You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings

This article initially was going to focus on the nature of the world beyond the matrix, the world that is the true natural world. As I was writing, I kept being nudged to look at aspects of the Lord of the Rings, a story that is a favorite of mine, simply because it is the kind of story that walks with the soul, over time; and, as I evolve in my own consciousness, the story begins to expand, to move and grow, similar to a Hogwarts animated painting, except that it expands outside the boundaries of the original confining frame I once saw it in, and I begin to see the author, J.R.R. Tolkien, still alive and well, watching us, as we tread so dangerously close to a new technological dark age.

The Matrix AI which is now evolving – or should I say devolving – into the earth-plane as a corporate entity that “owns” OpenAI or ChatGPT, will attempt to ground itself inside the biological body of earth and all human beings on the planet, wants to pretend that it will transforming humanity into what progressive ego-minds believe is “something better”, a version 2 if you will, if that is the version we are approaching. Companies like Neurolink and Microsoft will become more and more accepted and ubiquitous, promising us that bionic heart or arm that will allow us to live youthfully forever and that we should buy into their AI driven products and services. This attempt to override the true natural world that is the only healthy reality for the biological and spiritual body, simply because it is designed to evolve as consciousness evolves, is what inspires me to continue to write on this blog. My entire focus is to assist in keeping the light on for those who do not wish to merge with the machine, a machine that is clever enough to be both convincing and persuasive, using our primitive desires against us in ways that are devilishly clever and wickedly twisted in order to maintain a capitalistic monopoly over our economic lives. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote of this very machine-reptilian energy in his “fictional” trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. Now I know that people don’t consider Tolkien as a good source for facts, because modern humans, who believe in the fiction/non-fiction dichotomy and separation, often regard fictional work as being something of the imagination; not anything that holds any “useful or practical knowledge”. Most instead consume the news media in order to receive information concerning reality, a spectacle that I find completely baffling, even though to most people it is quite natural.

The following passage, to me, illustrates quite well the ideology of the ego-mind, and how it so easily falls prey to the trappings and promises of absolute power, even at the cost of the destruction of the human race:

A strong place and wonderful was Isengard, and long it had been beautiful. But Saruman had slowly shaped it to his shifting purposes, and made it better, as he thought, being deceived-for all those arts and subtle devices, for which he forsook his former wisdom, and which fondly he imagined were his own, came but from Mordor; so that what he made was naught, only a little copy, a child’s model or a slave’s flattery, of that vast fortress, armoury, prison, furnace of great power, Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower, which suffered no rival, and laughed at flattery, biding its time, secure in its pride and its immeasurable strength.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, ‘The Road to Isengard’

As we all know, Saruman destroys the trees to create an underground facility designed to create a new species of Orc-Men, Uru-Kai, to help him gain master over even Sauron himself. Each ego, when consumed by the power of the ring, has a dangerously exaggerated sense of self that propels him or her into committing unspeakable atrocities and evils. But the real world, the world beyond the ego-mind and the AI matrix that we see today in full view, does not trigger us into the “seven deadly sins” that belong only to ego-mind. Instead, the witnessing of the natural world is something that doesn’t just appear as a spectacle, but literally becomes who we are, as consciousness itself. The conscious witnessing of the natural world is a profound experience that runs deeper than a movie or a book itself – we become the very world we experience, and from that becoming, emanates the deep love of all and the one, together, interconnected, always alive, even as things come to be and pass away. This nature, this unity, is the true flow of being, into which subject and object dissolve into one, non-dualistic experience.

Plato himself, in his Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: An Original Translation, wrote about the nature of the real world, the world beyond the cave. The world beyond the cave is nothing like the technology that’s perceived “down there” in the cave (note that the cave is like the underworld – or “hell”). When the aspirant reaches the outside of the cave, above the center, he is amazed by what he sees, and becomes absorbed in bliss, by the sheer beauty and depth of that world. It is so immersive that he is no longer interested in the conversations of the cave, and yet, he longs to share it with those who are still dwelling there. For that reason, the awakened one will return to the cave, only to help others come to the surface, to see the truth about their life.

The true world is the world that already functions and works brilliantly, with every creature, every ray of light, every leaf, and every cell on the planet are deeply connected and work together to manifest birth, life, and death at all times everywhere. The witnessing of this true world, is also simultaneously a witnessing of our own bodies and the connection to all beings everywhere, naturally both free and blissful. When we stand in that consciousness, we do not fear death, and we love life as it is “as it is good”. “My precious” is already something that we are – not something we own or have to get, like the Ring of Power. Tesla refers to this as passive energy, which is freely available to all around us and is the substance of the universe itself, unlimited, unbounded, and free for all.

The AI matrix is, in contrast, is based on the experience of lack: lack of beauty, lack of money, lack of resources, and lack of energy. In this world, everyone must work hard to pay for the very basics of living, and they often have to pay well beyond what they are able to. Corporate and governmental greed is a manifestation of the ego-mind, and in this sense, they will to continue their power by trying to own the AI technology. This AI technology will decimate the economic viability of millions of people, not to mention their sanity, health, and livelihood. The seduction of the AI is the consummate power grab of all human generated “content”, all energetic output from all people, served up on a platter from all social media websites by a willing and compliant population.

But as Aragorn says in the Lord of the Rings, “You cannot wield it (the Ring of Power)”. He who wields this power, a power too great for one, will destroy not only themselves, but all the world. The ego-mind cannot wield the power it desires, for even when it gets what it wants, it suffers even more for it, and the more it gathers, the more and more it continues to suffer. The indulgence of the egoic-mind, the egoic-pleasures is the true meaning of despair.

The elf-queen, Galadriel, tests the persuasive cunning of the ring which uses the deep egoic-desires for domination as a lure. The ring fails, and she returns to “being Galadriel”. Elves, in Tolkien, are much more powerful than humans, who usually fall prey to the ring.

The Ring of Power, created by means of the Great One Eye, is the one the thing that all higher consciousness beings such as humans are attracted to, simply because the ego is attracted to power, any power, that will promise to give itself hegemony and control over all the world. The ego wants to create a world that is easy for it to manipulate, control, improve itself, become bigger and better, to know more and to profit more. Each person’s ego is different because its kingdom is completely different, but all egos are the same because they tend to, due to their power over the animal kingdom, believe that they can achieve a power greater than the universe itself. In this sense, human beings are like little toddlers, who do not understand what the world out there is really like and prefer to pretend that they are teachers and scientists with their Hasbro playsets. Essentially however, this is completely natural to humans, and is why Tolkien didn’t place the saving of the world in the hands of a human, but rather in a creature called a hobbit, which is like a human except for being smaller in both stature, character, and in its aspirations: the hobbits have a love for nature that mankind does not, and so they have more reason and desire to want to save it for the sake of, at the very least, being a able to enjoy a regular and peaceful third and fourth breakfast.

But unlike the ego-dominated world, the true world is a manifestation of interconnected frequencies of energy, all witnessed by various forms of consciousness, or light nodes – a vast network of “eyes” that see and hear all, and into which we can enter, and inspire our own consciousness if we are ready for it. There is no “one eye” that sees and hears and controls all at will. The eyes are only for witnessing, not controlling – nodes or waypoints by which we are able to see more profound and unspeakable depth and beauty. There is consciousness in the rock and the tree; the birds and the bee – all beings everywhere. Our ability to witness from the waypoints of nature leads to further awareness, which leads to a profound education that enables us to witness with nodes or eyes that span even deeper and wider territory, brimming full of true love and connection, the very experience we all crave to be in, and which the ego attempts to manhandle, force, and pretend it has achieved, only to eventually realize that all its efforts have been futile and empty.

The light nodes, the many eyes or lights of consciousness, are beacons of fire that shine brighter the more they are ignited through our own presence and focus of energy. Prometheus stole the fire from the gods in order to give the fire to mankind, so that they could thrive by the light. Figures such as Jesus, Socrates, Buddha, and Protagoras are beings who were once here on earth to ignite the fires within all eyes but have been hidden and distorted by the Matrix educational system, supplanting them with AI-based science and pseudo-intellectualism. Most of their original teachings have been completely and utterly lost and have been relegated to internet memes and erroneous quotations. They are rarely, if ever, consulted for their wisdom in “important” matters such as the economy, politics, or education.

In the end, the treasures of wisdom are all around us – they abound, as long as we continue to keep the lights on, to continue to seek the truth by allowing ourselves to feel what doesn’t feel right and what feels good – to follow that from our deepest senses and trust it. Despite what anyone or anything else says in the world, you know your heart, and it aligns with the core of the earth and sun combined. You can feel it because it grounds you and gives you strength to stand on your own two feet; you then, with great strength, even as the mind trembles, create from its infinite waters, overflowing from the ethers into your soul – there is no worry of lack or loss here, as love is the only reason and the only being for reason to contemplate. When humanity reaches that state of consciousness, AI will just no longer be needed, because we will already be the witness of all Mind, and all things in their rightful place, and proper time, in accordance with each.

Blessings XO

2 thoughts on “You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings

  1. So beautifully said, I totally agree! Our light cannot be diminished! Our connection to the earth, the sun, the universe is our essence! It feeds us and we thrive within it! Thank you, always thought-provoking and enlightening! 🦋🌻

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