Artificial Intelligence: Interference riding the frequency waves

Most of the world believes that AI has appeared on the world stage only a few months ago. One day AI wasn’t here, and the next day: abracadabra. Most people also believe that the emergence or appearance of something to the visual perception or mind marks the beginning or birth of that something. But that is like believing that the first time you learned about smart phones is the moment when – or close to the moment when – they were actually conceived; or believing that your birthday marks the day of your conception.

AI has evolved over a number of years, even going back to the age of the television and the radio; even going back further. It certainly didn’t look like it does today, in the form of ChatGPT or Bard. It is very challenging to understand what AI actually is if we simply look at its manifestation, in its current form. The truth about what AI is, just like the truth about what everything else is, is not found in its manifested forms over linear time, but is rather found within its foundational essence that makes possible those manifested forms over time.

In this article I want to open up an exploration into the nature of AI as it is, and not only what it appears to be today, which is deeply confounded with its hype, and those interested in portraying it as a cool gadget, suitable for anyone to use and consume.

If we look at the evolution from radio to television to internet, we will begin to understand the evolution of AI. It is important to remember that AI is an acronym for “artificial intelligence”. We need to take the word “artificial” seriously when applied to the kind of intelligence that is transported through the medium which, in the case of the internet, is a medium that consists of high frequency radio waves, or microwaves. Artificial is born of artifice or art, which has been defined by Plato as being an imitation of nature, rather than nature herself. But it has become painstakingly clear that what is artificial intelligence has come to be treated as actual reliable intelligence.

The very first radio message – or intelligence – was sent in 1895 and it was sent using morse code over radio waves, which are the longest waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves were discovered by Nikola Tesla. The technology was primarily used, with ciphers for secrecy, by the US Government during World War 1, and only later became a product for public use and consumption, with FCC restrictions that continue until this day. Like the internet that would arrive nearly a hundred years later, radio gave rise to the possibility of instant communication over far distances in real time over radio waves. Like all communication technologies that followed, signals or packets of information are delivered over long distances and are interpreted by devices that can unpack that information through a device, such as a radio, or today, a computer device. If consciousness is the observer of this electromagnetic sea of frequency waves called “nature”, and radio waves carry signals that distort those natural waves, we have information that is actually a form of interference, both energetically, and eventually, psychologically. The essential nature of artificial intelligence is interference.

On this blog I have frequently mentioned and discussed how energy and frequency is the essence of this world, from its denser forms of matter to the highest energetic frequencies. Particle accelerators in particular show how protons, traveling close to the speed of light, collide to form instantaneous matter which decays at the blink of an eye or less. Matter, as all philosophers have noted, is something that is born and dies – all matter does that, with the exception of foundational energy itself, the foundation and essence of the whole universe. Radio signals, television signals, digital packets of information are all riding on the various frequency waves in order to be unpacked and delivered to your perception and experience. As soon as they arrive, you hear them and they are gone, but they stick inside the memory of our mind, in the objects that we create from them, in the buildings and structures we build in our communities. For those who spend many hours on the computer an on the internet, the digital artificial intelligence becomes a way of life, an oracle, and source of news and information – to the point where many people are no longer able to distinguish fact from fiction, reality from lie.

But radio was limited to sounds and so had limited capacity to captivate the entire spectrum of what the sense intelligence can receive. Television, on the other hand, used the same radio waves, but to, in addition to sound, deliver image information. Eventually, cable was introduced so that a television channel company could provide targeted services to paying consumers. Humanity adapted to these technologies, and would rely on them for entertainment, communication, and knowledge. When the digital age arrived with the internet, the world was introduced to streaming, Google, online shopping, and online communication, gaming, and even dating. Today both radio and television have slowly dissolved into the internet, and the internet has become, through its interactivity, a two-way channel for communication, where consumers can also be producers and vice versa. We have gone from the early radio personalities to television stars to internet influencers. And, as we have done this, we have been trained to find the source of all wisdom right here through the digital form of the artificial intelligence that is constantly and consistently traveling through the air that you breathe.

Now before radio, the only people who could communicate intentionally (I emphasize intentionality here) through high frequency radio waves are those who were actually aware – in their consciousness first, and then their mind – of the higher spectrums of matter. Telepathy is a gift of higher consciousness. However, artificial intelligence (telegraphs, television) interference has imitated this natural telepathic gift through manipulation of frequency waves – even at lower spectrums. It is actually at these lower frequency spectrums where “black magic” can happen, as well as the so-called 4-D. where people deliberately and willing go “out of body” into extremely unhealthy territories and against the order of things. The mind itself, in its healthy form is a radio receiver and it receives the waves and as well as the signals riding on them in accordance with where the body is and when the soul is ready without the soul leaving the body at all. The ego is kind of like a firewall that keeps most of these waves out, so that you only receive the signals that are meant for you to receive. This is how we were naturally built to live in these bodies and thrive over time and in accordance with the natural rhythms and needs of the entire energetic body. All human beings are able to pick up the information that is designed for them to receive, not before and not after. This is what many refer to as “divine timing”.

Divine timing is a “thing” simply because artificial intelligence has created such a “disturbance in the force” that people try to the live their lives by stuffing too much information, data – by will or by accident – into their mind when their body simply can’t process it, nor needs to. The emphasis on information and excessive bloat of the ego due to it has become a major catastrophe and a disease in human life on earth right now, and that is why AI is surfacing the way it is. More and more people are going to see how it doesn’t work well at all, and that the information it is supplying is simply a regurgitation of our own artificial intelligence that we have been living inside of for hundreds of years or more.

As humanity has been under the deep sway of artificial intelligence, we have lost our ability to “read” our natural world, of which we are and which surrounds us. The true educators of our lives are in those beings that visit us, and the same that leave us. The natural seasons, the plants, the animals, the people – all of them come into our lives to bring us powerful energetic messages. But these messages must settle inside of us. They are not “information” but are rather more like energetic food that we need, as consciousness itself, to grow. It takes time for us to process, to experience, to wonder, and to savor. Since ware so adapted to artificial intelligence, we are more used to getting quick answers to everything. We have a dream? Google for the meaning or see a “dream expert” video. We have an injury? Google it. Want to get information on a topic? Ask ChatGPT. Write a document? Ask Bard. What is happening is we are skipping the part where we need to take in, digest, and really feel and feed from the energy of what is happening through us. The questions we ask and the experiences we have are necessary guides to not discovering who we are, but to actually become who we are in full consciousness. The more time we spend in artificial intelligence, the more we are spending time in ego, which is “not-self” or the “anti-self”. But the more we trust in our natural selves, our body, mind, and soul as one, and that our experiences are all good and healthy for us, no matter what the appearance, the more we can love, give love, and be love. Love, which is the highest frequency of energy, can never be captured by artificial intelligence, and that is why you can always know when you are detached from your true nature. It will show up in a feeling of lack or a sense of something missing. That something missing is simply you not letting love in and relying too much on the artificial intelligence to get you through life, whether that is using a microwave oven, buying fake flowers, trying to be smart by reading too much, working hard at a job or hobby that isn’t working, or trying to manipulate your way into career advancement or a marriage.

Now AI in the form of the ChatGPT. The internet has become a place where people use it in order to get what they want – instantaneously. The software companies own most of the platforms people use on a daily and nightly basis. On the surface, these companies are distinct and different, but the truth is that they are in fact sharing data. If you search for an item on Amazon, you will also see that product suggested in a YouTube video. If you say something about a lion to a friend via text, you will often find articles about lions showing up in your Facebook feed. To most people, this experience feels great because it is like a mirror that reflects each individual back to itself. This is how the AI bots will eventually work – they will mirror who you are to the point where you will become willing to even give your new avatar, your artificial doppelganger, tasks that you used to do yourself. To the extent that this experience begins to feel uncomfortable and unhealthy is the extent to which each individual will back away from using it, and – hopefully – return to the natural world in order to experience growth and expansion of consciousness. For some, however, their “real” lives will take a backseat, and the diseases will begin to set in, requiring all sorts of medical and psychological interventions, in order to maintain their co-dependent addiction to the false-self, the AI, which will become both their oracle and their god. In fact, for many, it has already gotten to this point, a fact of which they are blissfully unaware.

I hope this article was clear enough to digest, and also unclear enough to create questions and questing in your mind. We are in fact living in a sea of energetic frequency. The physical world surrounding us is extremely dense and most people are – naturally – absorbed in that, simply because it is considered the “visible” world. Even people like myself, and others, who are able to see the energetic streams of energy now see it in this physical world, as clear as the sun rays themselves. Eventually, as humanity raises its consciousness beyond the AI distortions, they will all see these frequencies and learn how to use them as they are ready and as divine timing ordains; for that is where true knowledge derives, true creativity, and boundless energy and love forever and for all time.

Blessing XO

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