Journey to the Bottom of the Matrix

I. The matrix works within each human being The matrix is not a system that lives “out there”. It lives and thrives within each and every one of us – until we choose to exit. But when you attempt to exit, you won’t be unchallenged. What challenges are given to you, depends on your particular […]

A Paradise in the Wasteland

Earth teaches you how to survive it’s end, your own soul’s guidance leads the way. You chose this, your life as it’s presented,the timelines and their inevitable ends;Although you don’t remembersuch an out-of-worldly request.Memory can, after all, ruin this game. Did you have a rattling dream? Did you loose a loved one?Did you friends abandon […]

Sexual Energy, Civilization, and Creativity

The following is an attempt to express messages around the energies surrounding us at this time. These energies are connected to our higher consciousness, just like the physical world is connected to our five senses. The five senses on the physical body are designed to perceive the three-dimensional world around the body. But our physical […]

Higher Being or NPC?

If you meet a person that doesn’t have a care or concern for the world and what is happening: either they are the embodiment of a higher being far removed from the lower densities of earth, or they are an NPC. How can you tell the difference? Well, if a higher being, their very presence […]


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