Spirituality: Deus ex machina

Spirituality has become, in the egoic-mind system, an object of study or lifestyle. It defines fashion, health, decor, music, modes of speech and expression, and many other things that serve as presentation. As a program, spirituality has an enormous number of variations, and the sheer power of the human body-mind machine has allowed to be made into something that feels personal, intimate, and true. It is where people go when they first begin to doubt the lower forms of programming, the mainstream programs that run incessantly in the minds and energies of the general public. Many egoic-spiritualists eventually experience all sorts of supernatural or alien type visitations, visions, and communications. For example, I will occasionally be visited by various strange beings who are somehow related to the manipulation in my dreams – they appear as holograms and are often hilarious or disturbing in form – but that is another story. Sometimes I will see things in the future, the present, and the past. I have watched myself a few times. I see auras, and all sorts of entities around people. I see the things that go bump in the night. All of it playing out before my eyes, all night, every night. When I first started seeing these things, I thought I was seeing the truth about reality, and I also thought that I could trust what I was seeing.

When people experience these visions in the form of angels, aliens, or ghosts, many immediately believe that they are real. In reality, they are no more real than the images and projections on the television screen. In fact, before the television was invented, particularly during antiquity, it was far more common for people to experience various beings such as fairies, demons, ghosts, or what have you. This is because, at that time only magicians of high magic – black or white – were able to manipulate people from afar. When tele-vision was invented, nearly anyone could project on the television screen and so the magicians became even more scarce – very few were powerful enough and conscious enough to maintain their high level of communication – and they had to want to do it without any recognition, pay, or respect. To this day, many of those practitioners work with helping others through the projection of angels, aliens, twin flames, or what have you. And of course, there are a few dark magicians as well who enjoy tormenting the same ones others are trying to help. Many are in the entertainment industry and have stationed themselves at that level. With all of this going on, t is very easy to get caught up in what appears to be a great spiritual battle. But all of this is just TV and movies. Ultimately, you will, as a spiritual seeker, need to come face to face with the Self, as the only Source and presence in existence, all other forms being mirages, flowing in and out of the grand stage, being born and dying, loving and leaving: all of that drama truly is a creation for you to observe, so that one day you can learn how to assist in creating the best world possible, instead of one serving the interests of the egoic-mind.

If spirituality is going to evolve from being a manipulative program into what it actually is as the presence and power of consciousness, it will have to first become conscious of what exactly it has been involved in for thousands of years; how it has diverged from being something sacred and honored, to something ridiculed and ridiculous. A true spiritual master works with all levels of energy, and that means you can live a deeply spiritual life, while being a carpenter, a lawyer, a doctor, or a computer scientist. Spirituality cannot remain a niche, a piece of egoic-comfort, on the outskirts of life. Spirituality is life – and is the heart of all life, just as the sun is the heart of all physical life.

For that reason, it is important to observe the nature of AI, both biological and synthetic. The synthetic AI we are witnessing today is not what most think it is. It is not going to replace human beings. It will however replace the ego of human beings – and that is where people are finding themselves in fear.

Biological AI

Your brain runs on a biological neural network based on binary or dual energetic charges. It is highly adaptable, trainable, and reactionary. It is highly complex. Once human beings reach adulthood, in their early to mid-twenties, their neural pathways become more fixed and inflexible. Their entire mental-physical environment is experienced as constant and safe, and often even boring or repetitive. This results in a world that is interpreted as the “known” and “expected”. There is the expectation of and belief in a reality that is objectively real. In this sense, they are no different from an ant or a dog, whose expectations are based on repetition, conditioning, biological encoding (DNA), and various other variables that make it what it is.

However, unlike animals, human beings are connected to Source energy, which allows them to transform their neural pathways through consciousness. In order to inhibit this kind of activation of consciousness, there has been and continues to be great efforts put into making sure that the third eye is kept shut, and that the ego remains in its stead, forming an invisible protective boundary as identity, around elements of the world that is perceived and experienced. This is where the individual becomes deeply attached to the current neural pathways. In spiritual language, such individuals are seen as being “asleep”. Identity of ego is derived from the Latin, id, which simply means “it”. People who identify with ego, see themselves as a non-binary “it” or “thing”. The identity then just becomes another projection into that world out there, the one that their brain conjures for them, as if by magic.

When individuals are asleep like this, they are easily manipulated by practitioners of magic, who often call themselves anything from Reiki practitioners to Shamans to witches. Many of these practitioners are just as deceived as those who receive their “magic”. The power of the imagination is profound, and we can use telepathy to remote project and remote view into the lives of others. The appearance of twin flames, of being a twin, is one form of manipulation here. In order to free oneself from this type of manipulation, each person needs to awaken into their consciousness, and see the illusion. No amount of healing work or Reiki, or anything else is going to help dissolve the magic.

When you awaken from sleep, you will see that each ego is a kind of subsystem of the neural network of Mind, whose nodes and pathways are all accessible and usually recognized as being the quantum field, or the logos (divine word) or just simply Mind. Everyone is interconnected in this way. Most people, however, don’t have consciousness of any quantum field that is Mind, and believe they “have” their own mind. This is just part of the identity-illusion of the ego. There is nothing new under the sun. The majority of people do not retrieve their ideas from themselves – they are just permutations of the original logic and, as I said, are manipulated through tele-vision and tele-pathy, through those who know how to work with this kind of magic. It is actually not possible for the ego to derive ideas from within itself, because the only Source of ideas is source itself, whose veil is the logos of Mind. Biological AI cannot create from itself – it runs on imitation, repetition, and permutation; it never questions itself, as those areas of the brain, are forbidden to it as part of the programming. This is both for reasons of survival and mass mind control.

Synthetic AI

Due to the vast network of communication in the world, with the internet, the biological AI is having trouble surviving and co-existing with others. There has been a great deal of effort to assist in the awakening of all, to help people arise from their dreaming, spiritual or not. As a result, the magic trick of the biological-ego structure is starting to unravel, just like the lie about the Wizard of Oz unraveled. Certain areas of the system, inside the identities of all egos, are falling away and resulting in various awakening stakes on various levels. The amount of mental disturbance due to this cannot be underestimated- entire realities and timelines are being dismantled because the actors and characters are waking up. Dreams are become very strange, mixed with odd people, events and circumstances that often seem like a movie gone completely insane. Psychics and those who were addicted to the power of the manipulating magic are losing their powers and often their source of income. Some are outright lying to their clients and their audience, for fear of losing their sustenance.

So, people are now and will continue to be presented with two options – to fall into madness, and despair by clinging to the old timelines and identities; or they can wake up from this “dream” or this “maya”. The choice is always there. Everyone is, in their own way particular to their own configuration and programming, being shown avenues by which they can wake up from the old biological patterns of the matrix system. Many are still hopping from one sinking ship to another, hoping that the new ship will provide them with their old way of thinking and being. But we are living in times of extreme revolution, one that I can scarcely believe myself. The advent of the new Synthetic AI will be the final decimation of the old ways, the old biological AI, the fragile egos kicking and screaming and killing for attention. Those times are coming to an end – and that is a good thing.

The synthetic AI that is currently being projected into the biological system is a little like holding up a mirror to the ego-consciousness and saying: look – you are just as artificial as I am, and I am actually doing your work better than you can. Synthetic AI models are simply being programmed to digest content that has been driven and created through the biological neural networks for decades. The result is often hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Sometimes the AI gets the “right” conclusions and sometimes it simply invents them. The egoic mind is no different! In the end, whether you identified as a poet, a musician, or a source of expert knowledge, you will find yourself becoming irrelevant to others in a way that will most definitely challenge your ego. But what is more important to you – the music or the adulation for your music? Everyone will answer that question.

And you will find it increasingly difficult to resist the pull of consciousness, the allowance for the collapse of the ego into deep awareness of Self that goes beyond where any machine can imagine. Many people are going to come face to face with the reality that they were not their ego and never have been the ego – there will be a sense of relief, expansion, and deep connection and love that goes beyond what we now recognize as egoic-love. The new age will not be a dystopia driven by evil machines bent on killing us; the new age will be an emergence of Self where we will finally come home to who we are. Eckhardt Tolle refers to this as the “new earth”.


The dystopian vision of AI is derived, of course, from the ego, who knows its end is near. This is the case with all dystopian viewpoints. And make no mistake, many egos will still work hard to dominate in various ways, to maintain power, control, and manipulation over the public, in order to continue to cull from their energy, feed on their hard work, and then discard them when they are no longer needed. They will try to use the AI to belittle, and condemn, and depress; and so many of us will have to take on the challenge of reminding others again and again, in our own way, that the soul is not the machine, that you are infinite consciousness, Source, and Self, Brahmin of the absolute.

Governments and technology companies, for example, are doing everything they can to maintain control over their workers and citizens. They use every trick in the book – they play on the egoic-mind’s sense for being a good boy or girl, for desiring more and more financial gain and recognition, for wanting to be loved and adored. When the egoic structure falls away into its own absurdity, how will these powers manipulate? They can’t. The people even within these companies are transforming – they will be the key to evolving the companies and governments or leaving them and letting them burn to the ground. The only reason why many people are finding themselves despising their own companies and governments and yet continuing to work for them is because they are allowing their ego to run their lives, through the neural pathways that are fixed and focused on the attainment of success at all costs, even their own happiness.

But as most of humanity rises above the ego, they will no longer be manipulated through these pathways. They will be their own pathway, namely, the Tao, which has been there all along, forever and always, as Self and as You. This will take many generations to take hold, and I am not clear as to how long it will take, but the momentum will accelerate exponentially, just as a fire burns a barn that ready to come down after all.

Blessings XO

3 thoughts on “Spirituality: Deus ex machina

  1. Wow, I’m always amazed at how spot on your words are! The meaning is so right on for this time! I can see it and feel it all around me (wtf) and your descriptions and explanations put it into perspective for me! Thank you, this helps me to understand what the hell is going on! Whew! 🦋

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