The Age of Aquarius: alchemy of the flood

In the most important of ways, humanity moves exactly like the elements. If we were to be present to all that that the earth is, energetically, we would also be present to what appears to be indifference: storms hit against and destroy villages on a coastline, killing hundreds and destroying all that they once held as precious to them. Unbridled fires sweep away thousands of acres, taking care to avoid none that are foolish enough to stand in its path. That reality, the harshness of nature is also reflected inside the actions and direction of humanity, which is an amalgam of all the elements, in order for consciousness to learn to finally master those very same elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

Mastery of the elements is a form of alchemy, a long-hidden science of metaphysics; something that very few remember or practice. The reason it has been forgotten is because it has long been kept secret not necessarily only by intent, but by its very nature: the art of alchemy is a science that cannot be taught and is sourced in the wisdom of the ages and transmitted as such. You come to understand alchemy by practicing it – and it is never what we think it is, for it is not practiced in the realm of thinking or in the realm of science as we know science to be.

But the public is given what we now know as science. Science is simply the inquiry, and discovery of principles of elements, as they manifest inside our own conception of them. There are scientists who study “earth” alone, in the way that earth appears to us. There are scientists who study that aspect of earth that is the human body alone. There are scientists who only study molecules of the body, as in molecular biology. The list goes on and on. The specializations are in the number of the stars. The inquiry of science, on the surface, seems to be why, how, what, where, and when. It seeks an understanding of nature. It is very silent on its motives, for those are hidden in the brains (and hearts) of those who are scientists. But the important thing to remember is that science seeks “knowledge” of what it believes is the real world “out there”.

However human energy, no matter what it thinks of itself or what it believes to find about itself, is more as the nature I described in the first paragraph. It is an unconscious force of the natural elements, guided by the illusion of its own consciousness. It is an expression of energy even inside the state and expression of all the elements. I say illusion of its own consciousness, because most human beings confuse science (knowledge) with consciousness. True consciousness only experiences itself beyond all knowledge and is present only in the realm of wisdom. Meanwhile, humanity consists of various timelines in space/time, into which each consciousness is absorbed; it believes to talk and speak for itself; it believes in an “outside world”; it cannot truly hear what it is saying because it is half asleep in the illusion of the outer world and the inner world.

Our current age is mostly influenced by the element of water, the ages of Pisces and Aquarius. In this age, things move with great speed and efficiency. The energy follows what is most accessible to it and it shows no resistance towards taking shortcuts or diversions, just like water that finds a way to escape through a crack in the sink’s lining, so too does humanity of the water age, find ways to go wherever it can, because it can. It shows no remorse and no consideration for possible flood, damage to structures, or the ruin of millions of lives. It is self-absorbed and never stops to think how its actions influence generations to come, nor does it care. It doesn’t mean that this individual or that doesn’t care – it is just that all are influenced by the space/time trajectories that are driven mostly by greed for money, power, and influence. Even the most caring of individuals must still live in this age, which means they must find ways to survive in the water. This is why ideas of “flow” and “unity” are so popular in the Aquarian age: most want to become the water that easily drowns or removes all obstacles that are in their way, in order to achieve its aims. This is the water working through their subconscious and manifesting in the actions of many.

If you understand this, the nature of water, you’ll understand the consistent and persistent drive to make money, maintain power and status, and to bring in the age of the machine through technology, and other forms of AI, to unleash all possibilities willy-nilly despite the cost and consequence. Water wants to consume everything and be everything and everywhere at once. It sneaks past the boundaries of even the strongest structures; it loosens the sand and soil of a parched deserted land; it quenches the fires of passion and the deep anger from unfulfilled longing. It cools and it destroys at the same time. The technology of the water sign is always designed to make life easy and accessible, and that is the flow it runs on. Anything that challenges it will drown in all sorts of derision and disrespect, and it will not stop to explain itself. AI and governments that will use it will give this energy even more momentum until all boundaries are broken, and all hearts are lost.

So this is how water will eventually, if it continues on this path will, overtake and remove all humanity itself, and that is why we will experience, if this timeline is left unimpeded by the other elements, a great flood of all the waters, once again, despite the rainbows and all the fabricated promises of an age that is desperately trying to make excuses for its breaches of trust, ignorance of humanity, and indifference to us all.


10 thoughts on “The Age of Aquarius: alchemy of the flood

      1. Yes, truly amazing and very beautiful! Full-of-beauty! 🌸 The hard part is the peel! Ouch! But yes, in essence (our essence) very beautiful indeed! Thank you once again! 🌼

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      2. Yes, I was just about to add: “let go and trust!” Yes, surrender is the way to go! Thank you, very helpful! Oh and yes also to the “had to know” part, it’s been making me nuts and yes, confusing me! It’s been only the last few days I’ve realized about the surrender/allowing! And so there’s been a bit of a release! 🌻 With appreciation! Always a pleasure to read your work and especially the conversations! 🦋


      3. It’s challenging to get out of the head space. Very challenging in this current time mostly because the ego is attached to where the mind flows and finds comfort and familiarity there. When we step into deeper awareness it feels like we have nothing to grip onto. But eventually we take the plunge and realize how the mind is just a maze of endless chatter sending us in circles.

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