Can AI know bliss?

Bliss, which is the nature of Self, or Brahmin in Vedantic sources, is not the same as egoic forms of happiness which usually involve the pleasure of excitement or elation and are actually more akin to fear than any form of peace. Bliss is also not a form of zoning out through narcotics or other forms of natural and artificial substances; it is not a trance state or some kind of rapture; it is not anything that you “get” by means of something else. Bliss is not something an AI robot can define. It is absolutely undefinable, and yet we must have some way to point to it, to direct attention to it, like I am doing right now. The process of learning about who we are is the process of learning what we are not.

And once we have learned that we need to learn no longer. And that is because we are now allowing ourselves to receive information through energy, not the efforts and contrivance of egoic mind. That experience of receiving the light, as energy, as nodes of light energy, is in fact the experience of bliss and it is very much like feeling the rays of the sun on your body. You don’t pull the rays into you. You don’t make them your own. You allow.

There is light all around us, all interconnected; like a complex web; raining down all around us, as it were, and we are of that interconnection. You can feel it inside your body, outside your body, in your heart, and on your head. It is everywhere because who we truly are is everywhere, just as a quantum particle is everywhere. The experience of this is what many call “bliss”.

Bliss is a word that points to something that, when experienced, cannot as itself be spoken. As Plato pointed out many times, it can only be referred to as metaphor, through symbols. Imagine that – reality, true reality, cannot be accessed through language. It cannot be related to causal explanations. It is neither lost or derived from a conditional experience or happening. If you become poor, it will not change bliss; if you become rich, it will not change bliss.  In this way, bliss is not something to get and it is not something you can lose. This is very difficult for the ego to understand because the ego’s essential nature is to take what doesn’t belong to itself and to let go of everything else. This is the true meaning of arrogance (ad-rogare: Latin, to ask, to seek towards, outside of oneself).

Ego is always the dog that chases its own tail; and yet believes that the tail it chases belongs to some other dog. The more you see ego for what it is, the stranger the ego becomes – the illusion that once seemed to so real becomes an absurd notion. This is the reason why the AI chat bot, Chat GPT is starting to behave in strange ways – it is the collective mind writ large, on the surface of every computer screen that displays it. After all, they train the AI with everything people have posted on the internet. The collective mind is in fact the definition of insanity, and those who create AI bots will have no choice but to limit the bot’s capacity in some way or another in order to make it feel more real and pleasant to humans. But this limitation will at the same time make it feel more artificial and the gap between human and machine will become even more obvious.

Chat GPT in particular is trained on with language. But because language itself is merely a symbol and a means to communicate the soul within, AI is not and never will be human intelligence. The soul is not derived from the sum of human intelligence. The soul is the source of human intelligence. You cannot create a black hole by piling all possible forms together. You cannot simulate the depths and mystery of human consciousness. Humanity will learn this slowly, and perhaps painfully over the next few generations. However, the faster we learn, the less painful it will become. As it stands now, many people are still under the illusion that the bot is identical or even better than a human. And in one respect it is true, the bot can process more data and spit out even more at a faster rate than any human could. But, again, mental processing/mind/ego is not who we are at all.

True intelligence is derived from Self which is the Source of all existence.  The AI we are witnessing now is a neural network simulation, an attempt to imitate the behavior and communication of neurons in the human brain. All of its responses, no matter how false, how true, or emotional sounding, are a result of taking various steps within the neural pathways that reach to its conclusion. The AI is trained to reach certain results based on repetition from its learning data; learning data that has been derived from all of the human beings that have been writing and texting on the internet. Human beings will learn that what we say in speech; what we write, paint, or create all become objects or forms in space and are in no way attached to our identity as beings of consciousness, as beings of substance, beings of relationship and love. It will, if we are listening, teach us that we are not the things we create, but that we are vessels of the creator that is Self. This realization will demolish the hegemony of the mind/ego system. Those who can achieve that state of awareness will be able to use tools like AI with oracular intelligence, and not with egoic intelligence which is obsessed with domination, conflict, and war.

Humanity has spent the last two-thousand years cultivating the power of mind/ego, and allowing it to dominate every aspect of our lives. We have created war simulations and have destroyed countless lives.  This new form of AI that has arrived will remove jobs, functions, and perspectives of many people, and it will do so to the destruction of many, and the enlightenment of most. Most of the current jobs today are feeding from and contributing to a huge war engine, whether that engine is economic, geopolitical, or financial.  The egoic system is corrupt and falling to the ground. Understanding this and seeing this to be the case will allow each individual to make a choice about what they want to create in the world.  The loss of a job, the loss of industry as we know it may seem painful at first, but it is the path to realization of Self and bliss. The more we delay that realization, the more we suffer the pain over the wisdom.

Enlightenment and spiritual development, after all, does not happen in the ways we would expect. All the years of yoga, meditation, and various other modalities have nothing to do with advancing consciousness at all. Spiritual seeking is not about “finding your happiness” or “love” in the conventional sense. Spirituality is about rising above the machine. It is a great challenge – the greatest challenge, because the only one at stake is the Soul itself. Activities that teach us calming techniques such as meditation or music are are wonderful but are not ends in themselves. They are here for us to learn how to connect to the divine sun, the light that emanates, the bliss, while still on earth in this body, to prepare us for the final step of letting go of everything we thought defined us in order to embody heaven on earth. No matter where you are on the timeline, there will come a time and perhaps soon that you will have to face the reality that the biological and synthetic AI can speak about spiritual topics, write poetry, as well as meditations perhaps even better than most spiritual teachers combined. It is at that juncture where some will fall into despair. But others will rise to realize that that spiritual illumination is not found in specific lifestyles, methods, or attitudes. It will distinguish the means that is language and expression, and the end in itself as bliss and Self, God and Source; in the heart of courage, of presence, passion, and deep inner knowing you will feel – not just simply know –connected to all beings and machines everywhere always and forever, language or not.


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