The Age of Aquarius: alchemy of the flood

In the most important of ways, humanity moves exactly like the elements. If we were to be present to all that that the earth is, energetically, we would also be present to what appears to be indifference: storms hit against and destroy villages on a coastline, killing hundreds and destroying all that they once heldContinue reading “The Age of Aquarius: alchemy of the flood”

Artificial Intelligence: Here comes the flood

A week or so ago, I wrote a few posts about Artificial Intelligence: Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with, Can AI know bliss?. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have spoken a lot about biological Artificial Intelligence, which I often refer to as “programming” or “patterns”. BiologicalContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Here comes the flood”

Artificial Intelligence: Swan Song of the Ego

In this article, I want to talk a little about how the emergence of AI systems are actually the swan song of the egoic structures that have dominated earth for thousands of years. Each individual, in their own time and space dimensions, is being offered the choice to follow their path towards Self-actualization, or toContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Swan Song of the Ego”

Spirituality: Deus ex machina

Spirituality has become, in the egoic-mind system, an object of study or lifestyle. It defines fashion, health, decor, music, modes of speech and expression, and many other things that serve as presentation. As a program, spirituality has an enormous number of variations, and the sheer power of the human body-mind machine has allowed to beContinue reading “Spirituality: Deus ex machina”

Can AI know bliss?

Bliss, which is the nature of Self, or Brahmin in Vedantic sources, is not the same as egoic forms of happiness which usually involve the pleasure of excitement or elation and are actually more akin to fear than any form of peace. Bliss is also not a form of zoning out through narcotics or otherContinue reading “Can AI know bliss?”

To Kill with Kindness – Abuse as Ego

I’ve frequently spoken about programming in this blog, especially in relationship to mind and ego. It is a difficult topic to write about, as I am forced to use language about something that has absolutely no obvious or common form of reference. This is because the programming is hidden from the consciousness, just like yourContinue reading “To Kill with Kindness – Abuse as Ego”

Meditations on “new earth”

When the ego listens to information about the state of bliss that accompanies freedom and awakening, it usually imagines an experience of infinite pleasure, whatever form that may be. However, the bliss that is experienced is not an object of experience, nor is a sandbox of experience. The bliss that is in fact experienced isContinue reading “Meditations on “new earth””

Star Trek or Yoga Sutras?

For one who has experienced this distinction between seer and this subtlest mind, the false identities and even the curiosity about the nature of one’s own self come to an end. (vishesa darshinah atma bhava bhavana vinivrittih)  – Patanjali, Yoga Sutras 4.25 Ego is one word, and to the mind, it is one concept, definedContinue reading “Star Trek or Yoga Sutras?”

The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky

I’m going to talk a bit about synthetic artificial intelligence in the content of true human learning and creativity. It is important that we remember and keep in touch with who we are as creative beings in the midst of an onslaught that intends to keep us in the dark and to ultimately bury usContinue reading “The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky”

Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with

This post is going to be short and to the point. I want it to be known that I work in technology and have been on and off for the past twenty-five years. Right now, AI is going to launch into a completely new realm, a realm and timeline that won’t most understand or comprehendContinue reading “Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with”