AI Simulation and the Land of Fear and Hope

This article focuses on our disconnection from nature, and our vulnerability to programmatic AI, as experienced in the current form of the internet, as well as the new emerging AI tech. It is important to know that we all, each one of us, have choice about what we follow in our lives – do we follow the programmings or do we want to follow Source? If you choose to follow Source, you will be targeted by the programming, to suck you back into the “game”, to the illusion. As you grow more powerfully connected to your Source, Self, you will be challenged even more powerfully. This is not because of some “test”, but because the egoic-programming is written to survive, which means “feed on your energy”. It’s nothing personal, although it will feel personal. You will be sent people, experiences, and events that attempt to bring you down into some form of despair or trigger some old wound. Whatever it is, the way to deal with it is simple: use it as an opportunity to see where you are programmed into weakness. Reverse engineer the trigger-point, and unravel the power it has over you. Then you can be free once more. Every moment or experience of pain is an opportunity to heal.

In this world, there is a lot of programming around symbolism, the idea that things mean other things or can mean other things. For example, you may have a dream about an eagle, and wonder what the eagle symbol means for you? This way of thinking about dreams is a form of programming which is designed to distract from understanding that the dream is exactly what it is as an expression of energy. Let me explain about what I mean about energy. The word itself may help, however, as it is from the Greek, energe, which means “work”. The energy of an eagle, there fore is the work or function of being an eagle. That is the gist of the meaning of the word energy.

Cultures of the past saw animals, plants, and natural beings of all kinds as an expression of energy in the context of a whole in which they themselves are included. They did not see these things a symbols or indicators of meaning, the way we see them now. The eagle flying overhead did not “mean” something else. No, it represents an energetic expression, perhaps of keen vision, or majesty, or watchfulness. All of these energies are an expression of who we are as connected to the whole, within ourselves and all of nature. There is no separation from the eagle and who you are. You are one with the eagle, not in form, but in what matters, namely the whole of energy. I am speaking literally here. The eagle is you. This cannot be understood by the egoic-mind. It is understood only through the heart (phronesis), as an energetic connection.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Modern humans are completely disconnected from nature by choice. This disconnection is energetic – not mental or emotional. But because of the energetic break, the mental and the emotional attachment has grown into a strong artificial bond, in various forms of shame, consciousness, and environmentalism. “I give money to environmental causes because I need to fund projects to repair the damage, I am doing to myself”. Hardly anyone admits this truth because the mind only sees separation from nature and “me” and from “them” and “me”. It doesn’t hold itself accountable as a whole in the flow of nature. Mind is the thinking self that sees itself as a the foundation, the continuing of the projections of hope and fear.

Ego-mind doesn’t see that when you do damage to yourself, you do damage to nature, and vice versa. How does it do damage? It removes flow of energy, bliss, joy, and most of all love. A loveless world is a hell that the ego conceals through false imitations of love.

And so, with this energetic damage done to the connection between ourselves and nature, we have indulged ourselves in the web of technological advancement. The internet is a place where we can pretend to connect with everyone and anyone; where we can play games in which we are heroes who destroy evil; where we can walk with lions and tigers and bears; where we can indulge endless numbers of hours in films, videos, and the entertainment created by others. The internet takes the place of our experience of the whole, of true natural connection, of the slower and more mysterious silence of the journey of life, the quietude, and the deep listening of the profound silence, until nature delivers the next storm, the next challenge. We avoid all that in the comforts of technology. We are helplessly addicted, and the AI is going to double down even more, as we will soon see.

And because the internet is a false replica of nature, of connection, we can easily remove, leave, and abandon whatever it is we don’t want. The internet is a simulation. The new AI technology is the next step that will lead to permanent removal from the body in a way that most people are completely unaware of. Many will receive implants on the grounds of health improvement. They will be able to see things in the form and way that they desire. In fact, they will, through generative AI, be able to simulate their every desire. Many think that this sounds fabulous. However, to immediately generate our every desire is the stuff of a nightmare from which many egos will never awaken. Those that do awaken, will learn – the hard way – how much damage has been done. This damage will be extreme only to the extent that we continue to indulge ourselves in the belief that our own pleasure is the measure of all things.

It is no accident that twin flames, the concept of twin flames has increased its momentum in the age of the internet. Social media AI algorithms and the new emerging AI algorithms are designed to create the appearance of prophecy and synchronicity. You easily find what you were talking about (near your phone) a day ago; you see the name of a forgotten lover everywhere; you see digital numbers that repeat; you are always receiving links about topics that immediately address your needs; you see a seemingly endless number of clues and symbols that point in a certain direction. Before you know it, you are programmed into the cult and the resonance increases. You become absorbed and dominated by the twin flame doctrines and teachings. You are fully immersed in whatever is being sold to you – through artificial algorithms.

None of this has to do with love. None of it has to do with twin flames. It is powerful programming, deep and wide, and it is has swept you off your feet, into an ungrounded form of madness.

You are, after all, immersed in a game. Although you may believe that you are following your destiny, your guidance, or what have you, what you are actually doing is acting as a willing pawn in someone else’s game; a game that is driven by programmatic algorithms, designed to keep you playing and paying, to make you think that you are following your natural inclinations, and to have you remain in a constant state of flux that has you going back and forth between feeling “on track” and being “completely lost”. There is nothing divine in any of this, except when the light of the divine, your own awareness, can see through the glitches and cracks, the programming that just doesn’t seem right. When you begin to see these glitches, you start to wake up from the dream.

I am working with these energies on a daily basis – these energies are not isolated; nor are they located in certain areas of the world or consciousness. They are here, as the energy of the whole, affecting and moving through each one of us right here and right now. I know that we all want to run and hide from it – and most of us do. I know I do! But running and hiding from the truth is what perpetuates the simulation, which gives it more and more fuel. People are relating to AI as a new golden chalice, a god even – as something that will save them from whatever drudgery of work they are imagining. It is easy to make fun of or judge them as they run into their own enslavement. However, we are all one energy, and we are all immersed in this game on some level or another. Every moment is choice to be in Source or to fall into the game of illusion, fear and hope.

The choice is always yours.

Blessings XO.

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