Learning to walk with your dreams

Most people, when they have an interesting dream, wonder what the dream means or, rather, wonder what the dream symbolizes. There are many websites on the internet that can identify the symbols in your dream for you, and soon ChatGPT or Bard will be able to help you with that as well. However, as fun as all that symbolic identification may seem, the fact is that the stories which you or someone else may generate from them are just that – stories. Even worse, many look at dreams as transmitting some kind of knowledge, something that you can say, “OK, that’s what it means”. Such is the nature of the modern egoic-mind and its faith in an objective world. However, the acquisition of knowledge doesn’t expand awareness; it is just the accumulation of more “stuff”. Dreaming on the other hand is the communication or rather dialogue of consciousness with the energetic frequencies that it can observe and create from. The creation, the dream, arrives in the form of music and vision, smells, and feelings – all of it. But the dream is not designed to give you knowledge of itself. It is designed for you to experience and grow from, like you should be doing in the physical dream world.

Walking with dreams is just another aspect of walking in your life and with your life. You need to experience and then digest, feel and honor, whatever message is being delivered to you. Even if it is a fearful one, it is important to look at it, to become conscious of the fear. It is the only way to dissolve it, after all. The understanding of a dream is a process that can actually never end – just like life. This is why it does no service to you to have a dream, try to immediately grasp its meaning, and then walk away as if the job is done and dusted. It is better to come to some interpretation energetically and as it comes to you. The dreams you remember are the dreams you are supposed to remember. The ones you forget are for you to forget. And you will know when it feels aligned to say, “My dream is saying to me……”. It always – and I stress always – gives you gift of energetic and conscious expansion when you interpret your dream. If it doesn’t, then you are not walking with dream – you are just trying to know it.

So, dream interpretations are either stories created from the egoic identity or stories designed by Self at the highest frequency in attunement with Source. The extent to which your dream helps you to learn, grow, and expand outside of ego, is the extent to which high frequency thought waves are guiding you to Self. To the extent that your dreams create fear, shame, limitation, or feed egoic pleasure is the extent to which you might want to reconsider the source of your dream interpretation and the dream itself. Most dreams carry a multitude of frequencies, just like music does. It is not a question of what frequency is carried as much as which frequency is the dominant frequency. Sometimes you can have a dream where the frequency is so powerful that you are awakened from the dream itself because due to the total frequency of the dream not being able to contain the higher one. This is why some people are not in your life right now – their frequency doesn’t resonate with you – their song doesn’t fit inside your symphony.

For many of you who are on the fast track to the expansion of consciousness, these dreams are frequent and numerous. They are designed to have you walk within them, to learn, to be challenged, and to learn again, until you are able to align yourself with the highest frequency of Source, which traditionally has been called “Love”. The path seems to be extremely difficult because it feels as if you are constantly finding conflict: failed or difficult relationships, feelings of not being understood or seen and heard, being chased or trapped, being surrounded by too many people or not enough, etc. Your dreams mirror your deepest crises, even those experienced in previous lifetimes. But you will also experience amazing feelings of connections and guidance through dreams, wisdom, and teachers. These little worlds that you experience in your dreams are designed to guide you through the landscape of your soul on a universal and simultaneously specific level. For that reason, it is extremely important to honor and look at the feelings and thoughts you carry in the dream experiences. It is best to avoid looking up symbolic meanings of things, generic definitions that don’t necessarily have any meaning for you in your life. If you do see an animal, such as a snake, three or more times or in a prominent position in a dream, then it is best to simply explore the nature of the snake, how it shows up in familiar literature, or in your own experience. Only you can derive the energetic message from the snake – not AI or highly distorted internet websites. If any teacher or guide tells you what your dream means, find another teacher or guide until you can trust your own inner Wisdom.

As you learn, grow, and expand through dream walking, you will reach a point where you begin to understand that the physical world is also a dream as well – ready and waiting for you to walk inside of. You see, because the modern world has been able to simulate eternity or longevity through modern medicine, technology and engineering, plastics, and other synthetic materials, we have become confused about what is real and what is not real, and have become attached to the physical world, expecting that it can last forever, or at least until the ego itself dies. The attempt to make the world appear to outlast the ego in all its forms has increased the profound power of the maya exponentially. You can see this is the case simply by reading any early philosopher or poet from the classical and neo-classical, and medieval periods, where they would confidently point out that the physical world is the world that comes to be and passes away and is not something to attach itself to. For the same reason, early philosophy speaks about non-attachment to the body vs the eternity of the soul. Technology is a form of illusion that has cast a spell on the entirety of humanity at this time leading most people to become extremely materialistic, even to the point of rejecting the energy of Self and God. However, technology still has not gotten rid of the natural world. Make no mistake, however, technology’s ultimate goal is to create materialistic eternity, the complete dissociation from Source energy. This is the energy fo the 666.

When you are ready, when you are strong enough to withstand and disperse the technical distortions that ride over the radio waves across the planet, then you will begin to embody the Self in the world of physical form. The world around you will show up as the dream that it is, and you will no longer be pulled into the excess of the lower frequencies, and all the disease and discomfort and crises they involve. You will be able to easily resolve any and all sufferings on that level instantaneously and, like a dream, your experience will shift. You will see, like in the night dreams, that the day dream, the physical world, is something that your higher frequency aspect of Self will keep you awake from – forever. And that is the nature of the bliss and the nirvana, the heaven on earth that is already here as you and through you, even as you still sleep imagining that you are a tiny person in a body on this spinning globe.

7 thoughts on “Learning to walk with your dreams

  1. I took a songwriting course years back from Peter Case who talked about using dreams as catalysts for writing. I think he even said he would conjure up certain things he wanted to write about just before bed to influence his dreams.

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      1. Artists and writers experience energies in a powerful way.many get overwhelmed and turn to alcohol or drugs or some other way of dealing with them.


      2. Yes, and many others, including, well, everyone who, like the seed hidden in the soil, can receive the light and the water and the air. When the seeds emerge just a little bit as sprouts, or perhaps don’t emerge at all, there are many who want to grab onto them and use them before they have even gotten to experience the generation of their fruit, dying too soon. Little squirrels and birds and insects, viri, fungi and bacteria – all can destroy a life with disease and rot. Thoughts and energies feed on the living as well as the dead. At those levels, all boundaries are broken between what is living and dying All death feeds life and life feeds death and so on….eventually we come to realize that the transformation and change comes and goes, like all dreams do, that there is no end to this or our consciousness. And that is when freedom happens, to create our life without the fear of losing something, because we finally know that “it” is meant to be found and lost so that we finally learn to recognize that we always remain, a consciousness ever aware and ever trying to create itself.


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