AI: An Evolution of the Blood Wars

I want to make something clear about artificial intelligence (AI) and how I address it in this blog. On the level of energy, AI itself is not a threat to humanity in any way. However, just like guns and weapons are dangerous when in the wrong hands, so too is the AI. To be perfectly clear, there are people who misuse not only objects and technologies, but their own bodies and the bodies of others. Distortion manifests everywhere, and it all arises out of fear and desire. And when it comes to distortion, there is nothing more twisted and darker than acts of warfare. Make no mistake. Humanity has been at war since the early days of its history. There has never been a moment when humanity has not been killing itself, in a willfully ignorant force of collective suicide. AI is just another instrument of warfare, just has the internet has been over the past twenty or so years, and just as the war machines have been prior to that.

In the past, the kings and heads of state, used war as a means towards achieving dominance over all resources, particular the most precious resource, which is that of human beings. Great armies were built on human energy, the energy of the workers, the farmers, the artists – all have been and continue to be employed by those who make tremendous profit off of their collective energy. Now, there is nothing that seems wrong with this, as long as those employed are far away from being called “slaves” and choose to participate willingly. Yet, as many tech workers are now just discovering, their huge paychecks and job security is currently under threat, at the wake of a new technology that not only promises the ability to scrape and reinvent new creations out of the labor of the people, but also to dominate and own the output of that AI, to control it, shape it, and formulate it to their every desires. The hope is that eventually, unlike any age that has preceded, the powers of corporate greed, will no longer need very many actual human beings at all; this means that the war engine will no longer need human armies, as they will have robots; that they will no longer need medical doctors, as they will have highly intelligent AI that will diagnose the system. The hope is that all human beings will surrender to the machine, out of sheer despair or deluded hope, simply because their entire livelihood has been destroyed or is non-existent. The alternatives that will be offered is to take the injections, the pills, the sedatives, the “entertainment” or “containment” or whatever else they are being sold in order to regain at least some modicum of a decent life.

I know this sounds incredibly dystopian, but that kind of life is in our future, if we do not find it within ourselves to support ourselves and others as autonomous beings, with God-given free-will and the ability choose the course of our own lives.

We must ensure that more and more people are waking up to the fact that the internet hasn’t been a playground, a new innocent way of meeting people, or a place where the free distribution of ideas is possible. From the very beginning, the internet has had its roots in the military, as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). ARPANET was a military project designed to provide possible communication during the cold war, in the event of a nuclear disaster. The public wasn’t allowed to use ARPANET – until of course, they decided that the public could be utilized through something like it. And now, we are still in the midst of what is essentially a cold war, and it is war that is very much using the resources of the entire population of the world, in all of its aspects, from physical to spiritual. Every artist or content creator that has placed their work on the internet, whether that is music, painting, or writing, has been scraped by some program in order to feed the AI beast without their free-will or respect for copyright laws. Your phones are listening to you and your texts are being used to encourage you to purchase new items, share even more data about yourself, communicate more “art” or “artifacts” into the network. You find social media or the internet comfortable, because your find great content that you like? That is the hook. The sinker is beneath skin level.

Your dreams are not the dreams of your ancestors, or the dreams of the native Americans or the cultures of indigenous people . You are too tapped into the system to have such access to deep natural clarity. It is a reality of modern life. Those who are not connected to modern life are not considered important, but only fringe dwellers, nothings, cave painters, who have nothing to offer except a lack of hygiene, and everything a civilized high-shooter fears to become. These days, if you aren’t some kind of internet “influencer” or have your face somewhere in some corner of this old 1 dimensional metaverse, you aren’t anybody.

But we can be here to witness this war, the terrible consequence of a very physical war, of nuclear dimensions, that has transformed into a war of machines, of humans who have lost their center, their connection to their Source, all for the promised rewards of a comfortable lifestyle, offered by every corporation on the planet either directly through employment, or indirectly through subscription services such as YouTube or Facebook or Twitter.

And as all wars go, there is always the opposing side, an alternative force that is attempting to challenge the AI beast and the economy it rides on. Web 3 – although it too has been infiltrated to some extent – is the one place where effort is being made to return the power back to the individual creators, to remove centralized economies and slave-master formulations of employment and governance. This is why there has been, on all levels, such a concerted effort to destroy crypto and blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, for example, there can be a way to track the art source through technology similar to that in NFTs (non-fungible tokens). I don’t want to go into details about NFTs on this blog, but NFTs are an experimental technology that allows for the tracking and authentication of digital art. As that tech evolves, an AI can evolve that credits all people who contribute to its output. That would be a beautiful system, as you could write a poem, have it fed to AI to help others create a poem, and then receive some monetary income and credit automatically through the blockchain system. Billions of people on the planet would have the freedom to make a living from their creations directly. However, if the current AI doesn’t allow a solution to the problem of origin and authentication (just like the system didn’t want to allow free energy or a world without war), it will usher in an age of extreme violence and a loss of countless numbers of jobs and lives to the benefit of the huge corporations; as well as a huge section of the population being forced to create their own economy, outside the economy of the AI, in order to survive in a society that doesn’t allow for individuals to create income from the value of their work, unless they feed the “beast”. The result is that humanity will continue its warfare and the loss of life will be tremendous.

As time goes on, the problems of AI will begin to surface and become of greater and more pressing importance. As each individual becomes aware of what is at stake, they will be encouraged to tell the tale, to speak up, and to take some form of action in terms of working on new technologies, being a spokesperson to the children, speaking for Source, or simply being a light to channel the Source energy into the collective consciousness. AI technology has been unleashed at a pace of which I have never seen before because they are in a hurry; because they are afraid of something; and just like all things that happen too quickly, the problems that are not being foreseen or are being swept under the rug, are going to surface in a myriad of ways. There are issues around free-will, privacy, and questions about the entire economy itself that will arise. People are going to quickly notice that there are alternatives out there, being built, as we speak: free energy, a new internet, universal income that derives from the work that we output whether that is a piece of music, art, or writing.

But for now, AI has become under the control and domination of a very powerful software company. The company itself, however, is going to find out that the threat AI poses to countless numbers of artists and individuals, children, and future generations, will also be a threat to itself as well, if it even cares enough for that:

But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all ‘We died at such a place;’ some swearing, some crying for a surgeon, some upon their wives left poor behind them, some upon the debts they owe, some upon their children rawly left. I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle; for how can they charitably dispose of anything, when blood is their argument? Now, if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king that led them to it; whom to disobey were against all proportion of subjection.

William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 4, Scene 1

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