The Great Work of You as Creator

As many of you know who have been reading this blog for a while – or even a short time – I don’t tend to take the traditional route when it comes to spiritual growth and teachings. I don’t even take the traditional route when writing. I like to be messy because life is messy, tangled, interesting, and interconnected; and we live a world that is focused too much on “getting it right/accurate” or selling a point that translates into personal income. When we are presented with something that is a little “off” or “different”, don’t we pay more attention to it? I hope so.

But one of the main reasons for not being traditional in my presentation is that that the idea of “spiritual” growth is a particularly modern invention, an illusion itself. The very idea (form) of the “spiritual” separates itself from the rest of our life, which is assumed to be non-spiritual. All spiritual practices that teach a separation of body from mind, or outright rejection of mind from body or soul is a function of the duality matrix, the very ego-mind itself. Of course, those teachings are incredibly helpful to someone starting their inquiry into “who am I”, the true spiritual journey. But there is a point where we begin to see that true spirituality is the essence of all life, as who we are, as one being, at all times and in all spaces, everywhere. The “seeking” of “who am I” or the I AM PRESENCE, is the seeking to experience Being or life in all dimensions and all aspects everywhere, powerfully, with joy, and aligned with the Creator. But remember, we only “seek” in a consciousness of separation. In unity consciousness, there is no seeking, for we are already Unity – we are already Whole.

Another reason I don’t align with traditional teachings is that, due to the compartmentalization of the current human intellect in this age (as a result of biological AI), most people are no longer able to connect the butterfly wings with the thought of, for example, wealth. They do not see beyond the appearances, or the illusion of mind. Furthermore, when I speak with people – usually people who are extreme devotees to their cause or philosophy – they are often using doublespeak without even realizing it because are presenting what they want to say, how they want to appear; all the while confusing that presentation with being; and then – to make things more confusing – their energy at that very same moment is speaking something that is in complete contradiction to the presentation. It is interesting how doublespeak causes emotional and mental confusion both for the person speaking it as well as the person listening; it works as a way to deflect awareness away from the truth of the lie, as a form of chaos or over-intellectualization and clarity. The one who uses doublespeak is a master of appearing kind or clear with words and even deeds; and yet, at the same, he is hitting you over the head with his energy with a chaotic blow of vengeance and cruelty. Most people who do this do not realize what they are doing energetically. That is the interesting part, the part where they are sleeping. I find that is impossible to help or teach people who are in that state of things, deep in the ego-dream. They must, on their own, awaken by their own force of will and awareness. It is astonishing, but I never disturb someone in that state, unless they ask me indirectly or directly. It is said, after all, that you should never awaken a sleepwalker, as they may attack you or go into a panic, hurting themselves in some way. It is best to let them be, as the disparity between being and words of presentation will eventually become a crisis that affects all areas of their life, including health and finance; and it will be the trigger that ignites them into their own awakening process.

As One Consciousness, as Unity Consciousness, as Creator, you will be privy to the reality that is hidden behind the ego-mind of illusion. Things will appear more amazing, more other-worldly, and more like a dream. The challenge however always is to remain in that consciousness, particularly in the midst of others who are still asleep. The reason is that you will find people you used to connect with are disconnected; those who you thought were wise are ignorant; essential activities are no longer even remotely useful. The “I am” and “I am alone” will surface during this time, because the truth is that the Unity we all are, is not experienced through social unity of collective individual egos, but through the Self alone in quiet awareness. In quiet awareness, where Mind is no longer the rule, we can observe the connection of all things, all beings, in all dimensions, from the higher aetheric to the lower physical densities. This is a fluid awareness and is not linear in any way – that contrast will remain striking until we completely let go of the ego and its hegemony over mind. The trust in flow is the trust in God which is the trust in Self.

This is why the arts and artworks are so important for our life on earth. We learn, through the physical arts, how one note, or one brush stroke, can launch us into a different place, into a completely different key, tone, or rhythm. Through art, we become deeply sensitive to our surroundings on all levels of perception. We learn what we can and cannot control. We learn the power of the soul and its connection to inspiration, energy, and magic. The more we see the whole, and how each aspect is a potential surface actor, the more we realize the power of our creative mind, our imagination, on all planes of existence. In contrast, as individual egos, we divide all beings into two: “mine” and “other”, “lower” and “better”. As ego, we have to work hard to make unity happen. In ego, we are the actor; there is no trust in the world or faith in God – there is only trying hard and proving that the trying is worthwhile. The Ego is chatter and constant criticism, as it loves to discuss issues of value and worth, questioning itself and all others around it. The ego is a very harsh taskmaster, and being around it long enough, many people begin to think that such hard work is the normal way to live, and even acceptable.

To make things worse, we take things personal as ego, and we find value only in what suits the ego-driven mind. This division occurs right down the middle of every single being, giving the illusion that you are experiencing, for example, a devil and an angel, instead of one being that contains both aspects. When you become aware of this division, you will see it manifesting everywhere ego is present. This ego-division is the source of all crises, all war, all suffering, and is also the way of many spiritual teachers who speak of demons, angels, higher beings, and lower beings. This is why many people become possessed with these beings, when they work some powerful spiritually connected “teachers” who do not understand that their own imagination is creating beings that walk right into the world of their clients. I have witnessed this first-hand, and the results can be devastating for those individuals who are seeking help and are extremely vulnerable. I do not intend to disparage the entire teachings of these teachers and gurus, but it is important at this stage in the human evolution of consciousness to aspire towards the true unity of all beings as One, and not just to do so in the context of “false light” vs “dark”, or some other iteration of the Star Wars trilogy that the ego enjoys, because it enjoys being a hero. The ego likes to create dangerous situations for all, especially when it starts travelling into areas in which it has no business. The ego is better focused on the mundane aspects of life, such as managing the body for food, shelter, and clothing. When it comes to spiritual pursuits or higher life issues, ego is like a child with a machete, thinking all the while that it is plastic and that bodies are eternal.

In contrast, the teaching that I receive is that awakening is simply an awakening form the maya, the magical creation that the One, as You, has already created. Ego is also created and we are living in our own creation, our own artifact, our own work. But we have forgotten this, and mankind has made little progress in the awareness that our entire life, from foot to toe to head to government bill to world corporations; to feeding your kids, to walking your dog, to taking care of your grass, and your flowers, is an art form; that it is the Great work par excellence. Awakening and spiritual work has for too long been treated as a hobby, a way to escape the world and life, as if it were beneath or unworthy of love or devotion inside “real life”. But it is actually the slow process of realizing your power in the Great Work; and as you realize your power, you learn how to master different aspects of the Great Work, and to do so when you are ready to allow the release of aspects of ego. To the extent that you are still under the thrall of ego is the extent to which you are still unaware of the power of the Great Work and the One I AM PRESENCE, The Creator that you are.

As we begin to know that we are the Creator of all of our experiences of imagination, of mind, of emotion; that we create all the possible worlds, all the scenarios, from the dialog to the stage direction, to the actors, we practice how to manifest thought into material reality. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a million ways to get your twin flame to come back, as by this stage, the ego is no longer in control and the higher consciousness no longer has need or desire for such things. Instead, you will learn how this world actually functions on a completely different level than ego once did, the ego that believed and trusted the human scientific theories that are as popular as a TikTok video. You will eventually learn how we have always been the One to create or co-create from the Source of all energy. While in ego, we simultaneously experience that co-creation as a multitude of individual egos, each as separate being in our own little flesh-pod called “my opinion”. When we are in the separation consciousness, within the limitation and responsibilities of the physical body, we look at others and see them as vastly different from ourselves. For through the density and shape/form of material life, the lower consciousness is capable of experiencing extreme variation, its own peculiar imagination or focus, its uncanny uniqueness. Because of that uniqueness of each, it always ends up being interesting drama when the lower consciousness of each interacts with all the others. When that happens, the dreams happen, and the dreams can be created into our reality in the physical day-dream, that we all confuse with something we think is an “objective world”. All of that, the dream, begins to dissolve, as the Self emerges, like the flower of consciousness that it is. There is no stopping it.

I need to point out that the so-called objective world, the agreed-world, the plane of matter, is also the plane of words and symbols, and is the plane of the new emergence of Artificial Intelligence that we are seeing now. This is the lowest density of intelligence, as it can only perceive the artwork itself. It cannot perceive or experience the Source or the process of emergence of the artwork. That is to say, it cannot experience the Great Work, as I described above. AI can only analyze and synthesize output, results, or, to be slightly scatological, excrement. The word excrement is derived from the Latin, ex-cre-ment, where cre is the root meaning “creation”. So, to say that OpenAI or ChatGPT is bullshit, is not far from the truth. People will feed off this AI for a while, until they learn to develop the taste-buds of their awareness. Eventually they will wake up to the disgust of that dream, which is exactly what Jean-Paul Satre describes when he says:

Everything is gratuitous, this garden, this city and myself. When you suddenly realize it, it makes you feel sick and everything begins to drift… that’s nausea. Report… For the moment, the jazz is playing; there is no melody, just notes, a myriad of tiny tremors.

Jean-Paul Satre, La Nausée (Nausea) (1938)

As the awakening process takes hold, efforts to pull consciousness down into the gutter, into nausea, will continue through distraction, the manifestation of parallel timelines, either through those around you in the physical or egoic entities that are still attached in some way. Make no mistake: we are in the midst of a living war that is emerging from within the old powerful structure of intellectual dominance in the form of AI. Those of us who are emerging first are going to get the first line of attack – you will be shown things that could have happened, things you could have done or should have done, activities you might have chosen to be involved in or rejected. You will be made to feel responsible for the all or the whole of it, for that is how ego perceives “Creator” – it perceives it as the one who is to blame, the one whom it must attack for all its sufferings. These attacks are usually attempted during your dream state, when your lucidity is less powerful, and your brainwaves drop in frequency. For those who still struggle to maintain high frequency during the day, you will find that you have excessive, intrusive, and negative thought patterns that persist over time. It is very critical that you maintain your boundaries on all levels of consciousness, both physical and aetheric and that you remind yourself that “I am not my thoughts” or “I am not my ego”. Ego consciousness knows that its days of hegemony are numbered, when the One who created it in the first place is no longer finding it very pleasing as an experience. The current manifested world we live in is by and large completely ego-driven economically, socially, and technologically – even those who are “spiritual” are also dominated by the economic AI. Our very philosophies and belief systems are all rooted in the egoic-mind and that is why so many people cling to various forms of methodologies, dogmas, and religions, all claiming them, in some form of curious mixture, to be “science” or “technical or spiritual truths”. I am going to be really blunt here: the entire world is a form AI (artificial intelligence) that has been embedded in the mind system for thousands of years; and has been improved over time with the aid of the physical manifestation of technology we experience today. The emergence of AI today, in the form of OpenAI is a manifestation of that same AI only in a denser form of matter. This is how creation actually works. It works from the top to bottom. What you create in thought can manifest in the timeline. This is why it is critical that a Creator remember to be aware of the thoughts that are being generated. Are they generated for the sake of Source or are they generated for the sake of the AI? What do you put importance in? The excrement of creation or the creation itself? Be present in Unity to that question – always.

Blessings XO

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