Understanding the Masculine-Feminine Abuse Dynamic


Yoga is the mastery of the activities of the mind-field. Then the seer rests in its very true nature.

Swami Rama

The masculine-feminine abuse dynamic is a difficult topic to write about, because it is something that the programmed egoic-mind is programmed to ignore. If you find yourself shutting off by reading this, or abandoning it due to rage or boredom, keep reading. This is important stuff for everyone in the awakening process. But I have seen this dynamic time and time again, and I know that surfacing it is extremely important at this time. It is important that we learn to see things for what they are, for that is when we can clear them away in order to create real transformation for Self and the World. This particular abuse dynamic is pervasive in our DNA and in our mental programming; the means of concealment of it are considered “normal” both in presentation in behaviorally. Note that most feminines who receive abuse, are addicted to that very abuse. Most men who deal it out, love the feel of power they experience. Both are deluded into thinking that this love.

The egoic-mind always tends towards stability, even if it means using violence, ignorance, and subterfuge in order to maintain that stability. Everything justifies the means to this end – everything. The ego-mind does this on a daily basis: it doesn’t think about where its tax money is going; it doesn’t think about how it is doing harm to its body by drinking that alcohol; it doesn’t notice the cruelty of its reasons, and the disregard it has of Self; it doesn’t think about the abuse it delivers to its own body and soul; the abuse that it receives consistently from friends and loved ones. The ego-mind is a master of concealment, masks, and pretenses. It can hide, in an instant, the cruelest behavior by appearing as something reasonable, and even lovable. It hides in the accepted practices and fashion of society. It hides inside the music, the art, and the pretense towards “deep feelings”. It finds every opportunity it can to feel loved and admired, not because it feels worthy of it (if it knew it was worthy it wouldn’t need to find opportunities to confirm it). Before you know it, everyone the egoic-mind comes in contact with, becomes a victim, especially and most importantly, the person it claims to love whether that is himself or another.

The egoic-mind knows nothing other than abuse and the concealment of abuse. That is it’s nature. It cannot, nor can it learn, how to love. However, it can create a simulation of it, by seducing the victim into whatever game it is playing. People call this phenomenon “Stockholm Syndrome” when applied to a victim and their victimizer, as if they were separate. However, what the ego-mind conceals is that both victim and victimizer are merged into one, as it assimilates external abuse and ignorance into its own personal practices. A child that is abused will become an adult that continues the abuse on himself and others. A girl who receives abuse and accepts it will hold the conditioning for generations to come. She and her children will marry abusers, until one of them awakens. Twin flames were meant to feel this abuse more than any other, and their one and only task is to break the pattern, to transform the cycles of abuse, into freedom and true love.
However, many twin flames are falling into the worship and attachment to their twin, who operates cruelty openly or in secret. The concealment of cruelty which society completely addicted to has become the rule for millions of people. The shame and fear that most people carry is unbearable, as the consciousness doesn’t want to face the truth. It is too shocking and horrifying.

Shame and fear is more prevalent in the masculine energies and that is why they are highly volatile and reactive towards fixing or controlling through physical or mental means. They need to repair the damage, and they don’t know why. People laugh about it and call it “mansplaining” or men’s fixation of “fixing everything” instead of listening, but it is a serious distortion that is inherited through generations of violence and cruelty. Shakespeare once wrote about kings and their madness. Now kings are everywhere, replicated like a virus in a computer operating system, in each one of us who has allowed the programming to take root, due to the allowance of ignorance, unconsciousness, and a desire to rid ourselves of all work and responsibilities for the whole – for the sake of the benefit of the personal egoic-mind. Homer wrote about “him” as Odysseus, in his attempt to reveal the shadow side of what used to be considered to be a Greek “hero”: a murderous, lying, self-absorbed, sexually promiscuous, unfaithful, lost man who was unable to save the lives of those who depended on him, creating the very problems that he so violently had to solve for himself and only for himself and his legacy. In the end, his home is gone, and blood is on his hands, and the hands of his children. This understanding of hereditary bloodshed is completely buried by the modern egoic-mind. Absolutely astonishing ignorance.

We become what we welcome into our energy, on all levels, both physical and non-physical. What we don’t clean up remains with us, just like the dust that accumulates in an attic that is, every day, getting more and more stuff piled into it. Most people carry the weight of generations on their shoulders. Drugs, mental issues, physical ailments are more common than genuine experiences, integrity, and courage. Shame is basically leaking from the eyes of most men, who can barely make eye contact or conversations with anything that they can’t dominate; and women are flippant, magical with excuses and of pretenses of love and admiration for the slovenly nature of her partner who just wants to be saved each Sunday at church or at each hit of drug or whatever else he can escape to. The Twin Flame experience in particular is a case where this victim/victimizer energy is being used in order to manipulate and create attachment for the feminine energy. The feminine energy is expressed through both the physical male and the physical female; two people who have been chosen to experience the distortion of the masculine/feminine, the yin/yang, as manifested on the planet at this time. Usually, the female carries more of the feminine energy, but this is not always the case. Either way, the feminine energy has been targeted for the last two thousand or so years – targeted as something that needs to be controlled, hidden, concealed, enslaved, and most importantly, given no voice in the world of egoic-mind. Many female twin flames experience this and instead of realizing that they are experiencing the feminine/masculine distorted energy in general, the thousands of years of programmed sexual abuse, betrayal, and cruelty, they take it personally – as the egoic mind always does – and descend into something that can eventually fall into a psychotic break. Only the egoic-mind can have a psychotic break, as it is a very fragile and breakable substance.

All those who are tapped into the feminine energies are experiencing various forms of abuse and cruelty. In a twin flame scenario, the one feeling this cruelty the most is obviously the feminine half. The one who feels it the least, is the one more aligned with the masculine energies. However, the masculine will feel more shame, regret, and fear – even though those lower emotions may be pushed away for the sake of survival. To the extent that Self- consciousness is buried; to the extent that the feminine aspect of both is abused and hidden out of sight, is the degree to which both male and female literally continue to destroy each other’s ability to achieve wholeness, bliss, and true joy in all aspects of life. Both can reach severe extremes, whether on the twin flame journey or not, and it’s important to remember that. As physical beings, the one with the feminine energy, is generally assigned to a family bloodline (and there are many of them) whose DNA carries slave-programming, which is what causes the feminine not only to feel victimized by the masculine, in whatever form that may take, but to also welcome it, make excuses for it, love him anyway. She has no initial consciousness that she is being programmed because she has become completely cut off from Self-consciousness. She only thinks about her programmer, as if she were thinking about a god. I have mentioned before that the Twin Flame connection is a form of abuse that is designed to force the female energy to worship the male twin. He is her handler, and she is the handled. However, there are many cases where a masculine is also manipulated by a handler and has no clue what is happening to him in this connection or in life as a whole. Regardless, the result is the same: madness, and many women and women who become labeled as “toxic”.

When reading the above paragraph, you can see that that form of victim-victimizer programming manifests in all of society. You can see how people allow governments and corporations to effectively steal and manipulate individuals’ hard work and earnings, in order to fund wars and greed, child and women slave trade. You can see how millions of people make excuses for the behavior of governments and corporations. They make excuse after excuse as to why they participate in it and allow it, as if they held no power to change it whatsoever. And it is true that in the physical, a single individual can’t possibly change anything. However, if you know that you aren’t just a physical body, then you will also know that all the power is within you, and not to only save yourself, but to help all the world. I have said over and over again in this blog, that you cannot change anything in the world from the egoic-physical-mind. You must let go of the ego completely, in order to see the energies and the communications clearly. You don’t need advice on Google, Tarot cards, palm readers, or psychologists, to tell you what is going on. It will be right there for as plain as day. You can see the energy because you have cleared the noise and commotion of the egoic-mind that mostly consists of all sorts of problems and conversations about problems, dreams and theories, arguments for this or that; plans about how to get what you want and how to get rid of what you don’t want; incessant attempts to present oneself as being good and connected and lovable – all noise, all self-betrayal, all nonsense. The world shows you exactly who you are and what is there for you, all your gifts and all your messages, in front of you, kindly, and with love always. Everything else is programming and lies, manipulations and programmatic behavior inherited from centuries of abuse and mental attitudes that are fit for the arrogant Shakespearean king who seems to miss that he is the most abject of abject slaves.


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