Black holes and the Spirit over the Void

The pull to go within is become stronger every day. I am sure many of you are feeling that pull. Even people who are still very much immersed in the daydream that they call “their life”, are feeling the pull to ask more questions, to become more curious, to question their assumptions, to take the risk of following their intuitive curiosity. We were designed to follow that curiosity, to follow the white rabbit, even when he scampers down in the darkest and deepest of holes.

So, there is that rabbit hole, and then there is the black hole, both symbolic representation of who we are as energy. Everything in this material plane is a symbol of the whole, in some form, and each one is delivered in the form of a message, for those who are ready to hear them. Plato called the symbols of the whole “forms” or, more precisely, eida (the things seen). The clues as forms or visions are everywhere but are always missed when we ignore and eventually bury our curiosity, opting instead for security and the avoidance of risk, creating bondage to the physical-mental plane, stalling our growth and our awareness. It’s no wonder that we do this. Ego is designed to keep us from the whole; after, black holes are scary – until they aren’t.

The power of the black hole is increasing by the day. It is the physical counterpart of the void of the deep, the center and Source of the mysteries, from which we are born, and to which we arrive, at the end of it all. Its pull is the desire of God, as it were, the force that pulls us back into singularity. The egoic-mind can only conceive of this as the equivalent of its own death, and so black holes feel like something dangerous; something to run away from; and, to be perfectly frank, the egoic-mind is correct. Unity is easier to consume in the form of patchouli, yoga, or symbols of flowers and young people with long hair in California, languishing in the sun and listening to songs that sing its praises. All of those things, and more, are designed to attract ego to unity, to community, and connection. Twin Flames are also designed to attract ego to unity and love in particular – it was created to assist those who have suffered extremely abusive or loveless relationships with others and themselves. Regardless of the form the ONE takes, ONE is beautiful and desirable; it reminds of us love, peace, and a lack of war and crisis. We look for it in our relationships, friendships, our home, and our heart. It is the presence of every one thing, the ego itself, and everything we identify.

But what we don’t realize is that we are only learning about singularity through these symbols and the shadows they cast. All beings in this dimension cast shadows. The one carries with it, the many; identity can rupture into splinters; the light from the sun casts shadows upon all objects of its reflection; the aspiration to be good is rooted in a feeling or fear of being bad. Eventually, we all learn this, that we are running from our own shadow; that we pick up the pieces only to scatter them everywhere else the next day; in everything we do there is the eternal recurrence, or the futility, depending on how we see it. But when we do see it, it is an awareness arrives as wisdom, in this life or the next, that to others who have not yet arrived, appears to be nothing else than despair.

And this realization of futility, of the eternal chasing of the opposites from one to many and back again, allows you to give up the chasing and running without even trying. And when all that energy is retracted back into yourself, you are fully aware of Being as Source of energy. In your heart, you feel it, in the sense of will and presence that is all around you. Each one of us experiences this energy in our own way; but it is almost impossible to describe without, yet again, referring to the symbols, whether they are words or things; paintings or music. Ego is mostly gone or is diminished slowly but surely into eventual extinction – left to only be a kind of external cloak or sheath that makes you appear to others as human as possible.

This is a capitulation where you stop trying to be the dog chasing the tail, the one trying to escape the many, the dark trying to be light. You stop all the business of the “doing” and “trying”. When that happens, you just stop moving, you find stillness, quiet, a place that is actually no place, because it is the energy of who you are. You don’t have to create a special scene for this to “take place”, you don’t’ have to be anywhere in particular in time and space. You simply are, and it is through that that you receive what is given to you and let pass whatever is not. It is actually that simple. It has been all along. But all along you had thought that it was a black hole, a destiny that would destroy everything you thought was needed in order to be, in order to survive, in order to thrive. Now you know that the energy of all that fear is transformed into actual bliss, peace, and everything you are and ever needed.

But peace and bliss aren’t sitting on a hammock, drinking margueritas. You don’t need to ask “What do I do now?” When you are actually in Presence, you are given a firehouse worth of information: visions, telepathic messages, maybe in the form of art, music, or ideas. But despite the power of this communication, you will only, while in this physical incarnation, get close enough to the extent that you are able. The closer you are able to draw near, the more ability you have to absorb the pull and actually become a conduit for that energy, allowing yourself to create from that enormous force, into what has always been called the masculine energy, which formulates and substantiates the energy into solid form for the sake of persistence and resistance. But creation always ends up as an expression of form (new symbols) outside he very Source from which it derived! That is why one must not get attached to what one creates – it is not the point. The point is to continue the creation and the evolution; the active regeneration of Source in all its possible forms, as many as those who have eyes to see them.

For these creations and the creation of the world at large is a simulation of Source in its limited and multifarious forms; and these forms are the clues on earth, that guide us, through curiosity, to learn about who we are at the deepest level, which is the level at which we know ourselves to be creators and masters of what we have created.


2 thoughts on “Black holes and the Spirit over the Void

    1. It’s been programmed that way. The consciousness has been trained to figure out everything, know everything, and this has been labeled as power. People struggle with this because it is a big fake lie and then go to war with that curiosity that’s buried beneath them. People live very violent existences. But it’s all internal and hidden.


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