Neutrality in the Narcissistic Polarity

I mention polarity a lot in this blog. The reason is that it is one of the most important laws of this world to understand. Ignorance of this law is what causes so much more suffering than we really need to. At the same time, I know how difficult it can be to let go of that suffering, of that need to “ride the waves”, of to experience that bliss and that love and all the light it seems to bring.

This post is going to focus on polarity and its relationship to neutrality.

Everything that can be visualized and understood through the biological AI, via the egoic-intellect, is polarized; what that means is that every object, every circumstance, and every person you meet reflects aspects of your own light and dark, your sun and your shadow, your masculine and feminine aspects. Usually, you experience these aspects in the context of how you understand your experiences, i.e., through stories and concepts, knowledge and science. For example, one way to experience polarity is to become immersed in the twin flame story; some fall into more psychological narratives and choose to see themselves as victim in a narcissist’s game. The possibilities for stories and storytelling are endless – well, almost endless. Generally, they fall into repetitive patterns that are derived from common mental templates, as expressed through various entertainment mediums and new age philosophies and religions.

We are here to watch this; to observe all of it; and to ultimately be able to redirect the consciousness to create alternate realities, or timelines. This is how we evolve human life, and it can take thousands of years or more to do so. Keep this purpose in mind. It is very important to understand that consciousness is always the witness, and is also, simultaneously, the source of everything it isn’t witness of. Unconsciousness is when we fall into the illusion of polarity and are literally unable to see. When we aren’t the witness, we are the blind ones groping in the cave, pretending to understand as the ego strives to dictate.

When we are in unconsciousness, we are in polarity, and when we are in polarity, we are in polarity to a certain degree. For example, to the extent that you are experiencing great bliss and pleasure, is the extent to which you will also experience its opposite. The experience of the opposite can arrive either now or later; and when it does, it will usually be expressed, again, in the story; in a form of drama in which you, the unconscious actor immerses itself.

Now while the experience of the opposite, of pain for example, after pleasure, appears to happen on a timeline, that timeline is an illusion. The truth is that we experience both simultaneously. The polarity itself, however, is not transmitted to the ego-mind until it is ready to observe and experience that polarity. The more, however, you become aware and begin to cultivate being witness, the more the time/space difference between the two poles decreases. Eventually, you will arrive at the singularity where they are seen simultaneously. At that point, you will see, in plain view the shadow of every light, the fear in the desire, and the weakness in the strength. You will be able to know what “will happen” because there is no “will happen”. What IS is already here, and always was here.

One way to look at polarity is to consider a seesaw. Pleasure is on one side. Pain is on the other. The more pleasure you feel, the harder you will fall into pain. The higher you go and the faster it happens, that harder the fall and the increase of pain. However, the more you move to the center of the see-saw, the less you will experience both. For this reason, many people do not want to awaken – they are addicted to the bipolarity of their experience, and they are addicted to the identity in which they develop their stories of themselves. When they feel themselves moving towards neutrality, they feel that void that is present, and that can cause fear. The fear in turn will generate its polarity, which will have them run to something more desirable, to fill the emptiness that they experienced. Twin (dual) flames are familiar with this motif in the form of the “runner-chaser” idea.

Many lightworkers become addicted to the pleasure of simply being outside the body-mind. Many have experiences of leaving their body, going on missions, living in another dimension, and travelling to different worlds. Whatever form these take, they are just another expression of polarity that they identify with. They will reject certain forms and only allow others. They become a lifestyle, a story, and an explanation. This will all make it impossible to become neutral, to achieve the state of consciousness of pure witnessing, and ultimately manifesting. The longer one stays in that state, the less time there is for awakening in this lifetime. Many will have to go through birth again in order to attempt to achieve the witness state. The longer you wait to achieve witness state, the harder it will get, as the attachment to the unconscious state will remain strong as you take on a new body, and it will become just as dark as you had left it, with more impediments due to the momentum of the timeline itself.

And that gets to my final point. You cannot create anything new except in unconsciousness. You can only do so in a state of neutrality. And what does “new” mean here? It means that you can’t shift timelines unless you achieve a state of witnessing and neutrality. The reason is simple. If you do not observe the laws of nature as they are, one of which is the law of polarity, you will become immersed in the timelines of the egoic-mind. Being immersed in these will make it very difficult to receive the messages and awareness of what is happening, which is, to be precise, everything all at once right now and in the present. Since egoic-mind doesn’t work in reality, but only the existing illusion, it will only be able to increase the illusion by creating into it. If you attempt to create inside of a timeline illusion, in the belief of that timeline, you will assist in increasing the momentum of the timeline. This includes reactions against those very timelines or elements of them. For example, if you believe in evil demons and you work against them, then you will strengthen their hordes, as well as the manifestation of their opposite. This is what most people do not understand and yet become addicted to. When they believe they are fighting for God, they are really only believing in having to fight at all and are generating the momentum of the shadow (demon). Not only that – remember that all dark and light is a reflection of your own energy. Do the math on that one. When this happens, you are high on the pleasure/light side of the seesaw, which is by law connected to and contributes to the momentum of the opposing force down. There is enormous suffering and fear that occurs here. It is a nightmare, really and literally.

These truths are difficult to digest, especially when we are so attached to our identities. But we are here at this time to ride the AI wave, to see how humanity destroys itself through its own attachment to the illusion of itself. This of course is not the end at all, but an opportunity to become observer, to hold the light of consciousness, that will allow others to do so, and perhaps create a different timeline, an alternate one, that can emerge only with responsible-conscious detachment for the egoic-physical illusion. Otherwise, humanity will continue to remain where it is, caught up in a 2000 year old pattern that remains always as the myth of Narcissus, who died by his own reflection.


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