Divine Feminine: Living in the Shadows

Each one of us reaches a stage of consciousness where we realize that nothing in the world is about us; that the solar system does not, in fact, revolve around the earth, and that – it’s true – we aren’t this body, this mind, this gangly interconnected experience of emotions, throughs, and body fluids, trying to project some sort of seasoned avatar or personality.

It is so easy to get caught up in the personalization of the spiritual experience, to think that what you witnessing is for your own evolution and has nothing to do with anything or anyone else. Many have gone into cave-living, forms of solitude, to rid themselves of the toxic noise of the outer outside world. This has been the mistake of many, the great error of wisdom, of the spiritual experience.

The key to awakening into bliss, is not to create more separation, but to actually allow for the experiences you are having, no matter how difficult they seem. You are here, not for a “reason” of mind, but for an agreement of soul. You are here in this relationship, in this career, in this region of the world, because there is something you have agreed to work with, to witness, to create from and by.

When we choose to escape by moving away, changing careers, relationships, fashion accessories, or what have you, we are often doing so to no avail. We will in fact return, to the same relationships we are running from, the same careers – the same problem. The reason why so many people are so certain that they know “how the world works” is because their lives are, each one, a Groundhog Day, over and over. We repeat the same formal experiences because we are who we are and we have not yet evolved ourselves out of that formal experience. Our mind, our ego, cannot change this fact, no matter what it does, where it moves, who it moves to. Surrender is a surrender to what is, not when you are sitting on a cushion meditating, but when you are standing there, neck deep in an experience that is completely unpleasant, and maybe sometimes pleasant, but an experience nonetheless, and usually one that you don’t have ready answers for working with, resolving, or elevating.

Where you feel most powerless, is where you can conjure the most power. The reason is because it is not you who is powerless, but your ego-mind that is powerless. It is important to make that distinction.

You will have guidance if you let yourself quiet the ego mind. You will discover that you are meant to witness something here on this planet at this time, and that you have chosen to be here, to participate in some way to help elevate the consciousness of earth, a place where war and might reigns supreme; a place where quantity usurps quality; a place where the arrogant and greedy seem to get the best rewards.

You will, of course, witness the participation of your personality in this world; how you have waged war against yourself and others; how you have chosen money over love, or security over your heart. Again and again, you will face your shadow, and face the shadow of others; and you will walk with them, or you will drown in them. But you will never ever succeed in running from them. Running from one shadow will, again, lead you to another and another and another.

And you will feel as if this is not fair and that life is hard for you, and you will wonder why that is. Why, if I have done so much good, and aligned myself properly, I still don’t feel as if I am aligned with who I know I am in this world? The perception of difficulty and pain and misery is, again the ego and the shadow that you are resisting. Instead, consider that the pain and discomfort is not personal, but is connected to the global suffering in your area, in the country, in the planet, in the universe. Consider the shadow you are experiencing, the tingling down your neck, the visitors in the darkness, as children, coming to tell you about something that is amiss in the world, coming to tell you about the deep suffering that is being perpetrated on humanity, and has been done so for thousands of years.

The masculine energies have it the hardest, because they are and always have been aligned with the egoic-mind, the hardworking, problem solving, knowledge-gaining, provider, the protector and the establisher of the home, the city, and the country. But they have been, through the weak feminine that serves the illusion, deceived and easily manipulated by the war system, ready to sacrifice their lives over caring for their land; aligned to corporate values and estimations of worth, aligned with a deeply corrupt financial system, an abusive, manipulative government that they have served without question, without challenge for hundreds of years. Not a peep at all from them.

And so it is true, it is up to the feminine energy to waken to the dream, to understand what is at stake, to connect to the heart at the Source, and to eventually assist in the awaken of her masculine energy, to build a better world for generations to come, a world without rape and without war. She knows this is possible, because she has seen the world through the eyes of the dolphin and the child. She knows this; for from her all things are born, and through her all things return. She will teach that knowledge is not supreme, but inspiration is supreme. She will teach that love is the highest form of energy, not lust or possession. She will teach that respect and honor are the roots of all things. She will teach the sacred. She will teach through energy and embodiment, and not the old ways of didactic book writing and lecture. She is teaching now. She is teaching here. She is teaching always.

Blessings XO

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