Learning to walk with your dreams

Most people, when they have an interesting dream, wonder what the dream means or, rather, wonder what the dream symbolizes. There are many websites on the internet that can identify the symbols in your dream for you, and soon ChatGPT or Bard will be able to help you with that as well. However, as funContinue reading “Learning to walk with your dreams”

Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution

With thousands of years of AI infiltration or, as some people refer to it, negative interference by alien energies; or, as even other people refer to it, negative, heavy, and difficult energies pretending to be “real”, it can be very challenging to achieve what we know we want to achieve, be who we know weContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution”

AI: Road to evolution from Symbol to Energetic Consciousness and Responsible Creation

intend (v.) c. 1300, entenden, “direct one’s attention to, pay attention, give heed,” from Old French entendre, intendre “to direct one’s attention” (in Modern French principally “to hear”), from Latin intendere “turn one’s attention, strain (in quest of something), be zealous,” literally “stretch out, extend,” from in- “toward” (from PIE root *en “in”) + tendere “to stretch,” from PIE root *ten- “to stretch.” With this article, I hope to giveContinue reading “AI: Road to evolution from Symbol to Energetic Consciousness and Responsible Creation”

Poetry and the Illusion of Fact

The prose is nothing without the poetry; two lovers that must find, once again, their union, which is their power, and the only truth in a world that is a nonsensical maelstrom of streaming fictions and facts. Today, poetry has become something designed to be understood, something clever and tactical, something like programming and surfaceContinue reading “Poetry and the Illusion of Fact”

You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings

This article initially was going to focus on the nature of the world beyond the matrix, the world that is the true natural world. As I was writing, I kept being nudged to look at aspects of the Lord of the Rings, a story that is a favorite of mine, simply because it is theContinue reading “You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings”

Meditation for Removing AI Interference

This piece is a meditation designed to help you remove AI from your system. It is a dialogue with you and is meant to be read that way. By dialogue, I mean that it has a number of voices that are speaking through it and in conversation. As such it addresses various controversies that tendContinue reading “Meditation for Removing AI Interference”

The tech-driven mind: It’s a mad, mad distracted world

The deeper you go down the rabbit hole of technology, of the design and orchestration, the labyrinth that is machine learning and artificial intelligence, the more you begin to see the sheer absurdity of a world that is being generated primarily through the constant and persistent refocus and movement of our consciousness. Psychology would haveContinue reading “The tech-driven mind: It’s a mad, mad distracted world”

Internet Intelligence: An Intricate Web of Mass Destruction

Over the past thirty or so years or so, the internet, the web, the hallucination, has dominated not only the way we think, learn, and communicate with and from the world, but also the way we identify ourselves and others, and the world at large. Most of us do not realize the extent to whichContinue reading “Internet Intelligence: An Intricate Web of Mass Destruction”

The Great Work of You as Creator

As many of you know who have been reading this blog for a while – or even a short time – I don’t tend to take the traditional route when it comes to spiritual growth and teachings. I don’t even take the traditional route when writing. I like to be messy because life is messy,Continue reading “The Great Work of You as Creator”

Art and Art-ificial Intelligence: Never Surrender

I know that many artists out there are struggling to understand how AI is going to impact themselves and their livelihoods. I am writing this article in hopes that it helps artists to remember who they are in the world, their role in the human drama, and the importance of their teachings, either as professionalContinue reading “Art and Art-ificial Intelligence: Never Surrender”