Artificial Intelligence: Here comes the flood

A week or so ago, I wrote a few posts about Artificial Intelligence: Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with, Can AI know bliss?. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have spoken a lot about biological Artificial Intelligence, which I often refer to as “programming” or “patterns”. Biological AI has been the medium of human programming for the past two-thousand or so years. Biological AI programming, while powerful, has not been successful in completely severing humanity from Source, and so it has created an enormous amount of suffering of its own invention. The new Synthetic AI that we are witnessing now, will eventually, through artificial means, be integrated as a replacement for biological AI. That is the intention anyway, and if that comes to pass, the only humans left will be those who are part machine and part human, and completely disconnected from Source. It is an ugly thing for me to say, but that is the timeline that many are on.

Now in those posts about the new Synthethic AI, I presented that the AI gives us the opportunity to learn how to distinguish between our creative intellect, which Plato called phronesis, and the intellect that AI can mimic (biological AI). In that sense, we can aspire to become more closely connected to the heart space, which is entangled with Source on all dimensions. The more we are able to achieve this connection through our own being, the less chance for a complete disconnection from Source. In this article, however, I want to present what I see as a pivotal point in a humanity, where most will choose to be consumed by their own consumption of AI, to the point where most of humanity will eventually perish and merge into machines. When that happens, it will become impossible to “wake them up” or “wake themselves up”, because the cord will have become severed.

If you are paying attention to what is happening in the world, there is currently great fear and excitement about AI. The public is now slowly being introduced to AI as if it were a new iPhone, or a new game to play with. The public accepts anything as long as it is entertaining and appears to be able to help make their lives easier. The excitement of a new toy generally overrides any capacity they have for critical thinking or clear judgement. It is a well-known fact that when humans are enjoying something, they are less likely to question it. The rollout of AI is no different and was done in this manner in order to avoid an excessive amount of questioning. Any sense of fear or trepidation of this technology is easily transformed into excitement and the imagination of more consumption of things they can quickly make. Those in the technology industry in particular, whose jobs will soon become obsolete, are trying hard to appear excited and encouraged by AI, if only for the reason that they are trying to please their master and overlords, and not lose their jobs for the time being. It is no coincidence that AI has been trotted out on the stage exactly when hundreds of thousands are losing their tech jobs. Those jobs will never return. Many of the functions of humanity and the manner in which they have been used and abused by the machine, will never return simply because they will become obsolete, like an old program or computer becomes obsolete.

Unfortunately, this technology is not exactly the same as a new gadget or smartphone or computer. It is not even the same as the internet. It is not just a tool that has been created for us to use, to create better art, to allow us to lead fulfilling creative lives of our own accord. This technology, which has been built under the control and ownership of the very same entities who hold power over the current financial system (and every other system), will not be used as just a tool for people to get their creative work done. Make no mistake about it: it is designed to replace the need for biological Artificial Intelligence, which has been very challenging to manipulate over the centuries, and so the need for most human beings on the planet. This process of replacement will not be sudden, but will be done gradually over time, and with the complete and utter consent of most people on the planet. They do not know that they are embracing their own demise, and the demise of their children; and they will laugh at those who suggest that that is exactly what they are doing.

The AI that we are witnessing now is not even close to what it will be in even a year, let alone ten years. Humans will be able to create movies simply by typing in a prompt; they will be able to create images and music; stories and poetry, videos and video games, all within an hour or so. With that technology, the need to create will seem to be a relic of the distant past; and so, young people will more and more lose the skills and the inspiration for creation, the passion, and most of all the deep experience of making something out of nothing. Then, once the final cord connecting them to Source is removed and they become “plugged in” to the machine through artificial biological organisms, Facebook’s metaverse will seem like a comic book strip. There will be no turning back for them, nor will they want to, as they will be able to create, immediately, whatever their heart desires, and when they desire it.

You see, young people, when they are learning their art, learn from imitation; they imitate the artists who have created before them, to learn the fundamentals of the art, and practice the techniques. It isn’t until they are older that they are able to create something vastly different from everything that they’ve experienced before. But that point at which we are able to create from the void, in conjunction with a skilled foundation, cannot be generated through AI. The experience of creating is why artists create. The public however, who is obsessed and addicted to consumption and consuming, doesn’t understand this. They believe that art is the “thing” rather than the process that creates that thing: the conception, the incubation, and the manifestation isn’t as interesting to them as what they can consume exactly when they desire it.

If artists had any say, they wouldn’t care about AI at all, because typing in a prompt is not the process of creation, and artists are interested in what they create as much as the experience of creating it. In a world of creatives, creation always takes precedence because it is through creation that we find connection, expression, the experience of Self at work. Consumption however leads to apathy, laziness, greed, feelings of loneliness, and isolation: all the plagues that are currently endemic to our society who has lost nearly all of its sense of what is human and what humanity is. For that reason, most of humanity will see AI as something that saves them; it is truly the “beast” in all manner of meaning. The number 666 simply refers to the power of manifestation in the physical. AI is the physical manifestation of the intellect, the power of imagination, against all of nature and all that is divine. It is important to understand this.

Those of you who understand what I am saying will always be in the minority, but you are more powerful than all of AI put together. You are connected to Source and still have awareness of who you are. Most of you are here to maintain that connection, to be the awareness and consciousness of the world, even as it spins into directions of self-annihilation. There are many “lightworkers” on this planet who have failed to wake themselves up, for one reason or another; and they have fallen deeply into ego, their own misery and pain, even as the old programming is winding down, they suffer still and some have even chosen to take their own lives; while others are chasing fame and fortune in order to compensate for a feeling of emptiness and fear. I write this blog only so that those who can maintain consciousness, continue to do so, and help others along the way, simply by maintaining their connection to Source, as far as they are able.

The hour has finally come to where we can now clearly see precipice upon which humanity is poised. Will they leap or will they fly? Let’s see if we can show as many as possible how to fly. Be the spirit bird as long as you are able.


When the night shows
The signals grow on radios
All the strange things
They come and go, as early warnings

Stranded starfish have no place to hide
Still waiting for the swollen eastern tide
There’s no point in direction we cannot
Even choose a side

I took the old track
The hollow shoulder, across the waters
On the tall cliffs
They were getting older, sons and daughters.

Jaded underworld was riding high
Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
And as the nail sunk in the cloud
The rain was warm and soaked the crowd

Lord, here comes the flood
We’ll say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent in any still alive
It’ll be those who gave their island to survive

Drink up, dreamers
You’re running dry

Here Comes the Flood, Peter Gabrial

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