Ego: Becoming our parents…and our parents’ parents

Every child born into the world receives the programming as designed and carried on within the energetic structure of their ancestry. Bloodline programming is transmitted through the DNA and has already manifested in the past generations at the physical level. However, all hereditary patterns were once acquired through energetic-subtle programming; that is to say, they weren’t transmitted through the bloodlines and were instead “learned”. Every common trait that a family shares once originated in some acquired propensity of an ancestor. Each individual that is born on the planet is, for this reason, never “alone” – they are always in the company of the genetic manifestations of personality that they inherit. For individuals who live in a society that has faith in an “autonomous I”, this is an extremely heavy burden to bear and there is nothing really in direct society that helps us learn how to work with those energies.

In addition to the patterns inherited through the bloodline, each individual learns and adapts those energies to their present circumstances and experiences. In the English language, we call these “learned traits”, habits or patterns that are picked up through the dense energetic environment of school, society, and friends. Patterns that have not yet been cemented into the DNA are easier to release than the physical patterns, but they are still quite strong and effectively create a scaffold around the old DNA blueprints that are, due to their age, quite untimely and inappropriate. Regardless, the individual learns how to operate inside their time/space environment, and that allows them to more or less function “normally”.

But this is what is happening for most individuals:

1. They are not “managing” their ancestors in any way. They do not acknowledge their presence, and they do not work with them in order to clear out anything that doesn’t yet recognize that they are no longer embodied (dead). Instead, their ancestors – unnoticed- jockey for influence, through the living, in order to continue on the false illusion of still being alive. There are some parents who still cling to their children energetically, to make sure that they survive through them. It is amazing to watch this sort of thing. The grown adult child can feel this pull and will react in the way they have been conditioned to; or, they will choose something else!

In the end, the fear of death and the desire for the body to persist and maintain its vigor over and above God/Self, has created an enormous amount of haunted and possessed people pulled in a million different directions, sometimes daily, sometimes only monthly, maybe yearly. All indigenous cultures of the past, including the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, acknowledge the power of the afterlife, and not because they were ignorant, but because they knew what the consequences were of avoiding its presence. For many, while they are young they can coast with this energy, but as they grow older, they will, more and more, feel themselves becoming their ancestors; perhaps they will appear to embody the behavior of their great-grandfather, or their grandma, or maybe even a sibling who is embodying another relative. People make jokes about becoming like their parents, as if it were inevitable. It isn’t inevitable, however. It is a choice that society has made and with which you agree.

2. Modern society is a distraction away from the reality of who we are and it is a constant drone of mind-control that keeps people away from truly becoming aware of the energies that flow through them as energetic beings. Even modern cultures and teachings of “going within” are promoted on the noisy stage of the world. People are driven to believe that meditation will help them find inner peace and enlightenment, and that collecting crystals and reading astrology charts will help them navigate the world. All of this is just more ego, more brainwashing, and more distraction away from the energy that is flowing through you, both shadow and light, warm and cold. Your energy is completely unique, in time and space; you are one of the few who carry the blood of your ancestors, and it is through you that they can finally find peace in death, to let go of holding onto life through your body. But the more people become entangled in the matrix-lies of society, particular the ones that boost and caress the ego and its attachments, the more the individual enhances the power of their own ancestral haunting; and by the end of their days, their body becomes a tomb for the thousands who have passed but are unwilling to let go of life.

This is the real reason why the release of patterns and ego is so important. It isn’t only about “my” comfort and joy, “my” bliss. Bliss is not attached to “me or my” in the egoic sense at all. Bliss is what arrives when we return to Source what belongs to Source, which includes all things of mind and body. Clinging to objects and circumstances, including this body, when it is time to leave this earth, is simply the result of a consciousness that was never able to find ways of manifesting itself. Instead, it lived a life of carrying burdens that never belonged to it, lives that it never seemed to agree to, patterns that only lead it into disappointment and a sense of self-betrayal. Each individual is that child, born into this heaviness with no support or spiritual guidance of how to work with and release that energy. Instead, parents send them to psychiatrists who feed them drugs and dependency and lies about how powerful they are. Lies on top of lies: more burdens, more heaviness. If you to fail to release the pains and struggles, the burdens and patterns of your ancestors, you will pass that on to your children and theirs, and to all the world.

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