AI: Road to evolution from Symbol to Energetic Consciousness and Responsible Creation

intend (v.)

c. 1300, entenden, “direct one’s attention to, pay attention, give heed,” from Old French entendreintendre “to direct one’s attention” (in Modern French principally “to hear”), from Latin intendere “turn one’s attention, strain (in quest of something), be zealous,” literally “stretch out, extend,” from in- “toward” (from PIE root *en “in”) + tendere “to stretch,” from PIE root *ten- “to stretch.”

With this article, I hope to give you a taste of as to why we are being presented with the AI technologies we are witnessing. AI as present will either defeat you or it will help you evolve into greater and more expansive awareness, not because of AI per se, but because of what it is not and who you are. But before I speak about that, it is important that you understand the nature of communication, in terms of its two ingredients: symbol and energy.

There are two basic ingredients of communication. The first and most important ingredient is the intention, which is what we want to communicate. The intention is formulated with a set of ideas or formulations, often composed together in the form of a narrative, story, or presentation of some kind. By idea, I mean “that which is seen or experienced”, as Plato used the words, eidos or idein, the seen and to see. The intention’s inspiration – or should be – is the inner will and its idea as created through attention to that will. Intention builds from the will, its source, and Source per se. However, ideas are conceived and born through connection to Source, and not the projected reality of the “world”. For this reason, it needs to use things in the world in order to represent its Self, it needs something in the world to represent what doesn’t exist in the world at all.

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.

John 17:16

The second ingredient are the symbols. These symbols are generated from within the external world, usually as media for various forms of art such as writing, music, and visual arts, crafts, gardening, or any other form of creation. One needs to acquire skill or technology, from the Greek techne, in order to use these media with power and precision, to match the power and precision of the will and intention. For this reason, it is important to learn some form of art over one’s lifetime. The neglect of art – except as a means towards profit and esteem, which is so prevalent in our society, leads to psychological and physical illness because of the suppression of the inner will and intention, which is the suppression of energy and a compaction of the chi.

I’ll first go over the nature of the symbol, because it is what presents to us first and is most accessible to the mind.

We share ideas by transporting them through symbols. Symbols can be in the form of language, music, or image. Notice that the symbol itself is not the idea that is transported through that symbol. The word “dog” is not an actual dog. However, human beings often confuse the ideas with the symbol that is represented. The reason why Nietzsche declared “God is dead” is because the symbol of God became more powerful than the idea of God. Symbols arrive in all forms and are usually inspired by the ideas themselves. However, many people hold onto or cling to the symbols and use them outside their proper place and time – a place and time that only occurs organically and determines which symbol the creator must use, for example, specific words, crystals, books, music, images, incantations, belief systems, philosophies, other people, projections of self, money. Each symbol carries the intentional energy of the creator, and so is a powerful vehicle for transmitting the energy of the ideas in an extraordinarily powerful way. However, when human beings become too focused on the technology or technique of the symbol, they get further and further away from connecting to the true message of the symbol, and the artifact becomes an object that holds fascination only for the lower drives that wish to dominate and own the object, to analyze it, to devour it, to imitate it, to profit from it. Whatever part of the artifact they don’t understand, they throw away.

The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder, and revile the whole.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Most humans use symbols in a very sloppy and haphazard way. We are sloppy magicians when we start out in this life, simply because we don’t understand the power that flows through us and we are still in ego consciousness, thinking that we need to be the actor, the one who executes the magic of manifestation in our lives. So, most of us do what we were taught to do, which is to try learning how to be experts at using symbols to create. We become doctors, lawyers, programmers, writers, artists, technicians, and musicians. We are all learning what we need to learn, but too many are getting caught up in the technology of the symbols themselves to an extreme degree, developing the egoic identity, rather than cultivating the broader wisdom need to incorporate the good of the whole – and that is why the modern world has become what it is, almost entirely driven by fear of failure and driven by the desire for profit and to be profitable. As a result, the intention of the artwork becomes very muddied and unclear, like a pond with too many fish and not enough filtration, simply because the artist unknowingly is allowing others to do the driving for them. Those drivers, much of it comprising all sorts of elements from society and family and ancestry in both lower and upper worlds, are imbuing the vehicles with their direction, their intention, and their focus. The confusion is everywhere, and the pain it causes is obvious and overwhelming. When I look at the auras of most people, I see a multitude of beings behind them, with varying interests and intentions, some dark, some kind, some evil. It has gotten to the point where most human beings are so confused about their own authentic will and intention, that they believe AI, an artifact, built on top of a language (symbol) model, that imitates our own technology of mind, can overtake and surpass their own life and livelihood. This is all a serious case of a would-be creator getting too emersed in the creation of the world itself, absolutely zero guidance on how to create boundaries, and especially zero understanding of themselves as beings that traverse multiple frequencies for the purpose of a having a creative experience. Modern society is truly a case of the blind leading the blind. That is why many lightworkers have come to earth at this time – earth is in dire need of wisdom. But of course, for us, it hasn’t been easy as we have had to experience first-hand the misery that has been generated here over the course of thousands of years in the span of a single lifetime.

Back to symbols.

When you work intentionally with symbols, you imbue your energy (or the energy of those who are driving your vehicle) which will get transported through that symbol. This is the stuff of what many would call “magic”, and magic it is. But it is no more magic than your iPhone – though a far more primitive technology that your mind – picking up an invisible signal from a cellular data tower, unpackaging the data packet, and delivering it to someone else’s computer in a distant country, inside a home, inside the mind of someone you will never know. They in turn will read the symbols, and through their own intention, or the intention of those in your vehicle and their own, interpret and react to the message. Because most people send confused messages, the messages will be received in different ways by different people. A single message can deliver an entire chorus, and it doesn’t matter whether it is beautiful or not or if one person reading it only hears the soprano section, while the other only hears the background music. Very few are of a consciousness that can hear the whole thing entire.

However, once you witness an aspect of the whole of the message, you begin to understand that we are all delivery vehicles of data packets, all energetic bits of data, not over a wire or a cell tower, but by virtue of our own organic natural connection on the higher frequency level, connected to One Source. Source communicates through us to all of us. When you meet certain people, they are delivering messages to you, whether you are conscious of this or not. These energetic data packets get deposited for you when you ready to open them, whenever that may be. Consciousness/ego at this level is not required for the transport mechanism to work, however, the deeper people plummet into the lower frequencies of past and future, through karmic attachment to artifacts, the more difficult it is for them to hear the higher frequency messages. Egos what everything to revolve around egos, chattering about trivial things, judging each other, generating war, stealing and lying; but this higher consciousness, a higher consciousness that is always responsible for the technology and symbols it implements, must be something we evolve to if we want to continue to expand as a species, to open new doors of exploration and possibility. This is why AI is appearing at this time, in the public consciousness. It is a critical point in time, and we need more and more people to become deeply aware of the difference between Mind and the energetic heart space, in order to raise their frequency and evolve out of the old polarity and slave/master consciousness of the last two-thousand years. The AI we are currently witnessing in the form of ChatGPT and OpenAI, as well as Bard, are all language models, which means that they don’t formulate or “see” ideas, but simply output patterns of language, based on how they have “learned” that language in the past. In order for us to evolve, to use the technology we desire, we must learn to do so with a consciousness that masters the technology itself. We must know that technology is only imitative of nature and that it can never be or replace nature, including our own. The moment that humanity relinquishes its power to technology is the moment that we cease to exist. It would be like getting into your vehicle, believing that it can replace you until it actually does. But once you are completely replaced, where will you be? Where will the vehicle be going? Will it matter anymore?

To close, I hope this helps someone to understand why they are here as a lightworker, and why the AI is presenting itself now and in this form. Do not expect that everyone around you is going to suddenly awaken to the deep and profound reality of connection and communication of the higher consciousness. Most people will simply be able to feel the difference between AI and human and choose the human. That will be enough for some during this lifetime. I assure you that these choices are being made, even from within the technology companies themselves. I am very encouraged at this time that our work is effective, as long as we continue to be vessels of light and awareness, angels of the Source.

Blessings XO

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