AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

Nothing is what it seems to be.

The internet seemed to be a medium for communication and publishing, to share and collaborate; to meet people across the world, and to create whatever our imaginations desire. The internet of the early 90s was devoid of corporations, ads, or manipulative algorithms. It wasn’t dead or boring. It was filled with the imagination and efforts of human beings.

But as the internet has grown, it has become a relentless medium of deception, distortion, and manipulation by the powers that own it, through corporate conglomeration of technology, deep early AI algorithms (to create the illusion of user-responsiveness and alignment). In addition to the convenience that these technologies offered, such as social platforms and software, the internet seems to have given us the world – we have access to so many people, services, and information that, only twenty or thirty years ago, were out of reach. We feel that we have made progress, to have access to “everything” we can imagine. We have been led to think that that internet is a safe and reasonable way to find truth and information, to create our business, our image, and our identity; to meet others, and to most of all project our own “brand”, to also manipulate, gain momentum; to persuade, and to prove oneself, to gather clicks and followers, to become a little king or a little corporation, in line with those corporations it has learned from. What is human here? What is true? Where does the presentation stop and the heart begin? Everything on the internet is a sales pitch, an act, a facade, a promotion. It is so embedded inside the physical mind that no one sees it as a problem – they just see it as success.

And now we are about to see what our collective imagination, our projection has created for us, not only as we initially presented and published it, but in whatever manner someone else can configure it, through their own prompting, their own desires and their own imagination via Open AI. Those of you who you use the AI interface, will eventually unlearn how to create your own dreams, and will continue along on the path of instantaneous gratification. Instant gratification essentially overrides the need to pay any attention to the slower and more mysterious processes of the natural world, the world of creation, of writing a letter by hand, of drawing a figure on a napkin for your granddaughter, of true heart, of human ingenuity and revelation. These things are going to be replicated in the AI, through the algorithms – only those who know the truth will see the falseness. And to see the truth will eventually become their albatross if they do not learn how to plant it in the ground, to cultivate it, and give it time to grow and mature. They will experience the temptation of impatience, and the desire to immerse themselves in the AI, to fall into dependence on it, to pretend with the rest of the world, that it has reached the power of everything and anything; the illusion that life is suddenly easier and better; that giving your labor to the machine is something that will make your life richer and more productive.

All of that is lies. Everything the machine, the AI teaches, is a projection of ego in programmatic form, no matter how clever or seemingly beautiful. It is the deepest form of deception that humanity has ever known and it will continue to increase in power to the delight of most, and the despair of everyone else who is still a beating heart.

The natural world, which is the world that surrounds you and sees through you, even through your own eyes, and your own body: the land that you walk upon, the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the rare person with whom you find deep connection and love, is a medium by which consciousness can experience its own creation, and the eventually reunion with itself. The branches of the tree, the leaves, and each bird that sings in the morning, are bound by their glorious limitations, the boundaries that define who they are and what they can be. The flower smiles when it blooms and the child dances with their joy; anger is real and palpable as it is the roots of compassion and love; the shadows strike awe and fear and they always lead back to the star that casts them. Immersed in these natural surroundings, we do not seek who we are what we should be. We do not need to do or be more. We are captivated and captured in life, centered by gravity and the slow spin of the years, feeling the water of our body, and the wind breezing through our veins; heart in rhythm with the footsteps: the dance of the gods.

This, being captivated in life, is now something that we seek, rather than experience. Years and years of programmatic conditioning, of being lost in the constant stream of spectacle, artificial connections, false “signs” and technological algorithms. The synchronicities are designed to be relentless and incessant, especially with twin flames; they are designed to overload and overwhelm, because we have been conditioned to require loud and bright things in order to fixate our attention. Our world in our head has become filled with so much noise and information, it is nearly impossible for the consciousness to see the difference between what is true and what is programmed or computer-generated. Meanwhile, we are hopelessly addicted to the easy way as our mind jumps to conclusions about places and things that have never met by our naked eye; people whose hand we have never held; we even fall in love with the pixelated image of faces, the artificially constructed images and sound-engineered voices that we call art and music. We think with all of this “stuff”, that we have more than those who came before us and we keep arguing to ourselves that it is better because “I” can be and think and do whatever I wish, and whatever suits me. In the digital age, content, data, connection is seemingly ubiquitous: infinite choices to match an infinite desire. We feel infinite and small here at the same time, always either leaning one way or the other, causing stress, anxiety, and a feeling of unease and emptiness, together with a feeling of manic exhilaration and false positivity, all just teetering over the abyss, over the infinite vapidness of our lies and illusions.

There are then some that seek support in spiritual texts and teachings; to “find” presence and nature; to find what is real about Me, about Self; for they seek to manifest and change, to find power in contrast to their feelings of powerlessness; to find themselves, to search for that Self that has been lost, all within the context of trying to emerge into the matrix-internet as some sort of model of success, someone worthy of emulating, and teaching others – of finding presence and joy and the exhilaration of projecting like a young child projects: look at me! Except, unlike the child, who is practicing identity through the approval of his parent; the modern human is feeling the weight of unreality, the confusion, and the pure shallowness of his existence, and at the same time is trying to ignore it by pushing himself more and more into the experience of immersion into a metaverse that already exists right now and right here. Spirituality has become another part of this matrix, and the AI. You can now create meditations by prompting an AI. So many will believe that these are actually meditations and that they are actually meditating.

This is all confusion, because the consciousness is led to find and see many versions of itself inside the vast network and the nodes of information all located from within the internet, its endless connections on the wire, and its infinite layers of this and that, buts and also’s, facts and figures, sounds and visions. And when the “I” finally gets to project its created image of the day inside that interconnected matrix, whether in the form of a company, an idea, or as a leader of some aspect of human imagination, or even a consumer, “I” feel a sense of purpose, of meaning, even curiosity, like a carrot for a rabbit, and of place – at least until that place dissolves, like the dream that it actually is, and they have to create another one, through another prompt, another urge or desire to be “someone”.

The tech world in particular is in an interesting place, as the new AI technology threatens to remove the very need for most human mental activities and skills. All the years of doing and producing and training the AI: all the music, the art, and the words, the social behaviors and the conversations. AI is being trained on all of it, and is continually be trained, to learn law, to code, and to write documents better and more efficiently than human beings can do. Through AI< everyone will create art and music and writing. The internet that has consumed so many and so many things was the first step in this evolution of AI – it was the step that required the gathering of data from real human beings, doing human things in concert with their will and agreement. And as the internet has grown and human beings confuse their avatars and creations with who they actually are, their own true sense of Self diminishes, making the illusion that the human being, as a function of the natural world, is unnecessary, irrelevant, and redundant. Imagine the network of the internet as an endless interconnected network of conversations, exchanges of data, information, and “knowledge”. It consumes what humans once produced, and has gathered so much of that data, that it will eventually be able to recycle, remix, recombine, in ways that many cannot imagine. To the extent that human beings have lost their own connection to their natural imagination, the machine will appear to take over, generating interesting images, movies, and videos; music and stories. All of it, of course, without heart or true context. But again, who will notice?

To a humanity that has lost sight and feeling of its heart a long time ago, who can tell the difference? Will they even be able to enjoy what they are creating, once their hearts have been completely buried, the light of curiosity gone, and all hope lost? Will they ever remember what it means to generate a story, to pull it from the roots of the earth, into the blood, and speak it through their own breath; to let it go forever into forgetfulness with a smile, to let it fly away; never clinging to the birds, in the knowledge that there will always be more stories, more creations, and more joys with every day and with every breath?

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