Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness

Before I start this article, I want to make something clear. Twin flames is a topic that is highly popular these days. I get tons of people coming to this site because of the twin flame content. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it shows me that more and more people are in the early stages of their journey towards deeper Self-awakening. You are here because you are one of those who is truly a seeker. I hope that my articles are of assistance. I also hope that all understand that the twin flame journey is a mode of spiritual awakening, just like their are other modes, such as forms of yoga, and various other derivatives of that.

In this article, I just want to touch upon something that is often experienced by those of us who are engaged and committed to the awakening process, and that difficult something is other people – surprising isn’t it? Well, it really isn’t because we all know that the human being is the autonomous source of all things. We all sense it, and we are aware of it. Still, because of the modes in which we think on a day-to-day basis, we like to find other sources for the cause of things: the society, the climate, God, the politicians, the CEOs. We are really good at finding fault with objectified personas and things. And when we find that fault, we are quite clever at creating justifications and reasons and stories that corroborate our opinions. When others agree with us, it is even more powerful – we think we know the truth. This is why psychology has become such a popular pastime for many people, looking for proof that their old boyfriend is a sick narcissist, or has a borderline personality disorder. The one looking for this information is always the one who identifies (or will identify) as being the empathic one – the victim. The discovery of the “reason” and the story gives momentary comfort to so many suffering people. This is how the ego lives out its life. When it counters contrast and difficulty, it finds a way to explain it or pulls it out of its “knowledge base”. When it finds something or someone that is more agreeable, it feels joy and pleasure. In this sense, the egoic life consists of a runner/chaser dynamic. This is the truth about the twin flame belief system: it is simply a surfacing of the natural state of all egos, except that those who are aware of “being” a twin flames, have been graced with the light of illumination.

For suffering and pleasure, one of the necessary forms of duality in this world, is a condition of ego and mind. It is not a condition of who we are, twin flame or otherwise. Who we are is something, which, when we first arrive in earth, through the birth canal, we cannot actually contain in these physical bodies – the energy is way to much not only for the body to manage, but for the consciousness to contain. For that reason, the experience on earth must contain a kind of force field, that is as invisible and as mysterious as gravity; and that would be what call ego.

The ego, in concert with the mind, is the only thing that shields us from the onslaught of the universal and earth energies. The ego gives us orientation, the ability to refer to a “self”, and the ability to identify with its environment. The consciousness latches on to the ego and the mental context that becomes what it perceives as “its life”. It is very important to understand and respect this, because we would not survive initially without it – the energies are way too powerful without the shielding of ego. It truly is an expression of love, to hold us, to carry us through. This is the source of what Plato called the “noble lie”, the lie that serves the good, which is the enlightenment of the human consciousness. The ego, in this sense an incubator, a pod, a place where we begin to experience this body and this mind, as if it were our own. It teaches us something like autonomy, with the “my”. It teaches us how to love the “other” and what happens when we feel “hate”. There are so many lessons that the experience of ego shows us. All of those lessons are, however, designed to show us – eventually – that the ego is not who we are after all. That too is called the “twin flame journey” but it is truly the journey of all who awaken.

And when the ego first awakens, for the very first time, it is as a sense of insecurity, of doubt, and even dread. These may only begin to emerge into the ego’s life as a sense of “this is not me” or “this life isn’t what I expected”. Many will feel like they are “going crazy” or becoming “depressed”. Too many will seek drugs to solve the problem. Sadly, for many, this is where the journey of awakening often ends during this lifetime. The use of drugs – no matter how natural – creates an artificial dependency for the body and also weakens the capacity of mind and consciousness to handle more and more higher energies.

Some people do not turn to drugs and learn how to manage with their discomfort in more positive ways. They will at some point experience life as a prison or prison planet, as a dark cave, or just restrictive in general. Some may see this restriction in particular places like in terms of their career, their relationship to government, society, the religion, marriage, family. The form the restriction takes doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the ego is beginning to crack in a certain way that will begin to allow the person to perhaps choose to let the light in further, which will in turn by domino effect, shatter other areas of the egoic life. Once humpty-dumpty cracks completely, he cannot be repaired again and that is the exact moment when the Self begins to be experienced as something that has been concealed through the veil of ego. The light that guides is powerful – more powerful than any illusion that ego can provide. When the individual feels that power, they never return.

But even that is not the end. It is always the beginning. Most people will get a glimpse or taste of the sheer vastness, the infinite flow and frequency of reality, of the Self, as something beyond anything the personality can contain or the mind can understand. Most often, this happens through art and some form of self-expression. The individual will feel this during creation process, because they are in connection with the Source, the great Abyss, the heart of creation. But it will only feel conditional to the artistic process, while the rest of their life still feels restrictive. This glimpse through art will also be accompanied by a great deal of panic and fear, which will propel them forward into finding something, a story, a lifestyle, a belief system, that will explain and give comfort to whatever shows up for them when they aren’t creating and when they are dealing with life. When this happens, the individual will often make some dramatic changes in their life. This will move them along in the process of discovery through the process of change. Change however, is something that we do to slow down the transformation process which would otherwise be quite dangerous to experience. Change is a reflection of what we can handle at that particular moment and so we create or find a new aspect of egoic context (to replace the old pieces) in which to settle before we get yet another glimpse into Self, into the Abyss.

And changes can always be made to the egoic context at any time. You can move yourself to another state or country; you can change your body by exercising; you can marry or get divorced; change careers and friendships. You can create new goals and pastimes. As we go through these changes, transformation will open the door again, when the consciousness can no longer stay within that egoic-mental context. You will get yet another glimpse of Self, more powerful than the last. This process, from egoic-context to transcendental opening, to change, and a return to a new egoic-context works as an intergalactic spiraling galaxy and will continue to turn and twist over and over again. Time becomes faster as space becomes lesser – until you reach a kind of singularity where change is no longer possible – nor desirable – at all. In the external projection, we know this as the black hole, where all space and time collapse. For twin flames, this is the union that is always spoken about. It is always here right now and forever. But are you ready to experience it? Most of us are not? If you dip your toes in it, you will feel the affect of its gravitational pull; you will notice that all that think you are will be swallowed away forever. Most pull the toe back, and some leap even further away…

Each individual is somewhere in their own spiral and their spatial reference can quite possibly be located on a certain map that is available to those who are directly working on that aspect of human reality. I have been shown this intergalactic and inter-connected condition of humanity early on in my own transcendental experience. The lives we think we are living on earth are simply part of the process of our experience. Most people are not interested in truth in any way, or they are only interested in so far as it benefits the egoic mental projection that they are currently in. This is exactly how it was designed to be! Some may struggle deeply here because they may be dealing with particular people who are very problematic – perhaps they are violent, abusive, or simply corrupt. And here is exactly where things get tricky. If you look at the spiraling black hole above, you will see that there are probably trillions if not more light “nodes”. The further away we get from Self or the center, the singularity, the more we see the lights as individual specks. The closer we get to the black hole, the more they appear as one. When we are experiencing extreme conflict with another individual, we usually go into egoic (separation mode), we either focus on them and make them in issue, or we run away from them, create stories in our head and eventually meet another individual similar to that one. The reason for this is that your location on your spiral maps to their location on theirs – you are bonded together. The conflict you engage in is the duality of both of you. This is what we call “twin flames”, although this happens to everyone. And when the mind and body get all on board with this bondage (to the twin flame or the other person), it is very, very difficult to let go of it. There will be all sorts of excuses, emotional attachment, stories, and memories that will keep you a state of pain and difficulty as well as an unwillingness to let go of all them. The experience is simultaneous love and aversion. That unwillingness to let go and the constant pain and suffering only reflects an unwillingness to see oneself as autonomous, and resistance to change, and an even deeper resistance to Self (transformation), which is a complete renunciation of the personality and attachments of ego. In the end, you will see, that the only person that has given you difficulty is your own mind, your own ego and you will realize this only inside the miraculous love of the universe itself, the great beloved, the end of all ends.

Blessings XO

4 thoughts on “Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness

  1. So beautifully written. So encouraging and heart-wrenching at the same time. Once again, this is my second or third read on this one, a few days in between, and I guess it’s changed me because the more I read it the clearer it becomes! I see me in it and it feels very comforting for someone to put words to my experiences, which give me a bit of a breather from experiencing it! Ahhhh. Thank you, again, Anastasia, very helpful to know we are many (if not all) going through this, what feels like a pin-hole of life! Trying to squeeze through! With gratitude and appreciate! 🦋

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