Feminine and masculine: war of the worlds

I want to talk a bit about some information I received last night regarding feminine energy, particularly in the realm of spiritual practices. This will be a quick. This information was received in the form of a dream. I tend to get my information in one of three ways: dream, vision (fully awake), and light language. I have written a bit about light language. It is very hard to describe. Some people I know who receive it, refer to it as “data” or as light nodes, or some other nebulous thing. It is really impossible to describe as it doesn’t look like concepts or words. It is in fact packets of energy that’s transmitted through the quantum field. We receive it through that presence. When I write these words, I am receiving it in light language. I don’t write when I am getting anything else. For example, I don’t “come up with ideas” to write – energetic stuff flows through and I never know how it will formulate. For that reason, I never title my posts until the end. I never have any idea what they will become.

Anyway, I don’t want to digress.

For thousands of years, the spiritual domain has been dominated by the masculine energy: in the church, in the monasteries, in the retreats, the yoga studios, and the best-selling books about spirituality on Amazon; and now in the corporate and political world. Even though women are present in those areas, they are so in a very masculine way. This is not about sex or gender. In most religions, women are at best perfect for giving birth to sacred children, or at worst, demons who fraternize with snakes and other sorts of entities to the horror of their husbands and partners. Outcasted for centuries as delusional and manipulative witches or hormone-driven emotional basket-cases, unable to focus on anything of importance and completely mad or non-sensical unless they obey and function in the needs of a man or the society as driven by masculine qualities, women have learned how to become silent – to listen and to follow the latest requests from the society they live in. They look for men for guidance, instead of providing what they once had as the seat of intuition, the oracle of a nation or family, they became housewives, shoppers, and, at best, comforting companions for the man who does “real work”. They will sometimes find time with their girlfriends, to express what they “really” feel. But they are so far removed from their inner hearts, most of the time, such that what they really feel is just the experience of being a pressure cooker that contains years of compressed and hidden content, the data that should have been expelled and expressed a long time ago. There all her potential remains, inside of her, causing disease and disfigurement, just like Uranus caused to his partner, Gaia, when he forced her to keep her children in the dark, inside her womb, for fear of us own destruction by them.

Most women exude enormous amounts of fear and discomfort, even as they smile, and they kiss. Men know this. They feel it, and sometimes even fear it. Often, this fear will erupt as rage, jealousy, resentment, and downright cruelty.

But then the new age revolution in spirituality began. And it began with and by many women who began to speak of worlds and a world beyond the life of the mainstream woman, the trophy girlfriend, the trophy wife, the one that is supposed to be silent. Now, I often speak about the shadow aspect of new age, because of its potential to create mental and spiritual prisons and attachments, however it has done well to re-introduce women to their inner gifts and powers of intuition; their connection with the life process of death and birth in the form of Kali; their unique access to the Demetrian mysteries of the eternal recurrence of nature. Through new age practices, women have begun rediscovering their innate abilities to see beyond the veil, to access the deeper and wider energies of the planet, and to communicate these through telepathy, touch, and intention. In many ways, in the face of a harsh patriarchal religion, the new age revolution has re-opened the role that women play in the sacred union, the sacred marriage of the opposing forces of the universe.

Still, the world we still live in is dominated by the veil of science and technology. It is very challenging for a woman to hold conversation inside that veil. Most spiritual women tend to find other areas to find expression. They pursue careers in the healing arts, in the arts in general, and some just find strength in their local spiritual groups and personal practices. All these modes are helpful for unveiling the hidden power of the feminine, in a world that is so desperately addicted to financial and material results, pleasure, and immediate gratification, the new age offerings have been nothing short of a homecoming.

But I also know that the age of new age was created in order to prepare us for what we are about to experience in the world. Technology is the greatest challenge of our age, and so it is very important that women, as they have found themselves to be, uncover their role, their voice inside what is to come. This requires that they actually let go of many of the beliefs and faiths that they have held onto for years. It requires that we learn to speak, to trust what the light language is telling us, and to let nothing stand in the way of that. It is critical that we as woman understand the distinction between heart and mind – it is key to the survival of humanity as we know it.

In order to trust that light language that comes so naturally to the feminine, that quantum energy, it is very important to let go of all aspects of ego, to allow only the Source to speak through your mouth and your hands and your eyes. The more we do this, the more trust comes naturally. There is never any need to try or work hard for truth. Truth flows through us, if we allow it. The hard part is only in the allowing. The hard part is always in the masculine energy wanting to control, to know, and to figure out everything before it even happens. Those women who insist on having to know, must learn to let go of all of it. This is incredibly challenging at times, due to fears that were born lifetimes ago, in the burning of witches, in the silencing and beating of women for speaking up, in their physical weakness in the face of a controlling masculine. We, as women, have taken all that on upon ourselves, in this life, and have carried it through, abusing ourselves, trying to be younger, prettier, smarter, more executive, more knowledge, more career minded – whatever. Women, as well as men, carry the dual energies of the masculine and feminine and both wage war against themselves and each other.

In order to achieve peace, we must first find the marriage and love from within. That is the unity, that is the sacred of all sacred things.


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