The Great Mask of Personality

One has watched life badly if one has not also seen the hand that considerately–kills.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil §69

The greatest impediments to being consistently rooted to the earth and connected to Source are not the “evils” of the world but are rather that presence of your personalities as extensions of the egoic-mind. The word person is derived from the original Latin persona, meaning “mask or false image”. The human consciousness of what it is (identity) as a body-mind, in terms of its attributes such as “kind”, “deep”, “spiritual”, “beautiful”, “intelligent”, “skillful”, “insightful”, and even “truthful” is the personality or personalities that are held up by the individual. The consciousness is usually deeply unaware of the true function of the personality because if it were conscious of it, it would not consider it real or true. In that sense, the personality is a first level stepping stone on the way to full embodiment of Self. Unfortunately, however, the function and mechanism of the personality has been abused by beings have no interest in having the individuals of humanity find their own embodiment.

The personality, when active and working in the psyche, has the consciousness believe that its attributes or aspects are “natural” to him or her and are demonstrable through logic and mental reasoning. The personality defines all behaviors and characteristics of the person, which can either help or hinder them in life by way of achieving various goals such as love, success, or wealth; lust, addiction, or sloth. The personality can be configured in enumerable ways and combinations. The egoic-mind uses whatever personality mix it needs in order to function in accordance with its surface desires. Regardless of the form of the personality, it is in the end a mask, an illusion, and a sheath, behind which there is always a personality or personalities that is cruel to Self, the one that it is actually suppressing, hiding and burying. These “cruel” personas are actually viral and can be received through the element of water, such as the blood or semen, or any other fluid that contains DNA. This is why, I can see how sexually active a person by just experiencing their energy. The more sexually active (with multiple partners), the more personas he or she is carrying or harboring. Some people are so instable, you can see one persona move in as the other moves out, depending on the condition, the trigger, the circumstance. This can happen within the space of minutes or seconds.

Meanwhile, the true Self is not the one that hides. The true Self is fearless, and always has a frequency of highest awareness. It is not directly affected by the personas of the individual and so is undisturbed by the drama and cruelty of the ego-mind and its horde of personalities. Many people are confused on this point, as they speak about the inner “pure” child or self-abuse, or hiding the self. The self, in that case, isn’t the true Self, but is yet another egoic-alter, one of the shadow personalities, who engages in concealment. The true Self is through which we are true connection, true energy, are both experience and experiencer of being alive, not simply, but in an almost unworldly calm and joy that is in no way impacted by circumstance or accessible by form or language. Still, the ego-mind will, as we have so often seen, try to achieve that love, joy, and bliss through its personality, in order to compensate for a crime it knows that it has committed against itself; and just as a fake apple will never taste like an apple, and will actually harm the consumer, the illusion of the personality as identity chokes and blokes our integrity, our ability to thrive in every situation and with every person, and our experience of connection with all being and all things of the world, regardless of context.

Worst of all, the dominance of personality and the deep cruelty of the subconscious reptilian ego is exactly that which has millions of people willing to confuse themselves, their gifts, and their energy with artificial intelligence. This is what destroys mankind – that is the timeline. If you try to explain this to a group of ego-minds, they will not understand, because machines and AI do not understand or hear the heart, no matter what you say or do or be. For centuries, cultures have used masks to imitate and embody the persona of their gods and goddesses. They did this in order to achieve possession. Today, we still are presented with these costumes and masks – they are embedded in the DNA and we openly and without boundaries allow them into us through the medium of entertainment. The human race today is profoundly strange, as they have a surface personality that believes it is a unique “I” in the modern world, an autonomous being. But beneath the sharp suit and the cool haircut, that are centuries of personas that emerge into the surface ego, either in part or in whole; either in dreams or in visions. The individual surface personality feels these other personalities, but thinks they are just emotions or a result of something they watched or experienced, or another person, or dreams, or hallucinations. They experience angels and ancestors, devils and demons – all of them personalities of the past, possessions that have been agreed upon and are still “allowed” through silent consent.

The truth about who we are is that all we experience is who we are – and nothing else! But we are not one until we release the personalities, and emerge as who we actually are.

Many resist this kind of awakening-emerge, of unity consciousness, because many of these functional personalities have become useful to us – that is how they stay embodied, all hiding behind the overarching personality, in pretense of unity. Let’s be clear. The overarching personality buys us a lot; with our surface archon personality, we can keep the peace, be polite, speak about and embody words and actions of kindness and generosity. The personality is what keeps us linked into the people and places around us; it keeps us aligned to the social norms, values, and expectations that we intuit. The personality, at bottom, is a survival mechanism, as it keeps us from feeling alone, from getting or feeling abandoned; it’s about doing what’s expected of us at the expense of what we really want to do. The illusion of the personality is a collective illusion, fueled by collective fear and desire for control. The consciousness can get so attached to the personality that it begins to identify with it, even to the point of detaching from Self, the true Self, the Source. The personalities that are hidden beneath the overarching personality assist or challenge the personality, driving it in whatever way they feel they need to. A person is a society, a community of disembodied masks pretending to be of one mind and one body. In this society we are all pretending to be one and autonomous – a single mind and egoic identity. We pretend we can be “truthful” and “true”; but truthfulness is impossible when an individual is working from the energies of disparate and contradictory beings, all arising when the their needed, and hidden when they are of no use.

Meanwhile, the detachment of all the personalities from Self is more like a burial of Self, rather than a cord cutting. It is not actually possible to cut the cord from Self while still embodied on earth. People can of course bury themSelves alive, by using mechanisms of suppression and torture; drugs and alcohol, etc. They can hide the voice of Self because of the noise of the personalities that emerge within them. There are a myriad ways to betray one’s Self. Society’s “pressures” and expectations will always be there to help you pay for the shovel and the casket, the embalming fluids, and the esthetician. I don’t mean to be morbid, but the truth is the truth. Most people sacrifice themselves and call it “love”; it is a love born in death cult that has given up on its own life to serve the disembodied personalities. The majority of the population is buried in some degree, beneath the purview of the personality consciousness. Feeling is all that is left for them, and even though they attempt to maintain the personality or personalities to make them feel good or comfortable in a life that isn’t even theirs, feelings of dissatisfaction will emerge from within, the pain and the suffering of not being true, of hiding the true Self. Yet, instead of letting the personalities go, they will be either used or reinvented in order to find a way to numb the pain. People actually experience a conversation with these personalities, and believe they are “talking with themselves” as if the identity were one. But the identity is not one at all – it is an amalgam of many that wears the mask of one. This process of personality repasting and reconfiguration, of visualizing the inner dialogue as only me, myself, and I can happen throughout one’s lifetime or lifetimes. The damage is profound because the layers of personalities, the myriads of attached egoic-entities, are like a painting that keeps getting reimaged and redistorted, all in the name of achieving something like beauty, attractiveness, likeability, fame, or success, whatever characteristics of personality you may desire.

Those who are awake to the reality of the personality can see the confused state of most human beings, who are by and large possessed by personalities that once operated in their own body, perhaps lifetimes ago and are carried through all the waters, the flow of life, that carries the DNA, the patterns, and the configurations to which the personality is subject, and by which the Self – with the Source of all things – is hidden in darkness.

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