The Final Act: Egoic Number Games

 There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics


In this article, I am going to touch on the topic of creativity and value; or the value of the creative Soul in society, and the way it is monetized and valued. I am going to remind the reader that this article is not meant to judge between good and evil, or right or wrong. The observations I have received are simply observations of the current imbalance of egoic-energy, the current crisis that it is facing, and of course the choice that is left to you, and you alone.

The English language is not just conversational. It is also used to communicate information related to particular areas of consciousness, such as biology, chemistry, botany, or physics. As one studies their area of inquiry, they find the need to supply new symbols (words) to represent new objects or concepts that are discovered. When I was in grad school, I taught a Medical Terminology class to pre-med students. The class was required for them, because they needed to learn how to invent to symbols to match new discoveries. They also needed to learn how to read the symbols that were already in use. In Greek, Latin, and even modern German, words can be created using standard roots, suffixes, and prefixes. For this reason, it is very easy to create new names constructed from these main three parts. For example, the suffix, -itis, symbolizes inflammation. The root -arth-, symbolizes “limb, joint”. Arthritis, therefore, means inflammation of the joint.

While understanding the use of language in this way is actively taught and practiced in the scientific community, it is not emphasized at all in the other aspects of our lives. There is a deep unconsciousness that is present around our colloquial use of language, even amongst those who claim to be writers. Writers during ancient times, were wordsmiths – they determined the words, and the grammar (structure) of the words. Herodotus explicitly tells us that his writings are inquires; in other words, he didn’t claim to know anything, but even states that all kingdoms fall and all rise, meaning, that no things in the realm of timelines or history are certain. That is a very different approach from many modern writers today, who write books because they believe they have the answers or the knowledge of events. A publishing company would not be very interested in selling a book written by an author who claims that their book contains no knowledge and that they have nothing to teach except explorations and considerations. In our modern economy, the value of immediately familiar and useful knowledge, no matter how much of an illusion it is, is computed as being good for business. For this reason, there are many authors who will serve that business. Those who don’t either self-publish or don’t publish at all. To the general public, science and history, are areas of knowledge, and not inquiry. Every book that is published needs to be about something identifiable and accessible to as many people as possible. That is just good business. I smile to myself that I have to mention that it is not good literature.

When you read classical texts such as Homer or Plato or Gorgias, you will find that not only are the dialects used differently, but the entire syntax and symbolism are different from each other. Reading Homeric texts is not the same as reading Plato. You can learn Homeric Greek quite well, but it will be useless for reading Plato. Reading Plato is also not the same as reading Thucydides. Uniqueness is of infinite value, because no two consciousnesses are the same in time and place, even though they all share the same Source, the same universe. There is a book called Smith’s Grammar that is a brilliant attempt to centralize the understanding of Greek Grammer, but it is a collection of patterns and a greater number of exceptions to every pattern that it instructs.

As I mention above, most (not all) popular modern creators tend to follow certain rules, some are unwritten, and some are programmed through training in the educational system. The output is generally predictable, and that works, because the public enjoys the predictable patterns in a Netflix tale, or in the same sequences of chord progressions in every single pop song. Familiarity and comfort is big business. It sells lots of copies of copies and more copies. Entertainment today, like our language, feels familiar – almost like a good friend or family member. People pay to keep that comfort around. However, there is the shadow side to that familiarity, which is a good dose of boredom, a sense of being limited, of not being able to experience something unexpected, magical, and completely unprecedented. When magic happens, transformation happens, not a perpetuation or consolidation. Familiarity blocks us from our natural inclination towards own creativity, of being able to receive the gifts that Source- not society or the economy – brings to us; of being willing without condition to do things that others might perceive as great risks. But the only risk you are taking is the risk of ignoring the egoic-mind. For this reason, a lot of creators have two modes: one mode is for making money, and other is devoted to discovering themselves and having the courage to be that.

The polarization of being part of the system and also outside the system is a result of living in a culture that chases egoic success. It studies statistics and numbers (how many likes am I getting? Are my videos increasing over a hundred percent a year? Is my product gaining traction in this targeted market? Am I making more money than last year?). Modern consciousness judges everything based on statistics: how much it had yesterday, how much it has today, and how much it wants tomorrow. Women will chase men with big numbers, pun intended, and men also like things bigger, better, and more productive. We value ourselves and others via the number represented by our income, based on the statistical representation of increase or decrease of our wealth. All human beings on the planet either experience and embody this programming or witness it and try to push it away. Rebelliousness against number is also part of the programming. Whether you resist it or embrace it, you are participating in this game of numbers, led by whatever carrot that leads you best.

When we value things and ourselves in this way, in terms of statistics, we believe that these things we are chasing hold inherent value. When am man gets that girl, she will maintain this for him, or make him feel that way, and help him to do this. If she changes in value or changes his desires, the relationship will deteriorate, even if the relationship still remains. That is the nature of value and statistical lies that represent value or are interpreted as value. They all fall into the flows of birth and death, of corruption and degradation. And the despair and feelings of emptiness from the loss of these desires, doesn’t arrive for any other reason than the constant neglect of Self and the eternity of one’s own being, that which is always, and always will be. When you try to please the public with whatever you are doing, you are trying to manipulate life in order to get what you think you want, you will eventually experience disappointment. However, if what you are doing is only and always sourced in who you are and who you are becoming, there is never disappointment – instead, there is always love and a feeling of great joy and bliss.

Even if you pay attention to the news, the crisis of our financial system, the current state of the technology industry, the food supply – big business in general, you will also see the same timeline-train that runs parallel to this “chase the big numbers” game; the things that we are numbering are not holding the value of that number. For example, in 1944, an ounce of gold was worth 35 USD. Today, an ounce of gold is worth 1,867.3 USD. Breast enhancement is causing cancer. The money we are programmed to chase, has consistently lost value over the course of time; and most people are just now realizing this in the costs of their groceries and other common household items. People are also questioning their entire lives: what have been doing all this time? Why are so many getting divorces? Why are so many turning to drugs for support? Why can’t I even afford basic healthcare? The statistics that we are chasing are just not panning out, no matter how we apply those statistics. What we thought we knew about value, seems to have lost its value. No matter how big my house is, or to what degree I lose numbers on the scale, or how many miles I run, how many bench-presses I make, how many stocks or properties I buy, how much organic food I eat; the ego-mind is never satisfied, and never will be satisfied. So many are feeling this, even those who have form the most part remained unawakened to who they truly are.

So as it stands now, in the midst of the system that is falling apart, there is still great resistance and war against those who are attempting right now to reinvent what money means, to recalibrate and balance the perception of love in the world, to refocus the consciousness on what holds true value, namely the power of Self, the creative consciousness, and all that gives life and bliss to every human on the planet. There are many women and men who are begining to see their true value, not as being like the egoic-mind, but as expressing their deeply feminine gifts of intuition, oracular perception, strong intuitiveness, and the ability to telecommunicate through the energy stream that is our higher body. The masculine energy is learning how to let go, to allow, and to create from the energy that comes to him, not for domination and control, but for the sake of creating and seeing beauty and love in physical manifestation.

The masculine builds temples to his feminine, and as one falls into the sea, so he gladly builds another. That is the cycle of life, the process, not the product.


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