Awakening from the Passive Warrior Mode of Ego and its Karmic Cycles

In this article, I want to show you how the warrior mind evolves out of the false passive voice of ego, and how the evolution out of this false passive ego-mind can occur only through awakening out of the karmic cycles that spin from that ego. The awakening happens when consciousness develops the awareness that the war mindset is generated from ego-mind itself. Ego-mind is then seen as the true actor, despite all its attempts to project a passive righteousness and spin war after countless war, fight after fight, battle upon battle.

In the written world and the world of writing, the passive voice is ill-advised technique. There are multiple explanations for why it is inadvisable to use the passive voice and it varies based on context: poetry, technical writing, prose, etc. Basically, the passive voice expresses an energy of inaction and unconscious experience, and so doesn’t provide expression to the presence and drama that the actor, the subject, would more interestingly provide. “I was saddened by the bad news” puts all the onus of power on the doer, wherever or whoever that is. The subject is effectively diminished to the status of a child or even rock in relation to the sadness – not someone who is actively engaged and participating in the creation of the sadness itself. That sadness is something that happens to one is yet another illusion similar to that of the dream, where the doer, the higher consciousness, is actually the Self, but, due to the lower frequency of perception, remains completely invisible, if non-existent, to the passive vocal ego. On the surface, the “I was saddened by the bad news” is completely natural and acceptable to the ear. However, as consciousness expands, the sentence is sorely limiting and sounds, in all actuality, completely strange and foreign. Even the question of what badness is and whether something can actually be bad, or even whether the news really is bad at all, only acerbates that inner knowing that something is not quite right with ordinary perception and it insistence that passive reality is something real.

It is an interesting and worthwhile exercise to notice where your thoughts use a passive voice in relationship to the world around you. Most egoic-mind programs tend to express the world as something that beats up against their identity, like a wild storm that throws a host of problems and challenges in its wake. These problems and challenges can easily become the constant pre-occupation of the egoic-mind and even a portion of the identity itself and are often expressed in the language of social discontent, conspiracy theory, spiritual warfare, or various other “wars” that need more fight added to them. Warfare, as I have mentioned repeatedly on this blog, is the occupation of the ego-mind, and the only occupation. That is why the ego thrives and strengthens in the context of a war where it sees itself as the passive victim, the one who didn’t cause it, and so the righteous position.

Most ego-minds in the world get caught up in the “righteous” battle against the perceived “man” or the demonic form they believe they are witnessing. The game continues on this way, where resolution because impossible and undesirable to the ego, simply because it identifies with its role as a warrior and a fighter. This egoic-identification with war is what keeps so many stuck in a fight that they will eventually, as they age, grow weary of. The battle-wounded will incur various injurious until the ultimate and final blow sends them into retirement, and even bitterness – but never love. The war cannot be won because the war is within the ego-mind, and is generally a fabrication, made real only to the extent that others like him or her are also engaged in a similar battle. Ego mind is always looking for a fight, for proof of its need to fight, and validation that the fight is worthwhile – every day, all day.

The awareness of one’s own attachment to war is yet another stage of awakening. To the one who is seeking love and knows that love is the heart of life, it will then be easy to let go of having to be a character in war theater. But to the one who is still hungry for revenge, and the suffering of others for the sake of perceived evils, the battle will get even more gruesome and bloody, with more disease, more loss, and deeper despair. This is what some people call a karmic cycle, which is like a spiraling cyclone that accelerates as mass and time increases. Some people refuse to learn in this lifetime and choose to maintain their bloodthirsty war at the cost of their own life, which can often end up, at this point, in suicide by excess of drug use or various other addictions.

The warrior archetype, which appears to be strong, heroic, and mighty, is actually a passive energy in relationship to the world around it, and that is why the warrior is often a tragic figure in theater, and an unimpressive one in the real world. When you take on the warrior archetype, you have no power to resolve the discord or discomfort that appears to be present, and that is because you want to continue it. Passivity creates a clear boundary of resistance, or separation between the force that appears to act on you and you yourself. It creates the illusion of an objective and harsh world, the world that is actually created out of the karmic cyclone, which they continue to resist against, and so perpetuate the cycle into even greater and more destructive proportions, which continues to deplete the individual of their power to transform their energies into a completely new frequency of energy: into a new created place where war is not only impossible, but even laughable, in all its forms, whether by guns or by words.

But until the inner will chooses to awaken, the simplistic and materialistic perception that ego has of itself, as a body that contains some kind of life-form or soul, is what allows for the deep and subconscious possession by not only energies acquired from previous lifetimes, but also by those beings who do not inhabit a physical body, or who use their mind to transcend physical boundaries into the energetic field of the “whole” or the quantum field. Your body is, after all, extremely limited. The body can only see what its own eyes can see and in the direction the body is facing. The hands can only touch what is close to them. The body needs to sleep and eat and defecate. There is so much time that needs to be devoted to the maintenance and needs of the body; and so it is easy to get wrapped up in it completely and utterly, and to identify yourself with it, as if it were you and all of your nature, completely separate from all other bodies. From that vantage point of consciousness, the mind is simply a tool to see the physical world “out there”, an object place to experience and learn about. This stage of consciousness runs on a very low frequency level and is the ground upon which people begin to build their knowledge and awareness of the outside world. They are not yet aware of illusion, or the dichotomies that their own mind is generating at the consent of their higher consciousness, for the sake of learning how to build sandcastles of knowledge; sandcastles, which of course, they will become attached to even when they fall into tears. And so, the karmic cycles begin.

The karmic cycle is what gives rise to the passive voice and the warrior that resists that passive voice which evolves from a self-made experience of the world against it. The awakening state is the only state where the individual can break through the karmic cycle in a single instant, an instant where they notice the very cyclical nature of the pattern itself. Once the magic of the karmic cycle is spotted, there is no return, the consciousness can now see the game and that he has literally been “played” and agreeing to play himself, that he has been both doer and done, the trickster and the tricked. At that point, all the players or entities involved in the life of that individual will depart. There is always the possibility that the awakened individual will fall back to sleep again, due to the attachment they have to the people or patterns in their lives, and that the attachment could restart the cycle once again. However, usually, there is no going back except in a temporary way, for once you know Santa Claus is a fake, you cannot go back to being in a state where you believed the opposite, unless you resort to drugs or alcohol to relieve the pain of the truth, which some people do, especially twin flames, which is a deep deception of a very high order.

If you have the experience of your life being out of your control, or your life appears to happen in ways that you don’t desire or feel you deserve, that is a sign that you are in the midst of a karmic cyclone that is spinning you into feeling as if you are a passive subject. The first action people take is that of the warrior archetype of some kind, or the appeal to an archetype such as Archangel warriors or some other source of strength. But in the end, the more the fight endures, the more the pain continues and increases the suffering from which only the awakened is completely free. People fight for peace and still create war. In truth:

The only way to bring peace to the earth is to learn to make our own life peaceful.

Guatama Buddha

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