Roaring Twenties: The Great Energy and the Egoic Panic

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. These are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter that is not awakened.

Nikola Tesla

In the projection that we believe is our life, we are mostly spending our time wrestling with energies that challenge our inner presence. Initially, we don’t trust that our bodies can heal, or that we hold a precious inner wisdom, or that our safety and prosperity is grown from within. Instead, the ego has us focusing our energy on seeking health, seeking wisdom, seeking experts, governments, and manipulating situations to better align with our motives – from within the projection. Our attempts seem to be hit and miss, sometimes more miss; sometimes more hit. Regardless, external projections aren’t real, and do not really heal or fulfill. But it can be exceedingly difficult for many to realize the maya or the illusion, because it means that they must question what their mind is feeding them, through the arrogance and hybris of ego. To avoid these feelings of being challenged or being “wrong”, the ego will continue to project, and instead of recognizing their own disappointment as a function of the trickster ego and its magical projection, will project that dissatisfaction onto others, attracting people who seem to find fault with them, or disapproval. There can even be purpose in finding the antagonistic “other”, the one that seems to get in your way, to abuse you, to fail to see your gifts. People make careers out of fighting their enemy, even if they don’t admit to this. The ego’s business is always fueled by war, by the thing that it needs to fix or destroy or, for those who are gentler in nature, “help”.

Helping another is a form of warfare – it diminishes the other’s reliance on themselves and makes them dependent on the helper. I have a received a number of requests to “help fix” certain problems. I do not help. I only work with those who are, actually, already learning how to find it within themselves to grow and master their energies. Still, the ego insists on seeking outside help, as it has no faith in itself due to the absorption in the projection, which is illusion; the illusion has no substance, and therefore is unsustainable by the ego itself. So, the ego will seek more and more solutions, and in the process generate more layers of problems within its own projection. It is extraordinarily difficult to communicate with people are so absorbed into their Mind and the maya – they do not hear very well, as they are committed to the walls of their prison, and the manipulation that its walls provide. Even though they do hold the key to their own freedom – they do not notice it in their own hands. It is a tragic-comedy of epic size.

And it doesn’t matter if you experience projection as a guru, as a philosopher, as a teacher, or as a monk who makes YouTube videos, or as ChatGPT – the ego is the same. The ego wants to attract and distract, to project outwards, to seduce and win over; it also wants to create antagonism, it’s “for this” and “against that”. It likes things complicated because it likes the entangled feeling of being a victim and of realizing its victimizer. Where is the enlightened one without the unenlightened? Where is the alien without the natives? Where the goddess, without the profane; spiritual, without everything else? The polarities are a function of the egoic need to project as shadow and as light – both equally illusions, both committed to the dominance of one over the other – a ridiculous warlike dance. As I have said in previous articles, artificial Intelligence will make this egoic-addiction even more clear to all who are awake. The failure of it to satisfy or offer quality substance to anyone’s life, will become more and more apparent. Even so, there will be enormous energy put into convincing people that it is the cure of all our weariness and ills. Eventually, people will be lining up to have chips inserted into their bodies, so that their body can learn to function via AI, instead of through the awareness of their soul, which they have abandoned. They will be taking the hard road as their lives descend into nothing short of something like hell.

And why have so many people abandoned their natural spirit gifts of healing and inner strength, their natural intelligence and unbridled joy in living? The reason is because of the rise of new age spirituality, which is a segmented distortion of what spirituality is. True spirituality is experienced when you make dinner, when you spend time with children, when you wash your body, when you work, when you walk the dog, when you enjoy a coffee – all of it – every minute of the day is a infused with the presence of spirit. You don’t need to believe in certain ideas or concepts to be spiritual. You already are spiritual. And yet, people are told they need to meditate, or pray, or learn Reiki, or speak in a certain language using specific types of phrases like “unity consciousness” or “manifestation techniques”; or join spiritual groups who worship trees and ancestors of tribes that are long gone. It’s a all part of the illusion, a facade of enormous proportions that was designed to compartmentalize spirit and keep out of all other aspects of society and life.

And so, modern spirituality is completely divorced from all other segments of ego. Will you hear financial experts or tech educators talk about soul? Will you hear anything remotely related to spirit in any circle other than “spiritual”. That spirit is somehow absent in all other segments is the great modern illusion, and nearly everyone has fallen for it. Most people hide their spiritual awareness when doing “other things”. And therein lies the absurdity, the contradiction, the distortion and insanity of mind.

So let’s be clear now, as best as we are able.

The ancient teachings that are not available on YouTube, and cannot be transmitted through any projected means, all refer to the inner energy that is not visible through the senses. The spirit or soul itself is esoteric by nature, as it is who we are, as invisible. All symbols and means of projection only suggest it, and never are it. That means that who we are is sacred as that which cannot be spoken, and yet is who we are everywhere, as the air; and as the water, we flow through all and can find our shape within all; as fire, we are every moving upwards and out, destroying whatever we left behind of our old selves; and, finally, as earth, we remain in temporal and temporary experience, inside the physical earth, the great and dense potion of the four, living and dying again and again in the form of a physical body connected to earth, until we rise beyond the four elements into the plains of higher existence.

I speak about this, the invisible, as that which cannot be spoken, because of the great noise and chaos on earth at this time; the great noise that will continue to increase in volumes as time accelerates and the egos fall into panic, trying to gather together and hold onto what they believe to own and control; trying to project into others and outside of themselves. All will continue to witness, in all segments of “life”, the lengths to which ego will go in order to maintain the maya of its hegemony. Technology companies, the financial sector, the entire structure of the educational system are currently experiencing the great fire of the spirit, which is being fanned by the great invisible spirit of all who know who they are, beyond all comprehension of Mind and philosophy. The destruction is already happening, and many are noticing, although most are suffering. And they will continue to suffer as long as the identify with the egoic projection, the lies, and the maya that they believe is their life.

It is up to those who see, to allow our presence of Spirit to express and flow through our entire body, the body of the earth and in all aspects of our waking and sleeping lives. We are not a cult, and we are not a religion, but we are what is actually and truly human, connected to each other at the quantum level, in energy and in force; a love that transcends all other forms; a joy that compromises nothing in its experience of bliss, harmony, and effortless living.

Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world. Our hearing extends to a small distance. Our sight is impeded by intervening bodies and shadows. To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions. We must transmit our intelligence, travel, transport the materials and transfer the energies necessary for our existence.

Nikola Tesla

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