The tech-driven mind: It’s a mad, mad distracted world

The deeper you go down the rabbit hole of technology, of the design and orchestration, the labyrinth that is machine learning and artificial intelligence, the more you begin to see the sheer absurdity of a world that is being generated primarily through the constant and persistent refocus and movement of our consciousness. Psychology would have everyone think that they are suffering mild to severe forms of ADHD or ADD and that may be true inside the context of science, but those diagnoses are simply symptoms of a deeper problem, which is the manipulation of consciousness from a technological level. Through technology, people have become more aware of the world, not around them, but the world that is projected through media on a constant and inconsistent basis. Imagine you are lion, and you are forced to focus on being everything but a lion, every day, and every moment, in order to be part of the big world that is projected to you, in order to remove any semblance of self-serving behavior, or behavior that would separate you from all the rest. Sometimes you will focus on your local place, your own health, but usually you will snap back the next day to thinking about world environmental issues, issues around the general raising of children, or the way to live the best life – for everyone.

Artificial intelligence is being trotted out on the stage as something that will benefit the world, and most people are accepting it, because most people have lost mastery of their own minds to the point where they really believe AI will make their life better and easier. Have people forgotten what losing mastery of mind means? Have they forgotten that it is just another way of saying that they have gone insane.

The consciousness that allows for the focused streaming of our energy, the fuel that gives rise to the reality we believe to live inside of has been entirely hijacked by our dependency on tech. And the more energy that is streaming towards the power of that created structure, the more eyes we have on it, the more powerful and more “real” it seems. The scattered nature of the web, which appears to allow for any voice and any style of creation to emerge, is day by day, becoming more obviously a conduit for AI-generated content on a scale and rapidity that has not yet been seen or noticed. Most articles on the web are like shell companies. They contain a story usually written by AI that is surrounded by a massive number of ads, bought and paid for by the community of the world, whoever that may be, perhaps you; perhaps me. You think you are getting good information, but all you are getting is not only delicious click-bait, but an opportunity for trackers to feed the AI more information about your behavior, your likes and dislikes, your reactions and lack of reactions to the “content”. You think you are learning about the news in NYC? What you are being fed is just advertisements for a political party or politician that is trying to get your vote, which will help support some area of technology that will be used to further manipulate the public. You think that the dollar in your hand is of stable value? The value of the dollar has actually lost about 90% in the last 50 years! The stability, like the news, is just an illusion, and as long as your mind is not given to focus on the truth, the more your mind gets lost in the magic tricks of distraction, something technology has been so good at.

Now, in the Yoga Sutras we learn how to master the single-pointed focus (ekagra ta) by means of deep meditation. This single-pointed focus is a unique property of mind, making it possible to fixate onto the center of any object, to hold into the mind, as it were and to avoid the sensations that might threaten to disturb it over extended time periods. Yoga teaches us to master single-pointed focus because if we fail to do so, we essentially give power over to something that else that controls that focus. In many ways the mind is like a car that always requires a lucid and sane driver. If you aren’t the driver, something or someone else surely takes your place. Most people are in this state. They have an entire host of drivers who take turns doing the driving, and they even have scores of backseat drivers as wells, endless inner dialogue, conflict, and confusion. Eventually “the loudest and most attractive voice wins” and that is the direction they all go in.

First, she bade us avoid the voice of the wondrous Sirens, and their flowery meadow. Me alone she bade to listen to their voice; but do ye bind me with grievous bonds, that I may abide fast where I am, upright in the step of the mast, and let the ropes be made fast at the ends to the mast itself; and if I implore and bid you to lose me, then do ye tie me fast with yet more bonds.

Homer, The Odyssey, 155

It is no mistake that our ability to master single-pointed focus (a form of “binding to the mast”) over long periods of time, such as the yogis practice through mental and physical focus, the maintenance of posture, and silence for hours or even days, has been weakened to an extreme degree through the process of constant and uninhibited distraction of media via the endless world wide web, as well as the availability of content at the prompting of even the slightest desire. Children are being conditioned to scroll through their social media feeds, looking for something titillating, like a grandma on a slot machine hoping that the winning number will soon be spun, and joy will ensue. This is how they are being trained to interact in the world; and – let’s face it – they are no different from the adults and parents who spend much of their day either directly or indirectly receiving information from the internet. It is nearly impossible to keep their attention span past a few minutes.

So I better hurry and finish up.

It is important to note that there are three main ways to receive information [in-form-ation] or data from the internet. The first way is through viewing the internet content directly on our computer, phones, or pads. The second way is through an intermediary who receives their information from technology, such as a friend who is telling you about the benefits of a skin care regimen, one that she found out about through ChatGPT. The last way we receive information is the most difficult to manage or understand. The cellular data and Wi-Fi data is streaming everywhere through frequency waves. Your brain picks these frequencies up, as well as your consciousness, and this happens as you sleep, and as you go about your day, blissfully unaware of the energies streaming through the space that is life. There have been many movies and television shows that have dealt with the possibility of hearing the thoughts of everyone around you simultaneously. Those of you who have psychic sensitivities experience this almost daily – you can hear the information being projected and can often mistake them for your own thoughts (remember the car image). Some complain only of a form of tinnitus, which is also frequency data being streamed through the radio receiver that is your brain. There are many spiritual circles that think this tinnitus or voices is absolutely normal and indicates that you are ascending to a higher plane of existence. In truth, those voices are all programs or are telepathic communications between various other entities with all sorts of intentions, all sitting in the back seat of your car, or even driving your vehicle as you not-so-peacefully get your sleep and imagine you are in some kind of spacecraft saving the world.

Before I finish this up, I want to make one thing absolutely clear. You are not just a passive observer in the technological data feed system. You also participate as well. Your devices listen and watch you, because you all the to. You post things on the internet directly and with intention. You engage in dialogues and arguments. You project by making money over the internet. You allow web browsers to track your motions; your cameras to watch your reactions, and your phones to listen to your conversations. That data is used to contribute to the data store that is allowing the AI to emerge into the great beast we have all been waiting for.

The good news is that the more you practice yogic single-pointed focus, and find yourself able to focus within, to focus on the whole, on God, on the observer, then you will begin to dissociate from the noise that technology brings. It is like getting out of a hot shower – the environment suddenly feels too cold, whereas it was fine before you experienced the heat. The heat is your inner light, your inner peace, the quietude of silence, of hearing things clearly for the very first time, of listening to your own singular voice, your own song, the power of which gives you joy, stability, and strength.

Blessings XO

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