Plato’s Phaedo: The Master of the Tao (66b-67b)

This article is the ninth installment of my translation of Plato’s Phaedo. Please read the previous installment before continuing. If you are just jumping in, please begin with my introduction. This section represents the generation of a doctrine, based on the logos as clarified in the last section of the dialogue. As you read thisContinue reading “Plato’s Phaedo: The Master of the Tao (66b-67b)”

Why the Lightworker Suffers

The location of all suffering is in the mind, and the programs of the mind. Never is the suffering sourced in the actual affliction experienced. I know that this is difficult for many to accept, and it can take a long time to realize that he patterns in the mind are what serve to attractContinue reading “Why the Lightworker Suffers”

The Return of the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Marriage, the Divine Masculine

It doesn’t matter which frequency you tune into, you will find many heated discussions about gender. The conversations and arguments around these are quite confusing and tangled, as most people – who have no mastery of the various frequencies of which our being consists – confuse male/female, divine masculine/divine feminine with male/female physical representation. TheContinue reading “The Return of the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Marriage, the Divine Masculine”

Life is but an ego dream

A cliché always rings hollow, and that is because its conceptual form has detached from the Source or heart of the matter. We can intellect the form, understand what it means, and repeat it, but it no longer has the power it once had. It becomes a nice thing to think about, a platitude, butContinue reading “Life is but an ego dream”

Thoughts on god-ego frequencies

The ego acts like God because it is learning to become God. This is why the ego must dissolve. It is not because it is bad, it is because its attempts are failures. Notions of bad and good are all based on the frequency at which the ego locates itself.  The ego is an expressionContinue reading “Thoughts on god-ego frequencies”

We are creators, masters of frequency

I want to talk a bit about our frequencies on earth and the role of the ego. Our true being is here on earth to work with the entire spectrum of frequency light, from the densest matter, the creative material and medium, to the highest ether, which is closest to the source of creative energyContinue reading “We are creators, masters of frequency”

The mind of a man with a bad woman

I used to see the world as stage,personalities as layers thick with rouge,aesthetic pleasing or designed to disguststory arcs that hold the lines that snakefrom the mouths of predators into victim ears:venom are the words that paralyze a living life. I’ve seen the presentation:hands reach out in kindness and fade awayas the scene ends, andContinue reading “The mind of a man with a bad woman”

Shattered love incarnate

Everything that you see and notice is there for you to explore. That is it. It is not there to punish you, to betray you, to make your life difficult. They are not there to upset you, or to make you do anything or not do anything. The world is a trigger symbol or patternsContinue reading “Shattered love incarnate”

The New Earth is Here

Most of you are familiar with the notion of a higher dimension, the arrival of the fifth-dimensional + consciousness, or the new earth. Essentially, all of them are just different perspectives and concepts pointing to the same thing. In the Republic, Plato referred to it as the real world, beyond the cave. He also refersContinue reading “The New Earth is Here”