All the World’s a Mirror of You

1. It is very easy to become what you are fighting against. It happens in all wars. 2. The world you see is a projection of what you need to see within yourself. 3. You don’t see yourself in others. You project them from within your own configuration. 4. All the world is illusion except […]

Our Sacred Duty

Our sacred duty on this earth is not to our own pleasure. It is to be stewards of the earth, to give the earth to the children when they are ready. Our sacred duty is to the children and the earth. Your food is filled with unspeakable things. Grow your own, as much as you […]

Energy work, careers, and the great awakening

Many people are losing their livelihoods right now. Most are in the medical field. They cannot practice if they don’t agree to inject poison into their body. Many are not agreeing, and are busy trying to find loopholes and ways around it. They are trying to save their career. Humanity is not yet at the […]

Put down the politics: expand your awareness instead

“Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since that […]


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