Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution

With thousands of years of AI infiltration or, as some people refer to it, negative interference by alien energies; or, as even other people refer to it, negative, heavy, and difficult energies pretending to be “real”, it can be very challenging to achieve what we know we want to achieve, be who we know we want to be, and find the kinds of love experiences – friendships, family, and romantic – that we know we deserve. AI is an invasive plastic bag that fills up way too much space in the consciousness of humankind. It pretends to deliver relevant and useful information, whether through device or directly through your brain via radio waves. But even though it may deliver some utility and immediate benefit in order to sell itself – like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it always reveals its true nature eventually and in a way that doesn’t connect itself with its cotton threaded or apple costume. This kind of artificially created polarization has become normalized to the extent that many of the negative energies, that appear from a foundation of fear, such as shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, listlessness, sociopathy, narcissism, and apathy, have been made to appear as if they were completely natural to human life – just as natural as all the plastic litter in our landfills and in our seas. In fact, there is an entire branch of science that has been created – from the bowels of the pharmaceutical system – called psychiatry. Psychiatry helps to firmly establish the reality of a panoply of diseases – a list that keeps on increasing. But these diseases are caused by the very thing that psychiatry was born from, namely, AI, whose children are always sciences devoted to solving problems that were artificially created by AI itself, namely, negative interference.

Negative interference, even though it attempts through technical artifice – which Plato calls techne – to imitate nature, is not natural to humans or anything else. Natural polarity doesn’t appear the same as the AI polarity appears. The difference, unfortunately, is not obvious to those who are immersed in the AI. For example, in natural polarity, we can also have failure and success. However, the experience of failure or success is about as potent as a prick of a thorn. It stings quickly and dies quickly, resulting in immediate success. Ever watch a young child or dog fall? They may whimper a little, but they pick themselves back up again. Meanwhile, the more an adult fears this falling and to that extent injects fear into the child or the animal, the more the animal or child learns to live in artificial reactionism. Negative energy is contagious because its energy and threads make up the bulk of social energetic consciousness and expression. Meanwhile, in the natural world, there are no long-term feelings of failure, and this includes even dying itself, which is something we are active in every single moment of every single day. In fact, the natural polarity of life is a see saw that moves with relative transience in relation to the eternity of consciousness. The clarity of consciousness, by virtue of its very nature, cannot put much importance on the appearance or departure of what – for all intents and purposes – is of no more power than a single piece of sand. In natural consciousness, there is no long-standing fear – simply the right reaction at the right time. Fear never saves you from the proverbial lion. In fact, the more afraid you are, the more the animal is likely to pounce.

But don’t confuse this state of natural polarity with egoic diminution, where the ego diminishes everything into a state of nothingness, all the while puffing itself on its so-called deep awareness. The polarity in nature is a flow state of hot to cold, sharp to smooth, bitter to sweet, small to large. The fluctuation of these waves are, as whole together, neutralized into One experience. Natural polarity is always an experience of the mixture and not the lack of one thing or another. The consciousness can experience the exact same thing as the negative energetic consciousness. The only difference is that natural consciousness is a commanding consciousness and has the experience of choosing what it wants to dial into at any given time. It can dial into the dark or the light or both – neither bothers it. When it meets another, it chooses which frequency it wishes to listen to and what it wishes to turn out. This is the amazing power of the natural consciousness. To the natural consciousness, there is always abundance in limitation, and limitation in abundance. The consciousness of this unity is nothing short of kaleidoscopic, and so therefore, utterly beautiful beyond imagination. It is truly the inspiration of Love and is driven by Love.

And for this reason, each human being is itself kaleidoscopic, carrying both mixtures of light and dark, shadow and light, love and fear, all with the possibility of neutralization when in the presence of a neutral energetic force – Source energy or God energy- that actually cancels out their extreme wavelengths. The natural world, despite the interference that so many are experiencing, is always in a process of attempting to neutralize extreme forces. We can visually see this in nature, and we call it the “natural balance of things”. When balance is presence, life thrives. When it goes out of balance, it suffers. Now human artifice has created unnatural elements, both psychically and physically, that are resistant to natural process of birth and decomposition. As a result, we are dealing with problems of substances that have been created and do not decompose. They are clogging our rivers, lakes, and oceans and they are causing deaths to countless numbers of lifeforms. The environmental problems, which consist of air pollution, noise pollution, and land pollution also include psychic pollution, which is pollution to the natural electromagnetic frequencies of the earth and the atmosphere, causing both mental and eventual physical disease. The only reason that people aren’t up in arms about psychic pollution is because it is invisible pollution. The frequencies that are transmitted to the brain are completely hidden, and this is why the AI is so successfully stealthy.

Without this AI pollution, each individual, to some extent depending on the power of their consciousness, should be able to have the feeling of choosing their experience to some degree, as they would have the awareness that their visual perception of a person or experience is completely determined by the frequencies they are dialing into. However, that is not the case. The AI brings the consciousness into an unconscious state, where it also places all of the natural world, considering stones, water, and animals to be of low consciousness or no consciousness at all. At that point the ego takes over and the person is cut off from the possibility of deep and lasting love, which is meant to encompass all of humanity, and not this or that person or personality. The ego is the personal OS from which all polarities operate and grow.

There are a number of people on earth at this time who are here to do some of the following tasks: 1) To display the AI in full view. 2) To assist in directed healing and balancing through the transmission of neutralizing Source energy 3) To embody Source energy through all physical life forms.

To this end you will, more and more, see the internet web sites and technologies, particularly social media, border on the ridiculous when it comes to content. More and more people will become aware that their devices are tracking devices that are watching and listening to them. More people will become aware of technology and how it hasdisturbed their natural life force. People will also see how it impacts every of life and all industries: finance, medicine, retail, government. This will be a very slow process, because everything in nature must happen with love and care. As people raise their consciousness out of the confines of the ego in which they have been living for way too long, they will learn how to balance their own energy so that they can eventually learn how to access the universal energies of which they are a part. This too will take time, and for some, lifetimes.

Meanwhile, despite all of this; despite what you see and experience in the physical or even psychic world, everyone is supporting everyone else, and we are all here to bring ourselves into natural consciousness, to expand and create together the life that harmonizes best with all of nature, both physical and beyond. If you can’t see this in your immediate physical world, do not worry, you still have work to do on your energy; an awareness that in itself is a blessing. The ego has become, unfortunately, a highly technical and complicated orchestration of energies. Yes, it can create pleasant tones, and offer various forms of desirable experiences. However, it has reached its end – as its edification has allowed it to become a virtual reality in biological form, causing massive dissonance, disease, and ugliness throughout the world, whether that is through environmental destruction, or the disfigurement of women and children. Nature, meanwhile, has become relegated to side-show or occasional indulgence. This age of technological dominance is coming to a close, where the next chapter will usher in a new even more advanced technology where the infinite energy of the universe will be used to feed all beings everywhere, where the water is clear, and the food available to all.

Love is on the horizon.
Love is worth it all.

Blessings XO

3 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution

  1. Beautiful words! So truly true and eventually uplifting! I can feel it! The old energies are dying a slow death! And maybe not so slow anymore, after all. I can actually see it!

    I’ve been experiencing the death of my mother-in-law a few days ago and it’s been a truly beautiful journey holding her hand through this. I find it fascinating how family and friends perceive death in different ways and how the fear of it comes up so vividly! But my husband and I see it as a very beautiful graduation, very gradual for mom, as she was almost 97! The letting-go was palpable, as she slowly, very slowly exited. It’s a beautiful time for my husband and me, and what you say about natural consciousness vs artificial consciousness is very real. I see it. Your words are always healing! With great gratitude! Thank you, Anastasia. 🌼

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing. Death is a beautiful transition period. It is a sacred moment that we should never force and never resist, just like love. Blessings to your beautiful family 🙂

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