Meditation: Signs of Awakening

These are some of the most important signs of awakening. I know that there are many lists on the internet. The intention here is to go as deep as possible into the unknown, because that is where you are headed. The ego-mind believes it knows many things. The awakening mind finds knowledge to be, at best, a vacation from the Great Work, the great journey of becoming WHO ONE IS.

Awakening begins quietly or violently. You begin to doubt the reality you have been taught, the reality of who you thought you were and will be. You are ready to take the plunge into the deep, to find the truth about who you are and who others are. You are ready because you have no other choice.

You are eager to learn about 4D New Age ideas, or you find yourself living inside of them, such as in the case of twin flames. You seek out others who have similar experiences. This gives you great comfort – but know that it is only temporary.

The twin flame construct is here to teach many how to love; for they have forgotten how to love.

4D new age concepts – all of them – are there to prepare for the strange reality of who you are. New age cults provide a host of deities, angels, and ascended masters to make sure that you don’t feel alone. In the end, these are all holographic illusions that, soon, you will no longer require.

You will go from teacher to teacher, as you grow. None of these teachers have the answer. Eventually, you will commit to being your own teacher.

As you become your own teacher, you will enter into a consciousness of I AM, rather than the world as the ego-mind, as the mind of society wants you to see it. You were prepared by new age constructs, to face the magical aspects of yourself, of life, of nature. None of these things you experience will be Google-able; none of them will be explained by ChatGPT. The real world, as you will discover, emerges from the dynamic energy of the whole, the Great Mystery, the presence of all. You become your own mystery that you no longer hide from or conceal.

You know that you need to learn to be in the present moment, and to surrender to the wonder, the awe, the ignorance. You no longer have the desire to “be someone important”. Thus, you cease seeking meaning, titles, or attributions. You no longer seek people to like or agree with you. You are as powerful as the sun, radiant, alive, present regardless of what anyone does or says.

You no longer desire the things that ego-mind desired. You know that you can create anything you wish, but you don’t need anything, and so you refrain into your silence.

You may find dragons here, portals, other beings that you cannot explain and have no materialization in the egoic-mind world. You will notice that there are many portals and many eyes – we are never alone.

You realize that all the forms of the love in the world were merely training grown for learning what love is not. You are made of and from love, the energy that holds all things and all beings together. You are never made witness to love-reality until you are ready to bear witness. The free will is derived from the heart space and at the deepest level of consciousness. Only when the will is ready, will the egoic-mind sheath begin to crumble, revealing the great wizard behind the mask, the attachments, and the bondage.

Egoic love appears repulsive.

You are no longer be able to speak about the concepts or questions of the egoic-mind. The ego’s questions are always created out of the problems that ego creates by its own illusions. For this reason, all questions dissolve within you, along with egoic-self.

You no longer are able to have conversations with others about yourself, because you no longer exist. You are conscious of how the ego-mind depends on masks and relates to others only through deception and conceals even that deception.

You walk invisible amongst all men and women and that is your freedom.

You know the One through energetic experience without speech, without symbol, without sign. You know the one through song, dance, music, or symbol. You feel the energy in all things, the energy of One, of Source, of God. Each thing and every being serves and derives from that singular energy despite what the ego sees, knows, or questions.

Blessings XO

7 thoughts on “Meditation: Signs of Awakening

    1. I am inspired to write about this, I’ve been thinking and experiencing this phenomenal invisibility for some time! Oh boy… maybe always! Now I embrace it! Thank you, Anastasia, always uplifting and courageous! 🦋

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      1. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. They are always so uplifting. You know that the invisible ones can see each other and it is always helpful so that we don’t get confused , during the darker times, on whether we are here or not. 🙂

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      2. That is so beautiful, yes, of course we recognize each other and appreciate the communication and connection! It is healing! Thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy reading your blog articles! They’re always very helpful and very timely! Thanks again, Anastasia! 🦋

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