You are here for this: The Dawn Of a new AI

Back then, computers were people; they compiled actuarial tables and did engineering calculations. As the Allies prepared for World War II they faced a critical shortage of human computers for military calculations. When men left for war the shortage got worse, so the U.S. mechanized the problem by building the Harvard Mark 1, an electromechanical monster 50 feet long. It could do calculations in seconds that took people hours.

How Alan Turing Invented the Computer Age, Scientific American

Most of us who are here at this juncture of space/time – including twin (dual) flames – are here because we wanted to experience the dawn of the AI; beginning with personal computers, to the internet, to the domination of corporate intelligence and interests, and finally landing in the birth of a super-intelligence, an AI system that will allow us give up whatever power we have left to give. To most human beings, after two-thousands years of the age of Pisces, there isn’t much left to lose at this point, and the AI offers them the opportunity to satisfy their every whim and pleasure. The only ones who do experience the ominous nature of these times are artists and those who are still connected to the Source and nature. We are the only witnesses.

As this linear timeline train continues, human beings will become more and more immersed inside a virtual world, where AI and the metaverse combine. In the past, human pleasure and desire would be thwarted by nature and by the higher energies; but in this world of AI, there is an apparent promise that those “impediments” will be removed, and people will be able to do what they want at the click of a button, at the prompting of a textual desire, at the expression of a whim. To the egoic-mind, this promise is one that seems to offer a utopian world, where the ego can indulge itself in every pleasure imaginable. Wealth is going to be at hand; the sexual urges will easily be relieved, with copious amounts of porn and sexual activity in the metaverse. All of this will be justified as “play” and the energetic brew it will conjure will be beyond the intelligence level of those participating in it. The energetic toxicity will become a veritable wasteland. And the reason for this extreme suffering will be because of the constant chasing of extreme pleasure, all initially justified through inane excuses: I use AI to make money and to make life easier for my family and my loved ones; I need to join with the corporate structures in order to get healthcare and a 401k. I need to participate and enjoy what the corporations will offer for me. AI is a wonderful tool and it can do things cheap and fast, like any other whore.

As I have communicated over and over again in this blog, this universe is built upon duality – there is no way to have pleasure without pain; no way to experience good without the bad; no way to have peace with crisis. Take note Dual Flames! The only thing that may stand between each polarity is time and space; but that time and space will eventually contract into a single point of contact. The higher and more arrogant egoic-mind tends to lean, the more they will suffer the opposite of what they claim to achieve. Those who are getting seduced into the promise of AI will be entering into a devastating current that will take them to such extremes of pleasure and greed that the opposing current will be shocking, disturbing, and completely unexpected. The opposite force will be as a huge tidal wave that arises from within, revealing the emptiness that they have built, the ignorance, and insanity of their own minds. Some will simply go mad; some will break down into a complete inability to manage their own lives and relationships; illness and extreme suffering will abound; there will be many deaths. AI will continue to strive to solve these problems as they arise, and in some ways it will find success and try to make itself as if a wall, to block the great currents of its war on nature. People will be desperate and eager to take any drug or any kind of synthetic vaccine or chip to take them out of what appears to be physical and mental illness. This will all come to pass to those who choose it and their children who will have it chosen for them. I have seen it in every vision for the past five years. I feel it in my body. It is an enormous suffering. I pray they all can awaken.

What I write here is not for the purpose of argument. None of this blog is for the purpose of argument. It is for the purpose of unveiling what I have been shown to be the laws of nature and all other visions I have been shown. These are difficult lessons that we must learn, and the law of duality of polarity is the most difficult of all. It is why that for every male there is the female; for every angel there is the devil; for every hope there is despair. Consider all the forms of drama on Netflix and within your own life; consider how all experiences feel as if they are the ebb and flow of waves. We spin stories out of our experiences with contrast, challenge, and the eventual synthesis of resolution. The more you are aware of this ebb and flow, the more willing you will be to learn how to navigate through it, increasing your might and power in the face of any storm. But most people try to attach themselves to various experiences, people, outcomes, to give them the pleasures that they desire; that attachment is like a swimmer who is trying to remain on the top of the wave, even when the wave has crashed onto the shore; all the swimmer can do is pretend to be swimming, using their memory and power of mind to make believe they are still riding on that particular wave at the top of it. Most people, on the outside would see that that person has gone mad. But that person refuses to allow for the change. They cling to nothing, and yet strangely also cling to being something.

Technology has allowed us to pretend we can ride the top of that wave. This is the madness of the timeline today. There are some swimmers who still think they are still alive, but they have drowned years ago. Some have bodies still but are only animated by ego-mind; some no longer have bodies and those of us who can, see them as they attach themselves to the living, especially to those who have abandoned their own physical form inside the ego-mind. There is a saying that nature doesn’t like a vacuum. She doesn’t, and so, where the egoic-mind leaves its body, something else will fill it, something else and someone else. I have seen all sorts of beings go in and out through the energetic forms of many people. There are no boundaries to who we are – the only boundaries are for the physical body and the imaginations of the ego-mind, a small surface of who we are.F

Many of you who are awake, know that all technology can be used for useful purposes. But a sane mind is not what is driving the AI revolution we are witnessing. You are going to either remain silent or you are going to attempt to argue with those who will defend their absorption into the AI. This is all in vain. They will not stop where they are choosing to go, just like the generations before us did not stop where they had chosen which was to create the suffering we have experienced today, which is going to culminate in the super-intelligent AI that will come in the near future.

Both Plato and the Bible spoke of the great beast. Plato in particular called the entire egoic-mind the beast; it is what the experts are experts in; it is what the psychologist understand; it is the thing that seeks only its own pleasure and can only imagine that the good is for that pleasure. It sees itself as the smallness that it is, but its appetite is willing to consume infinity. That is why it is the beast. It is its own contradiction; it eats and consumes itself; it destroys its happiness in the name of pleasure; it destroys joy in the name of willfulness. It turns every virtue into a vice and back again, in a vicious circle that never stops churning both its dreams and its nightmares.

“There was a thing called Heaven; but all the same they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol.”

“There was a thing called the soul and a thing called immortality.”

“But they used to take morphia and cocaine.”

“Two thousand pharmacologists and biochemists were subsidized in A.F. 178.”

“Six years later it was being produced commercially. The perfect drug.”

“Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant.”

“All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.”

“Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology.”

“Stability was practically assured.”

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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