds are doing.

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