Meditation: All there is, is Love

You are here to learn that you need nothing other than who you are. The problem is that mind believes that you are everything other than nothing.

The ego-mind lives to chase and to flee; to run from and to run towards. Fear and desire, wants and negations. The energy is dual and it tears the consciousness into two directions at the same time simultaneously. Most people are good at deceiving themselves about the duality, and find ways to surface one or the other in a way that makes the opposites appear to be separate. As a result, a woman won’t see the evil in his virtues, or the violence in his peaceful ideas. The twin flame will not see the other twin, that they are one and the same in every single way.

It is very important to recognize that part of you that doesn’t want peace; that in fact, avoids it at all costs.

Peace only arrives at the demise of fears and wants. It is the end of the drama. To ego, it is the end of life.

Ego-mind is not capable of experiencing energy. It understands concepts which are derived from energy, but cannot comprehend the Source. It imitates, regurgitates, and identifies with concepts, but it cannot generate new concepts from nothing or the void.

Eventually, the consciousness realizes that the ego-mind gets it nowhere at all. At that point either the consciousness falls into despair, and – hopefully – finally surrenders to nothingness.

When the consciousness surrenders to nothingness, it begins to actually experience Nothing – and so the awakening begins.

The egoic-mind will often reformulate itself and re-emerge; for the body and soul is not quite comfortable with swimming in the deep void of chaos, and will grab onto ideas, people, and things that seem to help support it. The kind of ideas it grabs onto are usually spiritual in form, as they speak to something outside of and beyond the old egoic-world. This is perfectly normal and the comfort of finding new knowledge refuels the body from its difficult initial transformation.

The word for knowledge in Ancient Greek is episteme, from which we derive the English word, epistemology. -epi- is a suffix meaning ‘on’ or “on top of’. The root -ste– is the root of our English words stand, establish. Knowledge is a form of conquering or standing on top of something else. For that reason, it easily becomes a form of violence if it is used to force the subject into its definitional confinement.

Once the consciousness recognizes new knowledge as violence, it will let that go as well, and return to the void.

We must never stop seeking to learn the nature of the things, of words, of ideas. When we stop seeking their nature, we begin to believe that they are what we think (know) we are and we lose access to the fluidity of our own mind as a tool, as an instrument of the creative force.

Knowledge is a tombstone, complete with epitaph, that sits proudly on top of the matter at hand.

Presence, that which you are, is always slipping in and out of the formulations of Mind, in an attempt to lead you outside of Mind. This is often unsuccessful, as the ego-mind likes to lay claim to concepts of experience and ideas; mistaking them for Presence itself. It is not yet ready or able to physically embody the higher vibration of the void.

Presence is the experience of Unity. There is no other way to experience union except through presence. The mind cannot impose it. The mind cannot chase it. The mind cannot make it. This is why, if you chase your twin flame, you will come up empty handed. The void and the nothing is the only true being.

Presence, Source, Being, Self, God, Twin flame union: these are just symbols pointing to the same; a Same that is not a thing or an object that can show up in the world.

If you are deeply set in Being, you only speak from Being, knowing that while everyone can hear your words, not many can hear you. In the midst of the sacred, the silence is more profound than the words or the songs about silence. Faith that your song is emerging is the only faith you need.

Being invisible, to the egoic-mind, is no different than death itself. It is the fear of death that keeps the ego from allowing the consciousness to awaken. Who we are is not accessible directly through the sense perceptions and the mind. The music is not presence. The poem is not presence. The spiritual experience is not presence. You are presence and that is enough.

Presence speaks through us, to the degree that each allows it. Many don’t allow it at all because the ego wants itself to be the Source, the Self, and the God.

The egoic-mind is, by nature, mistrustful. It’s lack of faith is what fuels its need to rely on things that are immediately tangible and responsive to it.

True humility can only derive from Source. All other forms of humility are egoic postures designed to negotiate with other beings outside source, in order to gain their approval or favor.

Love is all there is. If you look forwards, backwards, or sideways for it; if you look for it in someone else; if you desire it; if you fear it, you are missing it entirely.

Once you trust love, then, like a waterfall, all things flow from every direction, suddenly, spontaneously, and without warning; and that is because you have given up the desire to know, to plan the ends or the means to the ends. What comes to love is always love and what leaves is always love. Worry, regret, longing: all of these are no longer present or possible. You are everything you require.

They have become as grains of sand, trillions upon trillions in number;
As you have become the rushing waters of the sea, salty and wise,
a single being overflowing with life, abundance, and power beyond
without effort, you carry them on their way, to leave them at their destination.

Blessings XO

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