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Category: Awakening

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God is Death

do you wonder about the laziness of trees,branches that move only by the wind;fruit that falls by a scampering squirrel?I know that most people cut it down a notch,just to […]

Awakening 2


and then there is the butterfly whose wings – if you can hear them –laugh the most when they’re yellow,a tiny light who giggles in the shadows,against the stolid wood […]

Awakening 3


What does wisdom look like to you? Does it look like Socrates?Does it look like a monk sitting on a rock?Does it look like a yoga teacher?Does it look like […]

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The Rivers

the Rivers,the great waters who roam,between the fingers and the toes,those who fill your cups and pails,and who prod and poke the lazy rocks,to goad a primal impotence to move,wasting […]

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The rock

The sand of you,the part that is more rockthan man,more stonethan skinThe part whose form is heavyand predictable,and lets the water roll over its back,or invites the sunshine to burn,thrown […]