Understanding Psychic Phenomena

There is so much chatter going on in the world – a good deal of it is negative, heavy, and extremely defeating. It is creative, however – I will give it that. Everyone can witness negativity. You can feel it from family, friends, and of course, the internet at large which is the great playground of trolls and goblins, spiders who skid along the WiFi wires. At night, as a seer, I get to witness all of its craziness. There are times when I just don’t want to see it and can turn it off. But I know it is there, and sometimes it is louder than at other times. Recently, the volume has been turned up. When that happens, I know I have to take a look, to work with the energy, and to transform it into something a little less than it is projecting itself to be. When I started experiencing psychic phenomena, I was – to be perfectly frank – quite terrified. However, we all have to learn to accept who we are and to do this we need to let go of the expectations of what we think we want to be or wanted to be. This is the true meaning of being in the present and in the now. At this point, I have grown to understand what I witness deep inside the night, even if that includes not understanding it at all. When I don’t understand, I just walk with it a while, to see if something clear will surface.

And you know, because of the fear that I experienced initially, I could have easily jumped to the conclusion that I was witnessing demons and demonic entities. If I had gone that way, the way of religious fanaticism and paranoia, I would have lost the opportunity to experience deep insight into humanity as Self, including compassion, empathy, and an experience of truly connecting with the multidimensional nature of this world. Each human is not just a body and a mind with some amorphous brew of personality and skill traits. We all work and interact on a multitude of dimensions, most of which goes on without our consciousness even having a clue. To put it plainly, we are all walking around orientated from within the constructs of ego-mind, without any awareness whatsoever of what is actually happening, being around us. To make matters more challenging, the more we think we know, the more likely we encounter resistance, contradiction, and difficulty. Knowledge doesn’t empower us – it gives the illusion of power that eventually breaks under the sheer weight of universal energy.

If you are going through psychic experiences as I do, you will meet many teachers, and you will especially meet many who exaggerate the demonic or lower energies of ego. But be aware that the exaggeration of pain, evil, or resistance, is a direct result of the exaggeration of their opposites: pleasure, good, and conformity. There are many spiritual levels of consciousness that are egoic in form, and they are responsible for generating the demons that they need in order to fight their battles, have purpose, mission, and identity. Once the “demonic” energies are defined, and they have been defined for centuries, they carry momentum. More and more people imagine them as what they are. I have seen these creations, such as grim readers, strange little (often comic) devils, and frightening vampire dolls. These energies are a function of ego-mind and they are only disturbing or harmful to the point that we have allowed ourselves to become lost in them – to believe that they are real. It is very hard for ego-mind to see this because the everything, every thought and idea and even feeling is a projection of some form on the intellectual canvas. What we think, we create.

And so, being creative beings, each one of us, will eventually be challenged to learn to understand and take responsibility for what we are creating. That willingness to see our creations requires a certain amount of courage to see them as aspects of a distorted Self. For these demons emerge from within each ego-mind, from the basis of the polarized intellect that is absorbed into the dualistic illusory world. Like Jesus in the desert, we will each one day have to face our “temptations”, the attachments and seductions that have us fall prey to feelings of despair, loneliness, and cynicism, and so the creation of the monsters.

It is important, for the psychically gifted, to maintain their power of witness, to be the observer, and not the participant, and to not confuse the energy of the ocean, the energies of all beings – particularly those with strong momentum–, with who you are; because who you are is consciousness and awareness, and not consciousness and awareness of nothing, but of everything that is possible and all its connections: monsters, devils, angels, demons, and more – the sky’s the limit.

Janus - The guardian of doorways, two-faced, looking in both directions at the same time.

But as long as your consciousness dwells in inside the fantasies of the ego, enjoys all forms of projected entertainment, life and spiritual experiences can be torture, mostly because the energy of who we are is completely beyond comprehension of the egoic mind. Ego, the great Janus, the dualistic trickster, the illusionist who projects that illusion onto the screen of mind, in hopes that the world will receive it well, love it, and give it a home. It clings to and wants to maintain identity; fears all change and transformation, avoids truth, prefers plastic over substance. Ego s always looking forward (future) and backward (past) at the same time, regret giving birth to hopes, in its secret mission to save itself from its own insubstantiality.

It is always useful and advisable to, when being submerged in lower energies, to remember to maintain your composure and health, to keep your soul/body/mind as clear as possible, so that you are clear that you are watching what amounts to a hologram, a projection of the dreams of so many, the dramas of vengeance, lust, and greed. Learn to swim while keeping your head above the water. Feel the sunshine reach all the way down into your bones as you swim to shore.

Blessings XO

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