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Please note that by purchasing any service with Anastasia you are agreeing and understanding that Anastasia can not give a Medical Diagnosis (Physical, Psychiatric or otherwise) Legal, or Financial Advice. Her services DO NOT take the place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. Anastasia will not be held responsible for any free will decisions you make as a result of any service with her. She will not promise any guarantees regarding SPECIFIC results connected with any service administered, nor be held responsible for any liabilities associated with her services.


The words we speak are the leaves of the tree. We have spent enough time with the plastics and the false tongues. Time to be with the trees. They sing our songs with us. They hold are our secrets.

I am an intuitive psychic, medium, and Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Master. I use the word psychic, because psychic is from the Greek, psyche, which means “soul”. I work on the soul level, which means I work in the invisible realms, and help others understand that the invisible world, their soul is far more important than this world has led us to believe. The soul is our true connection to God/Source.

One of the unique techniques I utilize is automatic writing. As I work with you, I will receive information for you in regards to your journey, the questions you are seeking, and the goals that you hope to achieve. This is a beautiful process and I am so honored to be a medium for messages that are sent to others on their journey.

I do not like the world “healer” because I believe we all have a personal relationship to God that allows us to heal by and with him. However, I am here on this earth is to help people learn how to clear their own energetic system, to allow for the free and uninhibited flow of personal, and creative energy. It is our birthright to be free and unmanipulated on this planet. It is our birthright to be able to grow naturally and powerful in our own unique ways, so that we contribute to the earth in the way nature, not government or society, intended.

I have a background in Software Design Engineering and Research, as well as Ancient Languages and Philosophy. I am a technical writer by trade, and I love to write poetry and essays. I am currently working on a translation of Plato’s Phaedo, from the Ancient Greek. Plato’s teachings have been buried, and it has been a life-long passion of mine to surface his teachings in a bold and practical way.

For centuries, the planet and all the people on it have been living under what I call a Synthetic World or System. It is a system that is based on contracts, of which most people have very little awareness. Some of these contracts are in the physical, such as contracts you sign when you join a social media network, or a marriage contract. However, most of the contracts are signed inside the so-called spiritual realms, which is another name for the subconscious. I have a gift for seeing these contracts, and helping people remove them. This is not an instantaneous process, and requires that you be willing to do the work required to align yourself with who you are as a soul. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at anastasia@oracularintelligence.com