Why Lightwork Clearing Doesn’t Help Suffering- or Awakening

Suffering has always been the trigger point from which we begin our awakening. Actually – to be more precise – the awareness of suffering is the trigger point that begins our awakening. In philosophy, it has long been a source of contention whether experience or knowledge has more access to truth. Well, the truth is that neither one has access. Because whether we are filled with knowledge about a topic, or whether we have direct experience in the subject matter of the topic, we still may not have the awareness that comes with presence. When we don’t have awareness, when we are not present, it doesn’t matter what we know or what we experience, we are still carrying all sorts of suffering with us: unconscious desires, fears, and limitations that affect how we view the world; foundational assumptions that give rise to things that feel like knowledge and information; the unconscious use of symbol and language and math. The foundation of egoic-mind is always the agreement of other people, commonly accepted “truths”, traditions, and opinions, that simply look real because they reverberate throughout the media and the minds of mankind in books, in films, and in the mouths of those we respect. We ground all the egoic-mind structures in through arguments and reasonings that support the fears and desires that drive our every waking moment.

It is important to always remember that egoic-mind’s primary function is to separate the good from the bad – to keep some semblance of stability and identity. That separating function is the foundation of all suffering in the world, as it is. I am reiterating this common bit of knowledge because it reveals fundamentally how egoic-mind creates the dark and the light for itself, and so buries the dark in places where its own consciousness cannot even see. This is commonly known as the “shadow”. Many spiritual teachers or healers claim that they clear shadows as negative energy. Many believe “clearing” or removing the shadows is a way towards achieving enlightenment or spiritual ascendance. This idea of “clearing” or “clearance work” is called “light working” and those who practice it call themselves lightworkers. Unfortunately, because of the polarity of this reality, light-working is actually that which usually gives rise to the shadow simply because they are making war on it. Most lightworkers don’t know how to work with shadow and have no way of knowing the extent to which their clients can become consumed by the subterranean darkness they have hidden within their subconscious. If the shadow is powerful enough, the client can experience a psychotic break, whether mild or severe. This either leads, at best, to addiction to healing, healers, and spiritual teachings, or, at worst, an extended stay in the psych-ward. Due the lightworkers own lack of shadow work for themselves, the activated shadow world of the client becomes the focus of their consciousness, even though they are not yet ready or equipped to handle it. This can manifest as demonic experiences, voices in the head, possessions of various forms. I have seen these first-hand many times. The shadow and the false light must be worked with powerfully through transmutation – not clearing. Clearing is just bleach, which is war against the shadow aspect and actually doesn’t help a person become who they are or find joy and bliss or power in their lives. The stronger the shadow, the more violent it becomes against the bleach. The weak light worker doesn’t know how to transmute the “shadow” at this point and is completely ineffective. On top of that, the victim is often completely gone at this time and overrun with “demons”, which are actually just shadow aspects of their core personality and personalities, sometimes over lifetimes.

How do you know a light worker is ineffective at doing proper shadow work or even dangerous? It is hard to discern, but the first clue is that they speak about clearing or light-work in their job description. You don’t want clearing. You want full support in your journey of awakening, awareness, and achieving presence – to both the shadow and the light. You must approach both with respect, awareness, and dignity because both need to be merged back into the whole they once originated from. Presence is the energy that already by its very emanation, transmute shadow and light into powerful synthesized energy. Both extremes, the shadow and the light are consumed during this transmutation. Again, when you try to “clear” negative energy, you do not perform the transmutation.

Another thing that light workers like to speak about are “higher dimensions” and “ascension”. They are trying to get there, and are trying to help you get there, so that you no longer have to deal with lower, toxic energies. Again, this is the egoic-mind at it again, trying to clear out the so-called bad energies. The idea of ascendance or rising beyond this dimension, when cultivated, will create more polarity, as well as a greater potential for psychotic break, due to the activation of the shadow in extreme form. The person, when split from an activated shadow, will become bi-polar, erratic, manic, and incapable of managing their life almost on every level. Many will make excuses such as “I am an alien from planet X” or “I am a soul who has been forced to come to this planet”, or I am living in another dimension, and want to go home”. There are all sorts of possibilities when it comes to our stories and reasons why we have become dysfunctional. All of the stories are believed based on fundamental misunderstanding of what and who we are as humans, and what we are able to know through our egoic-mind.

In the end, the current state of modern spirituality is borderline toxic itself, filled with ignorance and inability to form a cohesive and grounded network of practitioners in all functional areas of life. For example, if you work in technology, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who is even remotely working on their spiritual hygiene; same with other areas of life that are mostly spent in the white halls of the egoic-mind – all or most of them look upon spirituality as something like a plaything at best or worthy of scorn at worst. Meanwhile, spiritual seekers remain in their little light bubble, ineffective and prone to all manner of psychological dysfunction, demonic possession confused with angelic guidance, and sexual abuse through disembodied and embodied beings. When people get into this state, there is no amount of reasoning or conversing with them, as they have, as I stated above, become completely unaware of the power of presence, and have given up all their power to these “beings”, falsely believing that they are star-seed families, angelic or ancestral guidance, or what have you. Time and time again, these souls are indulging in their fantasy worlds, that are no different than any other fantasy world of the egoic-mind. It is a real tragedy.

Blessings XO

7 thoughts on “Why Lightwork Clearing Doesn’t Help Suffering- or Awakening

    1. I’m glad it helps. These are truths that are hard to face. We have to learn to transmute our own shadow and light. Clearing is just a band aid, a temporary relief, which we sometimes do need of course.

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      1. Thank you so much for making this very clear, lots of shadow going on in me and helpful to know to love it and transmute it with the light also! Really feels like a relief, lots of forgiveness and acceptance! 🌻🌼 Not always easy to see the shadow but once you start the lookout for it it’s revealed! If lovingly looked for it’s more willing to reveal itself! What do you think? 🦋🦋 With gratitude! 🌸


      2. It’s not easy and sometimes not trivial. It all depend on the energy but love and patience is key and a willingness to listen for what we don’t really want to hear

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      3. Yup, that’s true! That’s why we’ve got our twin flame right next to us, offering insight! Ouch! Not always easy to hear! But often the truth! Thank you, again! Very helpful and healing! 🌼

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