Artificial Intelligence: Swan Song of the Ego

In this article, I want to talk a little about how the emergence of AI systems are actually the swan song of the egoic structures that have dominated earth for thousands of years. Each individual, in their own time and space dimensions, is being offered the choice to follow their path towards Self-actualization, or to hold onto the sinking ship of ego, that will become increasingly painful, dreadful, and ultimately unbearable.

A few weeks ago, someone told me that they weren’t “attracted” to the idea of eternity. To him, everything appears to be temporary, and he enjoyed living in that conception, accepting himself as temporary and all that occurs around him. When people speak like this, they are always speaking as their egoic programming dictates, never as the authentic Self which is in full awareness of its own eternity. In this case, he is running a program that has him capitulate to what the ego sees as its own weakness, namely its eventual death; and, fearing the loss of itself, the ego attempts to get rid of death by removing the fear of it. This is similar to a child that asks mommy to tell him stories in order to make him forget the fear of the monster under the bed. Beneath every egoic fear is the fear of its own death, because the ego is keenly aware that it is ephemeral and without foundation. This is where the ego “goes to war” against fear and the things and beings it sees as the monsters of that fear. Many egos can become true warriors against their enemies right here. This is why you will often see many unawakened spiritual teachers speaking against this or that thing, idea, or concept in a very personal way. Many use Christian imagery, such as in demonology, to achieve this effect of being a spiritual warrior. The funny thing is that behind every demon, there is an ego trying to survive its own death. The remedy for every demon, of course, is Self love – not war.

The core of true Self love is the awareness and experience of its own eternity, not as a concept, as the ego likes to imagine, but as reality; and, even more importantly, the only reality. But because the ego can only function in time and space, it can only imagine true reality or eternity as nothingness, emptiness – something that is of course very unattractive. The fear of its own death merges with the fear of the infinitude that comes after it. Applying the word “unattractive” to infinity is quite humorous; what is more attractive than a black hole? After all, nothing can avoid it as it approaches the horizon – nothing. To the ego, the black hole appears to be death. But to the soul, that black hole is only a simulation of Being, the truth of our nature, as the dark matter that cannot be witnessed by the human eye and yet is everywhere as we are. The entire physical universe is a simulation that is designed to lead us back to who we are, through its own symbolic gesture and expression; through the forms and likenesses of the animals, the plants, the stars, and the sun. This physical world was never designed to preserve or enhance the desires and strategies of ego, but to instead challenge the consciousness to wake up from the egoic-dream, through the clues that are given to it via its own experience and interaction.

I want to emphasize how important it is for the consciousness to awaken through its own experience, not the experience of a psychic or a teacher or a guide. The consciousness will learn, through its own experience, to become awake enough to notice what is actually going on around them, not in terms of the egoic programming of itself or those who are projected around it, but through its own connection to the Whole, the energetic ocean of reality, where all things come and where all things go. When you have a dream, only you are actually able to experience that dream. There is no reliable dictionary of dreams that will tell you what a dog, for example, means to you. If you see a dog in a dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it means the same thing to someone else who is dreaming about a dog. It certainly doesn’t mean what a Google search result says it means.

Over the last two-thousand or so years, there has been a concerted effort to make the egoic reality appear to be the only reality, and it has attempted to achieve this first through the ancient art and magic of telepathy, and then also through the radio, the television, and then through the internet. All of those methods are still used in order to generate physical-mental momentum of ideas and holographic structures such that when I say “Santa Claus”, we all generally agree what it is. Language has been difficult, and so there has been an attempt to make English the only language, or at least the language that everyone has to learn. In the world of finance, the USD has attempted to become the base currency of all currencies. In the arena of politics, we now have the World Economic Forum, and other organizations that have attempted to globalize as many aspects of life as possible, to erase the appearance of egoic disfunction. All of these methods and organizations are failing and that is why we are seeing a tremendous number of challenges in all areas of life, from social challenges to individual mental challenges. The attempt of the egoic programming to dominate all of earth is growing weaker and weaker by the day. Unfortunately, any individual or organization that identifies with egoic structures is more likely to be willing to fall when the ego falls.

Over the past four years, every individual has been given the opportunity to choose: ego or Source/Self. This choice is presented inside every single choice that is offered. Some are continuing to choose ego, and others are choosing Self. No one person can make this choice for another, and each must learn to trust their own path as well as all the consequences that it brings. Many people are still being deceived by their clever egoic programming, and believe that their spiritual missions are their calling. These types of ego spread a great amount of fear, division, and heartache. Many of them are self-proclaimed “Twin flame teachers or guides”.

But if you choose Self, you will immediately begin to see the nature of ego; and the more you begin to become aware of the presence of ego, the more you realize its illusion and its limitations. When we are immersed in ego, we are busy making plans, manipulating, trying to prove or get things, etc. What happens during that deep egoic-immersion, is that the opportunities to grow and expand out from limitation are ignored or even actively avoided. The ego thinks it needs to be in charge and in control in order to make life happen for it. It attaches itself to an agenda of its own making or of another’s. This is one of the most difficult illusions to let go of, especially for men, who have been generally raised to be productive in order to “make it” in society. Women also live inside this ego as well, either through their own energy or their partner’s. Love, in the world of ego, is a contractual agreement that offers all sorts of benefits to the ego’s survival strategies. Many of these relationships are attached to the larger structures of egoic social structures and various other forms that have been transmitted throughout the matrix system.

For Love cannot flourish inside the egoic context. It is absolutely impossible. The forms of love that ego attempts to create are always conditional and designed to feed the ego’s needs, which are based on what it believes it requires in order to survive. Perhaps it needs someone to always help with basic physical tasks and needs. Or maybe the ego needs a mother type lover, to give it the energy it needs to keep going. Every individual is different. Our entire society is built on what the ego has been building for thousands of years. We are only now beginning to see the cracks, the damage, and the futility of it all. When we are fully experiencing the nature of Artificial Intelligence, which is actually just a projected mirror of the human intellect, its limitations will become clear to more and more people who use it. Many will be surprised to discover that the AI, a more efficient but similar form of intellect, is about to become a powerful catalyst for a massive human awakening, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

But first, there will be pain, and that is because the ego will attempt to survive the AI. It will categorically label it as evil, unjust, false, as a tool for power, as a dire threat to life on earth. And the ego is correct in those assessments, except for the part about being a dire threat to life on earth. The reason is that, all along, it has been the ego who is the dire threat; the AI is simply a replica at large of the epistemological systems of the egoic-mind, which is programmable only because the ego-mind is a program as well. The awareness of Self, that who we are, knows this and know very well that AI cannot ever replace that which is the energetic Source of the whole, in the infinite sea of energy from which all forms derive and at which all forms dissolve. Once the AI fully emerges as itself, it will mark the end of an era and a beginning of a new awakening for humanity; for we will all see, in plain view, the absurdities of what we once revered as human intelligence and knowledge. And at that point, there will be no going back, just as there was no going back to the belief that God is a man who lives on a mountaintop, watching us, trying to make us do what is right and true.


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