The Wisdom through the Knowledge

Wisdom doesn’t arrive from knowledge;
it isn’t the analysis of things or ideas;
In fact, Wisdom doesn’t arrive at all,
for the Fountain of Life remains eternal.

From One comes Two,
and from Three, they are One.

Knowledge separates the creatures,
binding each to their own devices,
confusing loves for desires.

But Wisdom is the only Love,
as sure as the sun and rain fall
from above and below,
nourishment for the Whole.

Most only want to trust
the tongue,
forked and hungry for success,
blood contracts tattooed
at every dark crossroad.

There are no known roads to Wisdom,
a union hidden beyond the noise
of invention and prideful conflict,
frequencies that dazzle and delight,
but provide no food, no warmth
for soul or body together.

Wisdom is the creator of all worlds,
and the healer of all who are broken,
through the energy of Self alone;
object and subject united,
seen and seer consummated,
not in mind but in the marriage
that animates the light of days.

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