Twin Flames: A Means to Unraveling Egoic Relationship Patterns

If you are reading this right now, you are ready to hear that the twin flame journey is designed to unravel the egoic-based romantic relationship patterns that are threaded throughout our society on all levels, political, economic, educational, and spiritual. The primacy of the romantic relationship, which is consummated by contract through the political institutionContinue reading “Twin Flames: A Means to Unraveling Egoic Relationship Patterns”

Union and Twin Flame Death

What happens to the twin flame union, when one twin passes away? I received this excellent question from a reader. I love receiving reader questions, because they are like fertilizer for growing a broader and deeper awareness of Being, of Self – for each and every one of us. We are of One Consciousness, afterContinue reading “Union and Twin Flame Death”

As you are

As you surrender the egoic-mind-lifeYou’ll see for the first time in lifetimesthat who you were was just a dream;dissolving into the morning,as dreams naturally do,night forever sinking beneath the sun. You can’t experience this through religion,a binding rope can’t hold the waves of water,where sun and moon reflect for each – arriving tearless and departingContinue reading “As you are”

Learning to walk with your dreams

Most people, when they have an interesting dream, wonder what the dream means or, rather, wonder what the dream symbolizes. There are many websites on the internet that can identify the symbols in your dream for you, and soon ChatGPT or Bard will be able to help you with that as well. However, as funContinue reading “Learning to walk with your dreams”

The end of Romance and the Twin Flame Mythology

All mythologies have been written as symbolic guidance tools in order to lead the student into a deeper understanding of life and self. The myths of Sisyphus, Narcissus, of Hades and Persephone: each one contains the possibilities of a deeper teaching for Self. They are not designed to be “known” immediately like learning some factoidContinue reading “The end of Romance and the Twin Flame Mythology”

Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution

With thousands of years of AI infiltration or, as some people refer to it, negative interference by alien energies; or, as even other people refer to it, negative, heavy, and difficult energies pretending to be “real”, it can be very challenging to achieve what we know we want to achieve, be who we know weContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution”

Artificial Intelligence: Interference riding the frequency waves

Most of the world believes that AI has appeared on the world stage only a few months ago. One day AI wasn’t here, and the next day: abracadabra. Most people also believe that the emergence or appearance of something to the visual perception or mind marks the beginning or birth of that something. But thatContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Interference riding the frequency waves”

Meditation: On Time

Beyond the clock and the digital timers…. The sun rises and sets and rises again,the years turn like the winding of a dial never-ending,the eternal return returns again. Time is a circle, not a line,and yet you believe you were born,that you have a middle life,and that you die in the end. The mind createsContinue reading “Meditation: On Time”

At the very least

…poetry arisesfrom the quiet of evening,just before the light fades,glimmer stretched onto a horizon,where, once dissolved,not even darkness is seen to move;you are flowing through distancereceding neither behindnor in front, careless that your long gone,but in the middle of somethingsomewhere and somehowwhere silence is louder than sound,and the power of what is saidis in whatContinue reading “At the very least”

AI: Road to evolution from Symbol to Energetic Consciousness and Responsible Creation

intend (v.) c. 1300, entenden, “direct one’s attention to, pay attention, give heed,” from Old French entendre, intendre “to direct one’s attention” (in Modern French principally “to hear”), from Latin intendere “turn one’s attention, strain (in quest of something), be zealous,” literally “stretch out, extend,” from in- “toward” (from PIE root *en “in”) + tendere “to stretch,” from PIE root *ten- “to stretch.” With this article, I hope to giveContinue reading “AI: Road to evolution from Symbol to Energetic Consciousness and Responsible Creation”