Union and Twin Flame Death

What happens to the twin flame union, when one twin passes away?

I received this excellent question from a reader. I love receiving reader questions, because they are like fertilizer for growing a broader and deeper awareness of Being, of Self – for each and every one of us. We are of One Consciousness, after all. Questions help all of us. Thank you for sending them. You benefit many by doing so.

The simple answer to the question as to what happens to the union when your twin flame passes into death, is “nothing”. Nothing happens, and that is because the union already is and always will be. You are not “corded” to your twin flame. You ARE already your twin flame. Now this knowledge, that you are ARE your twin flame may only begin in the form of belief or faith, in the context of mind and understanding. That is fine; however, belief is always accompanied by doubt, simply because it is one side of the polarity: faith vs. doubt. belief vs. disbelief. Polarity is always a feature of the binary mind and so the matrix generated from Mind. True union is not the consciousness of the polarity, but in the consciousness of the eternal being, which is manifest in the union of the One, the Two, and Three altogether simultaneously. Again, the mind has a difficulty in understanding this, and the more the mind tries, the more difficult it becomes. My advice is not to push it, but to just remember it for now. It’s a like strange animal that someone is telling you exists; although you are capable of imagining it through their description, you just haven’t experienced it yet. Be okay with that – be exactly where you are, and just allow yourself to experience authentically what is present for you now, and not what you want to be present for you now. Too many people are trying to push beliefs and systems of belief before they are even close to being ready to handle and contain the energetic presence of embodiment. Union energy is extraordinarily powerful, and it is something that we need to slowly prepare ourselves for. Pushing too hard to make it happen is like trying to force an apple seed to bear more apples before it’s even in the ground or ready to sprout.

Your twin flame is not that person over there in that body. Often, a twin flame will not be able or will not allow themselves to be able to receive the higher frequency that is the higher consciousness energy. Many times, due to the nature of the twin flame, which is to merge the trinity into one and raise the consciousness enough in order to allow for it to happen, a twin flame will resist all and any openings to higher consciousness. This is similar to a cult member of the Catholic or Christian or New Age cults that refuse to see anything outside their belief systems. A being or a teaching or any form of energy that threatens to dissolve the belief system, the egoic-mind structure, will be considered dangerous and they will “run” away. The runner-chaser dynamic in the twin flame mythology is not due to them being afraid of love but is due to the egoic desire to survive at all costs, even if that cost is their own health, happiness, and livelihood. It is not uncommon for twin flames to go into full force defensive mode, especially if they are operating from inside generational curses, dark magic, or are victims of mind-control abuse through the maternal or paternal cord. Both twins are caught up in this kind of egoic conundrum, and the twin who is the “chaser” is just another aspect of the desire to be absorbed in this very dark low frequency energy, fueled by lust, neediness, and fear. The more the chaser chases the physical embodiment of the other twin, the deeper the black magic cuts to the bone, and the suffering increases exponentially. The reason is that this universe is created through the momentum of mind, fueled by desire and fear. The more you want your twin flame to be with you, the more they become separated, because the desire for something to be one with you requires the simultaneously belief in the separation. The same goes for money: if you seek more money, you are also manifesting the lack of money. You would seek more, if you didn’t firmly believe that you don’t have enough. That is the conundrum, the dog chasing the tail, the myth of Sisyphus forever pushing the same rock up the hill.

What happens when you twin flame dies? Well, you are being challenged to stop focusing on the physical and to raise your consciousness beyond the Two of the One, the polarity, and the futile runner-chaser dynamic. A twin flame who experiences the death of their twin has the opportunity to become present to union even more so than twins who come together physically even before they are aware of the essential eternal union. Just because two twins get married in the physical, doesn’t mean that they have reached union consciousness. That is why many split up eventually – they are learning about the polarity and must begin the process of release. There is an enormous amount of drama in the twin flame community because of this. There are also tons of people making a good deal of profit off of this drama, because of twins desperate to “get their twin flame” back.

Union, meanwhile, is of the higher consciousness – the witness that you are. It doesn’t need to be manifested, simply because it is already presence and present. It is present outside the egoic-mind. The philosopher Descartes declared that “I think, therefore I am”. That is the egoic-mind talking. It believes that being is the same as existence, and that mind is the basis of that existence-being. Plato would correct him by saying “I am, therefore I think”. The I AM presence is always present. The thinking is a byproduct of having a body with a radio receiver we call the brain. Existence is manifested by being created. Being is the eternal. But again, in the deep programming of mind-egoic consciousness, this is not easy to understand and cannot be understood – instead, it must be experienced. Most twin flames in the twin flame community either aren’t really twin flames at all or are twin flames that are not doing their work and are too focused on the allure of sexual gratification, desire, egoic pleasure, and various other energies that are born the egoic-mind and its emotional contraptions.

Before I close this entry, I want to mention a bit about death. In unity consciousness, death is only an aspect of life, of this flow. This body at this time offers a particular experience that will allow us to evolve into the higher consciousness. Why do we need to do this at this time? Because most of mankind in this age is completely absorbed into biological and now synthetic AI. They are blocked by religious cults which prevent them from an autonomous and authentic spiritual presence. Religion robs you of your authentic power and energy and places its focus into an external being, such as a “God” or “Jesus”. The creative power of our minds collectively manifests these gods and angels. The more people project into the projection, the more momentum it has, the more it manifests, thus appearing as “truth” by virtue of the large number of believers. You cannot “fight this” because the more you fight and provide the opposite polarity, the more powerful the opposite becomes. The twain work together. Twin-ness is everywhere because the polarity is everywhere. The death of egoic-mind is key to all freedom, love, and autonomy, for the sake of true human creativity, joy and happiness on the earth. If you are twin dies in this life-time it will always be a body that is bringing the egoic-mind with it. Make sure that you don’t bury yourself with that body before you even get a chance to see what kind flowers can grow from within the depths of your heart.

I hope this answer helps. I welcome any and all questions, so please keep them coming. The questions are essential to the continuation of the quest, the journey, and the magic of life.

Blessings XO

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