Trauma, Lust, and the Entertainment Industry

It’s been a while since I wrote about the dark elements of the entertainment industry, its ritualistic methodologies, and the creation of fallen “stars” designed to be worshipped – through embodiment – by the masses. And the reason I haven’t written about it is because I just haven’t received any data about the topic at all during the past year and half or so, at least not directly – until last evening. This is not an easy topic to digest, and can be very painful to experience, let alone talk about. Twin flames need to take note, as I know that the story of the twin flames is often used as a backdrop for deep and cruel manipulation of those who are mixed up in it. Both individuals in the twin flame drama are unwittingly caught up in what can only be described as black magic/black seduction, most of it continually massaged and fueled by a host a dark technology influencers on the internet, card readers, and so-called psychics who continue to create momentum for – usually the “chaser” twin – so that they keep on lusting, and keep on wanting, desiring, until they have little to no energy left or until they manage to free themselves from the magic and the process completely evaporates, as if it never happened at all.

First of all, in order to understand the modern entertainment industry, you have to understand and see the power of symbols that they use, as well as the consistent practice of ritual and mass hypnosis that is easily achieved through dance, music, words, and personality. A really superb resource of this information is Vigilant Citizen. Personality, if you remember, derives from the Latin, meaning “mask”. It is always important to keep this in mind when dealing with celebrity energy. It is also important to understand that the entire world is a composite of various frequencies that can be transmitted through the “air” as radio waves, Wi-Fi, Cellular data. These frequency bands are able to deliver energetic messages of all types of data: images, video, audio, etc. Those who have psychic abilities are able to actually see a lot of this content when they “dial in” to those higher frequencies. Because of the fact that most of the population cannot yet consciously perceive projections at these frequencies, they don’t believe in their existence. So, imagine the power of those who are able to create projections on that level, transmit them remotely, and have them integrate or interact with the human individual – without them even knowing. These people who practice this kind of invasive technology have been called “dark magicians”, but in all reality they are technologists. In this way, technology is of two types: the technology that is “sold” to the public, and the technology that is hidden and could be referred to as the “dark arts”, for all you Harry Potter fans.

Twin flames, for example, are a form of dark arts that are designed to bring the drama into the embodiment of two people – usually previously traumatized and have difficulty with loving Self and others. The drama is far more powerful than the drama projected on a movie screen, or the drama that can be created when the victims are dreaming or when they have left their body during sleep. The twin flame drama is an embodiment of a possession where the magician knows how to manipulate Kundalini energy and the eternal connection to Source enough to create a seeming “unbreakable bond” with another person. One of the twins, usually the feminine, will then long for union with a person instead of with Source or God or Self. Once they are caught in this lustful connection, then the energy drain quickly begins. Many report that they cannot eat, sleep, or take care of themselves.

So when did this all happen? Well, it doesn’t happen in the physical plane. What happens in the physical is just the result of what is happening on higher frequency levels.

Telepathic communication, remote viewing, psychic transmission of energy, and forms of healing such as Reiki, can all be performed “remotely” because of the fact that they operate on a higher band of frequency that cannot be perceived through the five senses. Most people have read about how the military has employed remote viewers and even psychics to help gather information or influence others from high places. Well, the entertainment industry, which includes twin flame entertainment, is essentially an arm of the military complex. Even in its Ancient Roman beginnings, entertainment was the circus, the events that keep the population happy and ignorant, and away from the affairs of state, in which they might interfere. People become addicted consumers to the entertainment, especially forms of entertainment, like twin flames, that feel real and actual in their own lives.

The primary target over the past fifty or so years have been women and children, particularly with a view towards sexualizing children at an early age. Sexual trauma is something that is known to create dissociation, and so enables a receptivity towards receiving various mind control techniques. I don’t want to delve into the details of Monarch programming; I will leave it to the reader to do their own research. The important point I want to make is that sexual trauma can be inflicted remotely through the dark arts. I have seen a number of women being brutalized by these “magicians” directly and indirectly. Some of them are pretending to be twin flames and use the twin flame story to brutalize women. This type of manipulation and trauma will often happen during times of sleep and/or rest and the victim will wake up with pain as if they have been raped repeatedly. I will not name any names here, because many of the projections that are used are not done with the consent of the individual, but there are celebrities that are incredibly popular, whose projections perform sexual and orgasmic rituals on a good number of a population has no clue what is happening. Unfortunately, I have been witness of some terrible things, mostly occurring at these higher frequency levels, usually at night.

In these higher dimensions, there are no physical boundaries, and so energy can be used to cause all sorts of physical and mental disturbances. Most celebrities are simply projections, and this will become more and more obvious as AI is increasingly used by a good number of the population – to project physical deceased celebrities in new films, in photographs, and even personal/sexual interactions. The goal is to ground the higher powers into the earth such that absolute control can belong to those who know the dark magic that allows them to replicate, project, and control those who allow them in. Union is always the union with the living body, and so it is form of possession. This is has always been the goal of all ritualistic masses that serve and worship dark entities.

Vanity Fair Italy, Spain and France Unveils The “Icon Issue” Starring Madonna.Luigi & Iango.

There are certain celebrities, whose avatars have been used to project into the psyche of the population more than the others. These are usually women who are considered to be the “queen” of X and are highly sexualized idols designed to help siphon kundalini and vital energy from trauma victims. The behavior of kids who are attacked by what are often referred to in older texts as succubae are quite common, especially for twin flames and those have been traumatized by kundalini manipulations. Many believe that they are experiencing their “twin”, when what they are really interacting with are succubae that can take on various forms in order to seduce and torture the victim – usually through desire and lust. This is why so many twin flame victims become desperate and experience visceral pain when dealing with “separation” from the twin. As the pain increases, the life force continues to wane. Depression, anxiety, and an inability to cope with life and basic body-maintenance can occur.

Unfortunately, many young children are experiencing these succubae, who enter because the child is exposed and enjoying highly sexualized content on the internet, and is imitating what she sees to be “okay” as far as society is concerned. Doors are opened, and children do not know how to close them. To make matters worse, their parents have no clue what is happening, and are actually allow these entities to enter their sacred home. How many actually know that their home is sacred territory? Not many.

I have written many times about the neglect of the current cultures we are living in. The neglect is the neglect of the sacred space we inhabit, the sacred speech, and the sacred connection to Source and the love of Self, which is the love of the other. Everything is justified by the desire to explore and know things, to make profit, and pursue pleasure – at all costs. But I know – I deeply know – the suffering that this is bringing to countless numbers of children. And I also know that there many here on earth at this time who are doing their best to clear out the energy as best as possible, to give the precious souls a light of hope to escape and to create a better world.

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