The end of Romance and the Twin Flame Mythology

All mythologies have been written as symbolic guidance tools in order to lead the student into a deeper understanding of life and self. The myths of Sisyphus, Narcissus, of Hades and Persephone: each one contains the possibilities of a deeper teaching for Self. They are not designed to be “known” immediately like learning some factoid from Wikipedia. Myths are like good friends. You need to walk with them, talk with them, and grow from them. They become part of who you are until you evolve from them into something else even more profound, requiring new myths perhaps, until eventually you no longer require the veil of myth any longer, as you have built up the ability to ingest the cold hard truth.

The cold hard truth is where nirvana is; bliss, and the experience of union of the Whole of Universe: the infinite and the boundless – the goal of every spiritual teaching. But until we are naturally ready to dissolve the ego-mind, the truth needs to be expressed in myth, drama, or any form that works best for the student. Otherwise, it just doesn’t seem very appealing.

In an age dominated by lust and sexuality, feelings of lack and deprivation cultivated by a powerful consumerist culture, the myth required for the expansion of consciousness must be of the romantic flavor and it must pull you in a way that is powerful enough to gain all your focus and attention. Everything else would just be of mild intellectual interest. That myth would be no other than the twin flames myth, a myth fueled by the power of sexual lust and deprivation, profound loss and a sense of being cut off from beloved. Twin flames are those who have not experienced deep love in their life, but have desired it deeply and have fantasized about it endlessly, even though it might be repressed or hidden. Most have experienced various forms of abuse, and many succumb to addiction quite easily due to their lust.

The addictions and deprivation of the twin flames is consciousness’ experience of being cut off from the divine Source, of being in a world that neither honors nor dignifies the sacred union of feminine and masculine aspects. Twin flames are of a culture that is spiritually constipated by the excessive attention to the egoic-mind structures designed to remove any connection to nature on all levels and to promote the ego-mind into throne that was once held by God.

So, each twin flame attempts to deal with the world by either fighting it or joining it. One twin usually joins, and the other usually fights. This actually is the Self, doing both, and witnessing its Self doing both. The pain is deep and reaches all levels of awareness – the sense of impossibility, particularly the impossibility of love, is profound. But this is where the struggle and the eventual transformation begins. Each twin flame is given to this crisis and the “mission” is to heal it. The only way to heal it is not through romance patterns, but rather through inner work, and a consistent and persistent unraveling of the ego until the world emerges in union with the all, with Self, and all beings everywhere – in blissful freedom. The profound joy that is manifested is so life giving and altering, that romance patterns and all the lust that fuels them, are easily released like dead leaves from a great tree.

It is important to eventually recognize that romance patterns have been deeply programmed into the egoic-mind of society. These patterns are constantly reiterated through novels, television, music, and various other sources. The fundamental goal of romance is to create expectations of completion through a physical and mental union with the beloved. For twin flames, this union has become the holy grail and is the main source of all desires around the so-called twin flame journey. Most twin flames envision themselves as a possible dream couple, very much like the standard social romantic patterns.

The twin flame journey itself has been formulated and interpreted by many sources on the internet, as well as in books. It has, for all intents and purposes, become no different from the story of Jesus and the expectation of his return which would ensure the marriage of heaven and earth – all the while punishing the wicked “karmics” in the process. But like all stories and all myths, the twin flame story is a symbolic expression of the inward journey that is your Self, something that all beings must attempt if they are to evolve into higher consciousness, an experience of the world that reaches beyond what the mind itself is capable of in its current form, an experience that is nothing short of union itself.

Once the higher consciousness is attained, the true nature of the union is revealed as the union of the Whole, the reality of life that is visibly and palpably without division or conflict. The twin flame mythology is a means towards that end of spiritual nirvana or bliss. In other words, union isn’t something to attain or get or work towards. It doesn’t manifest in time and space, but instead manifests as the foundation of all, the consistent and ever-present heartbeat of life. This is something the mind can only imagine conceptually, or that the emotions my sense. The higher organ of deep awareness and consciousness cannot be accessed directly by the mind, although the mind can attempt to simulate a description of it, as I am doing now. The twin flame mythology itself is a mental story that attempts to ignite the passion of the true beloved of Self and Source. It begins in the physical body and mind of the feminine energy that is, at that point, attracted to union only in so far that it promises a union with the aspect of itself that it has lost (masculine), in terms of Romance patterns. The myth is the honey that catches the fly, that will one day become the butterfly, beyond all expectations of nature.

Each twin flame, as well as any other spiritual seeker of union, is completely unable to have any true experience of who they are until they let the ego-mind go, and all the patterns and expectations of their mythologies; mythologies that they, of course, hold dear as “truth”. They must, each, desire to commit to the exploration of the world on their own terms, leaving no corner untouched; they must be willing to surrender all to the One, to the Source, to the Self that guides them, as a lighthouse guides the ships at sea. This surrender cannot be practiced or forced. It comes when it comes, just as naturally as a flower blooms. You cannot learn tricks to get there faster without doing damage and creating an enormous amount of resistance.

It is critical for you to understand that the resistance that is created through so called twin flame teachers and psychics is the foundation for their bread and butter. The more they teach methods of awakening or “getting your twin flame”, the more they create the resistance, and the more you run into that resistance as blockage. Then, you go back to their channel, or pay them money to get more advice and help. It feels good for a while, until it doesn’t, and this cycle of economic profit and gain continues until you are willing to get back on your own saddle and ride into your own sunset again.

I know that many who are still deeply embedded in the desire for the union of their separated aspect with their twin (the other separate form), have a hard time hearing this and will not hear this. However, I know that, as nature goes, the only ones who are reading this right now, such as yourself, are those who are ready to hear it. You only hear what you are ready for. The rest passes you by. What you are ready to hear is that romance is only a steppingstone to learning about love but is not love itself. Romance teaches us longing, passion, a sense that we are not complete; it teaches us unconditional giving and feelings of attachment. It teaches us sacrifice (not to be confused with surrender). Its shadow teaches us the lack of those things: the disgust, the loathing, the inability to accept others as they are, the deep and hidden resentment, a feeling of limitation and lack of freedom, the conditional nature of our generosity and willingness to love. Eventually, as egos, each one of us must face the shadow of the romance patterns that have driven our lives, and we must do so as an autonomous being willing to be responsible for our own energy. When we realize that we were always whole, always complete, and that we are all we need, romance evolves into something that feels like a natural connection with all beings, a deep love and compassion that is not limited to a few, and a surrender to all that is; because you know that, at the moment of all creation, all that is, is so forever, and so forever is good – just as it is. Unconditional love is not all only possible but is all there is that is possible.

Still, the bird and the bee and the dog and the tree all die eventually. The mother and the father, the grandfather and grandmother: all depart. The world of forms evolves out of and dissolves into something else perpetually. Every day the body and mind are dying and every day they are being born. The lower consciousness is always fixated on objects and people objectified as objections in space and time, and it attaches itself to the things that will eventually dissolve. It fools itself into thinking that these things and people and circumstances will last forever and that they should because they are of the utmost importance. The ego cannot distinguish its life from these objects and so, when loss happens, it will often stay fixed in time, using any device it can in order to “hold on” to what has long died: memories, photographs, mental patterns, physical alterations – anything that might keep the old feelings of alive and well. Most people decorate their house with the stuff of memories, the fractals and projections of ego. Some become profound hoarders, always looking for more ways to collect objects that reflect memory. When the lower consciousness does this, it creates timelines that do not flow with the natural world. These timelines, and those who board them, like a train, are headed to a destination that they don’t initially expect, but always end in the realization of futility, a sense of “something not being right”, despair, and a deep sadness that is unquenchable, because it is the sadness of a life never lived.

The deep attachment to technology today is due to the hopes that the ego can finally create the world it wants, and keep it, albeit in digital form. The more they absorb themselves in the physical forms through the persistent patterns of the technical mind, the more they can live in their head and survive in some sort of equilibrium. Technology has made “living in the mind” possible for an increasingly longer period of time, and is giving rise to dreams of virtual worlds, avatars, and metaverses that are impervious to nature and her wily ways. All of technology has been an attempt to give power to the ego, over and above nature herself. The presence of the twin flame mythology as a trope and as a pattern is the natural result of the extreme ignorance and fear that persists in the world today. It is the result of the deep pain and massive destruction each one of us is inflicting on the whole, through trampling on the sacred, engaging in demonic lower energies, prizing egoic lust over love, and greed over goodness. The twin flame experience also gives us the opportunity to rise above this, to emerge into a broader consciousness; a broader and deeper consciousness, always found from within, is the key to emerging far away from the complete annihilation of all of humanity at this time.

Blessings XO

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