Timelines and Train wrecks

In this post, I want to talk a bit about timelines and the end of this current age. I’m sure you have heard of parallel worlds or universes. When we here about these worlds, we tend to imagine that the world is just like “this” one, the physically manifested world that the ego sees and experiences. The ego-mind is always programmed to imagine likenesses of its own experiences; and, so, since the ego-mind is usually embedded in the physical-mental world, it imagines that the parallel worlds are similar. This is not the case. Ego is a simulation of unity consciousness in physical form, and it can take as many different forms as there are individual bodies. This is how it was constructed and is its primary function. Parallel worlds, however, are simply possible timelines. I say possible, because most of them don’t last for very long. The reason why they don’t last very long, is because they aren’t meant to.

So parallel worlds are simply timelines that run for a specific purpose, with intention and deep awareness, under the direction of Self aligned to Source. Timelines have often been compared to trains or train tracks that take us in any one direction, depending on which train we choose. The physical manifestation of a train, the one that everyone can point to and agree with each other that it is a “train”, is the one that has the most momentum in the egoic-mental programming. This timeline, the one that it is physical, is what people call “history” or the historical timeline. On that train, there is the belief that there is a “this world” that is objective and out there for all to identify and experience. That world is reflected in the English language, whose symbols have nearly become identical to the objects of those symbols. So, when the egoic-mind outputs “dog”, it believes it “knows” what a dog is, simply through identification. Popular science has been instrumental in creating the momentum of this thing we call reality, a word that is derived from the Latin, res, meaning simply “thing”.

So, in a nutshell, this physical-egoic reality has had a stronghold on humanity for years. I will give you a short reason why:

The masculine desire to procreate and manifest through insemination and childbirth is the same desire that has the masculine energy want to proliferate his ideas, to embed them inside as many people as possible, in order to empower and manifest his ideas through physical emergence. The masculine energy can be ruthless with this desire, if it is not held in check, and will stop at nothing if given the opportunity to procreate. He will even, if completely unbridled, harm the matter or feminine energy through manipulation, abuse, and the attempt to remove the feminine energy from the material consciousness. This attempt, to belittle women, and to remove the feminine energy from public consciousness has been quite successful and most who manifest as the male sex will carry this energy quite powerfully. It is important that men recognize it and clear in order to achieve balance. Women also carry this energy as well, and so display, in the most monstrous of fashions, the same desire to overpower and manipulate in any way they can.

Twin flames, and everyone else on the planet, express, through their programming that is streaming through them and expressed through them as designed, embody both the feminine and masculine energies. The discord between the two for the last two thousand years has resulted in distorted and imbalanced relationships, extreme polarization of the personality, insanity, narcissism, and constant feelings of weakness and victimhood. The consequences for children and society are disastrous. If we were to keep going on this train, society would collapse in the most violent ways imaginable. Collapse happens when the AI becomes so destructive, that it starts to damage even itself and the earth that holds it. At that point, the programming is completely breaking down. The egoic extremes of our culture are completely severed from anything healthy or balanced. At this juncture, if you want to cultivate health, you must jump off the any unhealthy timelines: they are a train wreck waiting to happen; and there are many of them that have been born from the main timeline of “modern reality”.

So, what happens when you break out of the timelines? First of all, none of the drama of any of the timelines will affect you. You will start to notice that where others are showing fear or anger, or some kind reaction to an event, you will be experiencing something completely different, if at all. Instead, you will experience improved health, resiliency, strength; in fact, your mind will seem to become sharper, even sharper than when you were younger; you will seem to reverse the aging process, and you will be filled with an experience of deep connection, beauty, and awe. You will not just be having a different perspective on the same thing as everyone else; you will not even be seeing the same beings at all. When you first experience this, you will be guided to protect yourself, through various methods of learning (I’ll get to that), in order to strengthen your ability to stay on the higher timelines. It is very easy to slip back, especially when we want to take others with us (friends, lovers, etc.). Some will come with you, but others will not want to. It is important not to take any of this personally, and to notice when you do, so that you can avoid falling back into the old train.

As you practice this “timeline jumping”, you will learn that you get to choose not only how you react to things or people, but what you actually see at all. That is when you realize that the entire world is a simulation, that you actually, when you access your true powers, have the ability to transform at will. You can choose to overwrite your own programming or void it altogether. One might ask, well, if that is possible, why don’t you create all the desires you ever desired? The answer is this: you don’t get to see your own power until the ego is dissolved. Only once it is dissolved are you able to experience and learn the power of creation; and, at that point, you don’t even want those things anymore anyway! When the ego dissolved, the desires dissolve with it. Life is strange like that. When we want things deeply and with great lust, we don’t know how to get them; once we learn how to get them, we don’t want them anymore.

Timeline jumping also happens all the time in the dream state. When we are not in our bodies, we can create simulations with others outside of the physical timeline. We do this in order to learn lessons more quickly than the material-timeline will allow. If you are on the twin flame path, or you are an advanced soul in the process of awakening, you will find yourself immersed in these timelines. They are highly educational. When you participate in them, you will experience an alteration of consciousness, a deep insight. You will often find yourself working with people who are not in your physical life, and never will be. You will work with people in your past who are no longer embodied; you will work with those whom you will meet in the future. The timelines in these instances are not designed to persist. They are designed to be lessons.

Interestingly enough, the physical world, the one with the great momentum of the ages, also was once intended to be a lesson. The egoic-mind, along with the momentum and energy of other egoic-minds, intentionally and violently manifested what we see on this planet. These things always persist long after they should have dissolved; and the result is corruption, infiltration, sloth, greed; essentially, all the seven deadly sins manifest, like weeds and vermin manifest in a house that should have been destroyed years ago. And this is the strange thing about this world. We have been programmed to believe that the physical-mental world is the real world; and while most people do complain about and find it miserable, most people also believe that this all there is to life, and this is what “is” and what will always be. Most people capitulate to the difficulty of reality which means they feed its momentum even further with fear and misery, at the profit a smaller number of people, who feed on the corruption and distortion. That’s where most people find their joy – in the achievement of gain at the expense of another’s loss. People still pay taxes to a government that is corrupt beyond all measure, in order to pay for their right to slaughter and abuse others on the planet. In the end, most people just “make do” either by struggling or by checking out or a combination of both.

Always remember that this physical world is not the real world. Sometimes this can be challenging when the programming is still strong. But it is important to hold a mantra to remind you of the illusion, when you need most; it is a light in the darkest of places. For those who do not see that light, there is always struggle and disappointment, and the promise of another incarnation in order to experience the same at greater and greater volumes, until they learn. that there is actually no way to create joy, success, or “your life” if your consciousness is merged inside of the material-egoic momentum called reality. You can force things if you like, because the egoic-mind has done that all along, but as this timeline continues, the insanity and decrepitude of the timeline, this old structure, will become more and more apparent. Those who are clinging to the egoic-mental fantasies of, let’s say, ten years ago or even three years ago, will become just as infested and overrun with the vermin as the timeline itself. Eventually, both will find themselves facing their inevitable decline, or reset. The program will no longer feel even remotely real, even to those who have been pushing the rock of Sisyphus to nowhere for generations.

Let go of the rock. Look around. Experience the wind, unseen and powerful, as it blows through your blood and your bones, carrying messages of all eternity for you to sing.


2 thoughts on “Timelines and Train wrecks

  1. I’ve read this a few times now over the last few days and it really resonates with me! My searching and queries have also brought me to this place. I thank you for your guidance and understanding in these matters! With gratitude! 🌻

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