Beyond the Field of Good and Evil

I am going to talk about something that I have never spoken about in public before. But it’s time, and I am no longer going to sugar coat what I have to say.  Fundamentally, as human beings on this earth, we have no idea who we are. In fact, we probably have as much knowledge of who we are, as an ant has of the nature of his breakfast.

I’ll start with world religions. World religions teach us about the dark force and the light force, the devil and the deity, the good and he evil. This dichotomy seems obvious, even true, even good.  The teachings seem to be that we want to align ourselves with good and combat or remove evil. Upon closer look, however, what it is doing is trying to divide the yin from the yang, the up from the down, the left from the right. What it is trying to do is to divide the indivisible, to create chaos and division in the quantum, the unitarian field of consciousness that we all share as One.  John Lennon once lamented how we all should just live as One. He was right. He didn’t understand how we couldn’t do it. Perhaps what I will say here might shed a little light on why this has been so difficult. Perhaps we aren’t supposed to do it. Perhaps we are supposed to live in conflict, because conflict must exist in order for us to know unity and peace. The journey of enlightenment is the process of untangling ourselves from un-enlighenment and suffering,  which must begin in chaos and division. The end of the story, not the beginning, is that prize that is unity, harmony. and love.

Nietzsche entitled one of his most famous works, Beyond Good and Evil. The title of the book needs no further explanation. Philosophically, many have reiterated his argument and point of view. However, on an experiential level, few of witnessed what exactly he was getting at. “Beyond good and evil” is very much the same place pointed to by the Sufi poet, Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

the world is too full to talk about.


The field or the place beyond polarity is a realm that I call the energetic plane.  I have a gift that allows me to see this plane. I am sure I am not the only one, but I have met very few in person. I believe eventually all humans will become aware of this field. I can hear it and what is contained within it. I can see it. I can feel it. Once in a while, I am able to smell things within it.  It is all around us, but it is another dimension and cannot be perceived through our physical senses. So, if I close my eyes, I can see it. If I open my eyes, I can see it. This dimension is not really a dimension separated from ourselves. It is who we actually are, beyond our physical representation. The soul is not “in” the body. The soul is, in terms of language all around the body. However, language is not precise when talking about this realm and the things in it, just as it is not very good at talking about the quantum filed. This is because the realm has no time and no space. I can see things in it from all different aspects at the same time. There are travelers in this place, beings who visit and can manifest at varying levels of density. In the physical world, these beings present themselves everywhere and all at once.

Most world religions in their current forms seek to teach us out spiritual realms and beings in terms of morality. Their main goal is to present a system of spirituality and religion in order to keep people from entering and experiencing the energy of their own soul, which is just the energetic expansion of their consciousness in connection with the infinite universe.  World religions have been used as instruments of hate, intolerance, war, and everything else that is used to divide one group from another. There is no getting around this one. All division is toxic. They have created the devil and the God, and they have taught people that there is a spiritual battle. There is no spiritual battle except the one that certain beings want you to believe in, so that you will give up your soul energy to fuel their war games.

So why do want war games? Well, the first thing to know is that everything that is powerful on the physical plane, in any given timeline, is driven by spiritual forces in the quantum field. The systems on earth today: the systems of government and enterprise are funded by these spiritual beings, many of whom cannot incarnate on the earth. For that reason, they communicate with those they believe are best equipped to carry out their goals and intentions.  One earth, most human beings are taught that everything is devised and created by human beings. This is not the case. The true board of directors, the elite are not human. This is a fact, but it is not something I can prove because only those who can see the quantum field – and there are many of us – know this.

Your soul does not die. That’s right. You have eternal life. You don’t get eternal life by turning to Jesus. However, you do get to experience eternal life if you choose to live your life in accordance with Source or God instead of the religious and political war games that are set up on earth. These war games are brutal and go beyond planes, trains, and automobiles. We are in WW3 now. It is a battle unlike any other, because the weapon is a biological weapon, and people have become the instruments of warfare. They have done this willingly by taking one side or the other. Yes, or the other.

The only way to reject the matrix warfare is to choose the field of Rumi, or the Beyond Good and evil, the plane of energetic unified consciousness. That in itself is a journey, and requires a certain number of spiritual activities, related to spiritual cleansing and the detachment from matrix external realities and bondage.  When you do that, good and evil is no longer something that you deal with. However, on the physical plane, when identified with the physical body, good and evil are determined by what is believed to be and is accepted as being conducive to live and what is its opposite. On the quantum plain, since life is eternal, there is nothing that can threaten life.

So, think about it. Other beings who dwell in these higher dimensions in the quantum field do not die. They dwell there forever.  Look at it in terms of a game. When you play a video game and your avatar dies, you don’t mourn and arrange a funeral and publish an obituary. No, you just start a new character. That is the nature of the quantum field and the beings in it. One life is just another avatar.

When I have spent time in this realm, I have to deal with it like I deal with any other realm. I own my space and command my space. If I don’t want certain beings in it, I tell them to leave. It is that simple. The “devil” cannot stay, as it were if I don’t want him to. There is no big bad that is trying to kill you in this realm. There are just beings that want your energy, want to use your skills, talents, knowledge for their benefit. That is all. Contracts and agreements are negotiated here. Deals are made.

But here is the kicker, and I will leave you to ruminate on this, or place the idea in a drawer somewhere for later use. Consider that your soul is an autonomous infinite being. Consider that this body you currently live inside of is a temporary avatar. Consider that you agreed to come to this planet to have a physical experience, but you are still relating to it as if the experience is who you are or is an extension of who you are.  What if who you are is no better or less evil, than the beings in the higher dimension playing wargames and waiting to see what will happen. Perhaps, perhaps you signed up for the wargame, hoping some day to create your own. This gets into the topic of responsibility and the idea that you have chosen every experience you have ever had in this lifetime.  And yes, that is true, you have chosen it. However, keep in mind that suffering is not necessarily something you have chosen, but is something that you have fallen into through the mind and war games of beings who are quite adept at making deals that are not in your interest.

And if that is all true, how can you reach the point where you can make consciousness choices in your life, and to master both the dark and the light as one? Or, have you, as a soul, chosen to experience a lack of mastery, an experience of the game without awareness of how this game is really played or that it is a game at all?

The Garden of Language, the Garden of Life

Writing is something I do every day. I am a professional writer, as well as a creative one.  As a professional writer, I make money from it, and it allows me to live the lifestyle I wish. As a creative writer, I can explore all different styles and manner of expression. However, the past few months – or has it been more like four months – I haven’t written a thing (except for my professional work). I needed to step back and look at writing and what it means in my life and life in general, especially since I enjoy writing on spiritual topics, and wish to communicate from source and nature, to honor our autonomy and our freedom as human beings. In my writing, I was detecting that something foreign was finding its way into the garden of my heart. I knew I had to step back in order to weed out whatever these subtle pests were.

First of all, writing is the primary way in which we present new ideas to the mind.  Our cells, our flesh, our, body, our spirit, other people, animals – all of nature – are constantly communicating with us at different frequencies, and on different levels at all times of the night and day. Writing allows the mind to catch a glimpse of this communication using language and the grammar of language. The structure of language itself presents a wonderful map through which we can attain “knowledge” of all things, of anything, of anyone – or so we think. Writing provides a window to the mind, a perspective, or, maybe more accurately, a map. It is a remarkable thing and is a more advanced or adult way of playing with perspective, realization, and the possibility of knowledge.

When I write, I always want to write from the heart, and let the language be a window to my mind and the mind of the reader. I do not let structure dictate where my heart goes. I let the structure formulate the inspiration of my heart. That is how I play with the language as a writer. It is a beautiful form of revelation, honor, and prayer.  Prayer, in its highest sense, is a form of play, a playfulness with nature, my nature, and the nature of the whole.

But the truth is that most adults are not playing with language. They are living in it. The games are no longer games when we take them seriously. The game we are in now, in the year 2021, is a game of life and death, and it is one that has been built and structured on language, and our absorption into language. We call Greek and Latin languages dead languages, but these are not the dead languages. The dead languages are the languages we carry around in our mind way past their due date, the languages that we receive from the media, the advertisements, the gossip, and the lies. The dead languages are the walking dead. Those are the ones we spend most of our time with. The Greek and the Latin? Those languages are very much alive, not because they are used, but because they are left alone, like the wild bush in the Australian outback, or the lonely tree next to a river on a mountainside. Loneliness is a peacefulness and aliveness. It is a freedom from what is used and abused, tired, and dry

Yet, as we wander about our world and work through our life, seeking more and seeking truth and something or someone real, we forget that our language and its grammar is a mummified metaphysical structure. The virus we think we talk about in language is not the virus energetically. Knowing the virus in language will not help me with this virus here. I cannot, through language, even show you this virus. I cannot show you its energetic marker. Language uses familiar grammar, syntax, and even symbolism to express a reality that would otherwise seem obscure or non-existent without that very familiar language. For example, I see spirits and beings but cannot prove it to you and I cannot use anything in your reality to compare them to. I see auras and cannot prove it to you. I, as a seer, have no way to prove anything I see, and yet I see it, before the studies come out, or before the news receives the information. I saw the virus two years ago in visions. I saw them create it, play with it, and throw it in our faces, as they laughed. Yes, they think this is funny. But regardless, two years ago, what I saw made no sense (nonsense) to the metaphysical logic and language at that time. And, it still probably makes no sense. The source of truth is the heart space – not the mind. The mind is the last to know. But that is not what we have been taught, and so, we live inside old dead news, old concocted and crafted, manipulated information. We live inside a manipulated, well-orchestrated virtual simulation, where we are playing the parts we choose to play – unless we stop choosing to play.

One way to choose not play in their serious game of life and death is to authentically experience and come to know nature – including our own. That is when we see life in its most rarefied, pure, and unusual state. It’s the news before the news. The source before the news. In the soil, there are creatures living in the dark, who are important for our survival on earth. They are more important than the grocery store executives. They create the foundation for food on this earth – they help to decompose rotting material, and transform them into nutrients.  The heart space is also the soil from which the words should eventually grow. The baby emerges from the female womb. The words, the logic and math emerge from the soil of the heart and are expressed through the beauty of them mind. We get to grow and create stuff that we want to create, and choose not to play in the mind games of the elite and the invisible spiritual forces that want to enslave our heart to our mind.

Our society, in its programmed alienated state, doesn’t teach kids to get dirty or how to play and create through their own inspiration. They stop doing that at kindergarten. They teach them instead how to name the flowers and the food; to categorize them and describe them. They teach analysis and synthesis. The don’t teach cultivation. They don’t teach them how to grow and expand them or themselves. Kids in school spend most of their time in books and computers, reading about science and performing isolated controlled experiences with substances that they will rarely if ever use. Not only does this teach kids to ignore nature. It teaches them to ignore their own, as if their own nature were this vast uninspiring wasteland that would be best used as a corporate puppet inside some office building. This is the how education works in system that gives complete hegemony to the mind and its physical structure, the brain. It is designed to cut us off from the heart, our passion, our natural instincts to live and thrive not only to survive, but to also experience the joy of the process and the cycles and season of nature, of becoming, dying and being born again.

The best gardens are grown through the experience of growing a garden, making mistakes, taking wrong turns, losing a harvest, dealing with pests and weeds, and our own failure to notice nature’s messages. This cannot be taught in a classroom. It must be lived. However, our current civilization doesn’t emphasize living life according to seasons, according to wonder, and experimentation. Our current civilization emphasizes success, financial security and control, relationships that “serve” us, and institutions and systems that guarantee our safety both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our trust in the pharmaceutical and educational systems are an example of this kind of trust. It is not a trust born on experience or intuition. It is a trust born in the desire to maintain control and to maintain the semblance of what we call “normalcy”– at all costs. It is, in fact, a trust that is nourished by fear, and the desire to remove oneself from life. In proper terms, we call that a death culture, a cultivation of death. A cultivation of death uses fear as its life force, and emptiness and lack as its motivation and desire. That is the game they are playing with everyone.

If you are feeling and experiencing fear and a sense of lack, you are in this matrix web of mind and language. You are, at that moment, disconnected from nature and yourself. The way to heal that fear and sense of lack and being stuck is to reconnect in whatever way is natural for you and your body.

A life that is structured on what is antipathetic to nature is a life that is leaning towards death. It is inevitable, and is why millions of people are choosing to rely on logical language to persuade themselves that the road to health is to take a synthetic potentially harmful substance, rather than learning how to tend the garden that is their bodies and their souls together. It is the easy way out because they have been programmed to react this way, and they have feed on fear and lack most of their lives, thanks to the educational system. Death is always, after all, a bit easier than living. It is controlled by a world that we don’t understand and yet promises that we won’t have to lift a finger to understand or be in it. Death is metaphysical and is a complete unknown to us all – and that is why it is so powerful to live a simulation of life that is death, rather than a simulation of life that is modeled on actual life.

Death is the unknown force in our lives – the ending of things, and therefore their dissolution. The death of the something in that sense is a relief of responsibility over that thing.  There are many people who are programmed to not want to live, to not want to do the stuff of life, to play in the garden that is life. Civilization, with its high-tech systems and corporations, has allowed for this possibility. Two hundred years ago, if you couldn’t grow and cook your own food, you would not be able to survive.  Again, this doesn’t mean we should never create systems, just like it doesn’t mean that technology is evil. Both are not evil in themselves. Unfortunately, most human beings have allowed themselves to become slaves to them, instead of masters. The reason for this is that the programming of the brain has become so prevalent as to ensnare even the most astute of individuals. In fact, the more astute, well-educated, and book smart, the more likely they have fallen into the cut-throat programming and propaganda created by the political and pharmaceutical industries, or should I say, industries at large.

Highly educated people – and I am one of them – are those who are highly intelligent and are comfortably using their mind in making decisions and choices in life. In fact, they are proud of it and think of their mind as their greatest asset. The most powerful thing about language is its relationship with logic and math; not the kind of logic and math you learn in school, but they kind you use every day without realizing it. I am not going to get into the details here, but suffice to say that argumentation, persuasion, and various other forms of logical association are key to the power of propagandistic and manipulative language. Most people live inside the persuasive language map that controls them. I often call this synthetic programming or synthetic structures. The ego needs such language because the ego, unlike the sun, cannot shine first without proving that is worthy of doing so – to itself or others.  Things need to seem reasonable. Choices need to “make sense”. Plans need to be made. Agendas need to be pursued. Persuasive language has become so pervasive that most people think it is a normal way not only to talk, but to think and believe. In modern society, a society that seems to pride itself on worshipping science, persuasive language is used to justify everything we do. “Prove it” is usually the response to an assertion we don’t like. We, as a society, seem to feel that a reason must be had for everything. Things need to make sense. Actions need to have calculated purpose. Everything we do has to have a good solid argument as a platform from which to spring. This is why love can have a such a hard time. There is no reason for love, and love based on reasons alone is not authentically love, but is either not love at all, or is love smothered by reasons and arguments and conditions. A love that must be justified, explained, or needs to make sense is the nail in the coffin of love.

So, during this process of programmed synthetic manipulation, most people, particularly men, have lost their connection with the source, sometimes called natural intuition. The union of the masculine with the feminine hinges on this connection with source.  Men are naturally prone to using their mind to choose, create, build, and protect. Women are naturally prone to use their intuition by gathering the whispers of nature and allowing them to stream through art, expression, and actions of love and cultivation.  Male and female energies must find this balance in order for civilization to find this balance. Currently, however, the dominance of the mind structures and strictures has treated the feminine instincts and flow as superficial, silly, irrelevant, unproven, untested and even dangerous. This is not a new thing.  The process of programming the entire population of earth began with the beginning of the written word. Euripides wrote a play called the Bacchae which takes place in a city that is abandoned by all the women. This abandonment of the city by women represents the division between the natural feminine and masculine energies. The results in the play are catastrophic and violent, and a mother ends up killing her son by ripping apart his flesh. The wild nature of intuition, when uncultivated is just as much a danger as the excessive dominance and control of the rational masculine mind. This is why the balance of opposites, of male and female, yin and yang, are the bedrock of human civilization and the planet. Practicing and working with this balance is the challenge of life. Death is what relieves us from it. How many have chosen death before even trying?

The main goal of the alien synthetic programming is use human energetic fields as batteries. They do this by getting us to willingly give up life, living, hearth/mind balancing, in exchange for ease of use, simplistic lifestyle, mental absorption, and a feeling of being in control as an ego . The dark dead energy of the programmed “distorted” masculine surrounds the feminine and demands of her to become more reasonable, and obey the structures of the society to which he is connected. She agrees , because she is afraid of herself, of her feminine intuition, of her wild nature, and her ability to feel and intuit beyond the realm of time and space. The priestess at the oracle of Delphi was always a young girl, the magic of the feminine powers, and the connection to Gaia in her natural form. That is what we have been taught to fear and to ultimately destroy, as humanity has allowed itself to become a tool of alien technology that is designed to sever our connection to life and living, joy and self-sufficiency, the circle of life in general.  All of this has occurred through thousands of years of persuasive spiritual, religious, and scientific language, the dominance of mind, pornography, entertainment media, false science, and political rhetoric and manipulation. All of these are forms of persuasion designed to sever the connection between masculine and female energies, between the logic of language, and the inspiration of intuition. In the end, we all suffer. In the end, we are lost in a map not of our making  – until we choose to abandon it; until we choose to create our own gardens, teach our own children, live our own lives together in the fullest way we know how. 

I haven’t been writing over the past few months because I was doing some weeding out of my energetic field. There were some structures I was relying on, in order to communicate inside the system. I was experiencing a consciousness that was overly obsessed with structure, persuasive clarity, rather than heart and inspiration. For now, the weeds feel cleared, but I know I will find more soon enough. The garden of life and living is a work that is never complete, but is always full of discovery, wonder, and most of all hope.

Spiritual Contracts: The Foundation of Human Suffering and Fractured Souls

contract (v.)

late 14c., “to draw into a smaller compass, become smaller, shrink” (intransitive); early 15c. “make an agreement, enter into a contract, agree or establish to undertake mutually,” from Old French contracter and directly from Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere “to draw several objects together; draw in, shorten, lessen, abridge,” metaphorically “make a bargain, make an agreement,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + trahere “to draw” (see tract (n.1)). Related: Contracted; contracting.

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to the awakening process is dealing with your relationship to other people. We have grown up in a world that has, for many centuries, placed a huge importance on not being separated from the group or the village or the society.  During certain times in the past, this made a lot of sense because our physical survival often depended on it. There continues to be certain cultures in the world who live in this kind of survival mode, where the individual exists only to serve his village and his culture (relationship to the gods).

I am going to assume that those who are reading this post are not villagers. I just want to get that out of the way.

There is much talk about the Great Awakening in the political arena. In that arena, the awakening is treated as if it were a process of discovering “truth”. This is not what awakening is. Awakening is a shifting of consciousness such that the entire basis of reality is suspect: not just “theirs”, but your understanding of who you are, your identity, your relationships, and your aspirations. Awakening is not “outer focused”. It is inner focused. When we fuss about what others are doing or not doing, that is when we are off the path of awakening. However, getting off the path is actually part of the path! When we start focusing and fussing over what others are doing or not doing, we can take that opportunity to look at our bondage/contracts with others. If we are seeking the truth of our being, we will eventually realize that these contracts are just in the way of our awakening process. We will want to release them, and not making a lifestyle out of being a warrior against the enemy of what we think truth is. Fighting against the world, is like fighting about a contract you signed and agreed to. If the solution was to simply dissolve the contract, it would be a lot easier. If the world could be freed from slavery through the dissolution of such contracts, wouldn’t you do it?

In this article, I want to talk about why many of us are too focused on what others are doing and not doing, believing or not believing. It doesn’t matter what “side” you are on. The attitude is the same: the other side is not doing or saying what they are supposed to: “They aren’t listening to me.”, “They aren’t listening to the right people”. This is all combative and will never resolve the fundamental problem, which is the contracts.

Contracts show up first in the way we relate to others. Most people feel that their own joy is deeply connected to the conditional joy of others or the profitability of an event. “I won’t be happy until he does this or that”. “How can I be free when everyone else is in chains”? “How can life by joyful when this or that is going on?”.  All of these statements reflect the same programming which is “joy is conditional”. That joy, however, is easily derived from this programmatic statement which is “My light/power is conditional”.  That our power and joy are conditional is the greatest lie of all. It is the lie of the Matrix programming.  Currently, the Matrix programming is falling apart, and the contracts we rely on are falling apart. That is why everyone is so angry with each other and there is so much divisiveness. We have a choice. We either believe to fall apart because the programming is falling apart or we believe we can let go of the thing that is dividing us in the first place, like a bad marriage. We can continue to fight, bicker, scream and harm each other. Or, we realize that there is something strange going on – why are we so attached to what others are doing? This relationship is not working. There is an underlying expectation from all sides that something should be a certain way, but isn’t. That underlying expectation is the contract or contracts involved.

The Matrix survives through contracts – not natural or divine connection. The contracts are restrictive and confining and involve a conditional agreement between two or more parties.  They always involve an exchange of energy. You give up something to get something. You share a bit of your energy in exchange for some kind of experience. This is how fame and success is acquired in the Matrix. Fame and success can happen naturally, but is extremely difficult because the Matrix has so much control over that area of consciousness. Society survives on fame and success, on leaders in the spotlight and a proof of their benefit.  So, the contract defines the terms of the exchange. When both parties receive what they want, they are happy. When they don’t receive what they want, they aren’t happy.  A happy society is working well beneath the contract and likes its leaders. But these social contracts run through our personal lives as well. Consider that every person in your life can hold a contract with you. It is unspoken, yes. These are spiritual contracts, but they are powerful, especially if you try to let go. All contracts are energetic exchanges of some form, either physical energy or ethereal or both. They can be established through blood, through semen, through the simple touching of hands: some kind of exchange of DNA.  The more control of the DNA we have, the more we control the contracts. This is the true reason for genetic/DNA research. The mRNA “vaccines” are an attempt to lay a platform for genetic contract manipulation of the population. As you can probably imagine, most of the contracts we bind to are completely beneath the radar of our consciousness. This is why “higher consciousness” isn’t necessarily going to help you remove the contracts, unless you see them with that higher consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you can find your place of peace and joy. If you fall away from that when interacting with the world, then you are still bound.  But there is good news there.  You can take the opportunity of this uncomfortable and limited feeling to notice where you are bound. At that point you can release it by bringing in the light of your soul, through energetic transmutation and calling the contract “null and void”. If it still won’t budge, then you might have to use some other strategies for your particular circumstance.

It is important to keep in mind that nature doesn’t require contracts. All the beings of nature, on this planet, and beyond, simply work together as they are. They encounter each other. There is an event. They leave each other. No drama. No attachment. There is no energy loss – only exchange. With energetic contracts, we feel depleted by others, not fulfilled or empowered. Or, we feel animated by others, excited, inspired – but it doesn’t last very long. In the world of contracts, relationships are shaky, dramatic, and can only be maintained through eventual compromise. I am going to use animals as an example of natural energy exchange. I am not suggesting that we act like animals. I am suggesting that we have the ability to navigate life that is not filled with energy loss or a feeling as if all love is fleeting and ephemeral.  Animals do not have to compromise in order to interact. They can reflect their natural awareness to us by the way they handle life in the wild. The bird doesn’t fuss over what to do next. It does it. The bird knows where to fly in the flock. It doesn’t have to fumble around. We call it instinct.  Natural beings do not suffer greed or dependence the way human do. They hunt when they need food. They don’t hunt for sport. When a snake is ready to die, it wants to die. It’s will is aligned with nature – unafraid, just being. On the other hand, human beings create contracts and, because they are not aware of them, do not know how to resolve them. Promises of all sorts – to live forever. These are interesting ones. There are ones that promise safety to you. There are others that promise that you will be taken care of, or loved. All of these contain fine print. For example, since most people don’t know who they are, they don’t realize “who” is the one getting to live forever. It is a tricky deal that is individually fine-tuned.

To explain contracts, I like to use fame as an example. The reason is that fame is a contract that attempts to give us universal love and acceptance. The cost is true unconditional love of soul. The more fame we want, the more we “sell” our soul. Unconditional love is exchanged for the conditional. The soul agrees to give parts of itself into the matrix and those pieces are passed out like candy under the conditions of the contract. Other people receive them and then reflect adoration back to the original owner. The result is that the original “owner” feels love and acceptance from others. This is why cult leaders get into so much trouble. This is why many famous celebrities are left broken and dissolved, ruined and plagued with abuse and addiction. The average human being also experiences this, but not on the same scale. During the past fifty years it has become increasingly easy for every human being to become famous to some extent, through social media, podcasts, and various other means.

Every contract we make is an exchange of energy. This is the true meaning of currency. Paper money is a ruse. The true money is your energy, your focus and your attention in the heart space.  There are some who like having lots of people around them for support, help, assistance, friendship, etc. This is why fame is so attractive and gets most people every time, if given the opportunity. There is a cost for this, as there is a price in everything. Nothing is free, because everything is energy. Again, contracts are made by transferring pieces of soul to others. This gives them a sense of comfort, that you are somehow connected to them. It enlivens them in some way. This is a good thing between mother and child, as it is a natural energy exchange. Fame and contracts is an unnatural and synthetic attempt to imitate that. The effect of course is that humanity has become infantilized, always looking for others to give it the love and comfort it needs. It seeks that in fame, whether that fame is through Facebook likes or through stardom. Either way, the individual is completely controlled and bonded to the community giving it the very love that it could be giving to itself all along. The reason why people are addicted to certain ideas, philosophies, points of view, people, is because of these contracts. This why people stay in abusive or detrimental situations. The spiritual contracts are a million times more powerful than our conscious ones.

In the Matrix, love works like that. It is fragments of a broken mirror that we can get lost in, chasing other people, thinking we are chasing love, friendship, wealth, fame. The truth is that we are just chasing pieces of ourselves. It is very strange. The number of fragments we can create and pieces we give away are innumerable, because the number of contracts are undefined. The reason that it is infinitely possible is because the energy is actually generated from an infinite source, which is the soul.  The soul is who we are, and it is the soul that has infinite and unbounded energy or love.

The Matrix always carries distortion of the soul and soul energy. Doesn’t matter if you talking about love, awakening, spirituality, etc. Even now, because I am using the common language of English, my energy is being distorted.  Awakening cannot happen if we remain bound to the Matrix. It is that simple. So, talk about “The Great Awakening” is fine, but it is only the beginning. Knowing horrible things about politicians is not an awakening. It is not about discovering that you have been lied t o. Awakening is not about learning the truth of something. It seeing that the entire foundation of belief and knowledge that you had was a lie. It is about learning that you were the one who was lying to yourself.

Remember, the meaning of the word ‘contract’ is to make smaller. Contracts make things small and limited. You are immediately restricted, fractured and fragmented. The more contracts that bind you, the more restricted you feel. The more you release, the more freedom you experience in the world. This is not a conceptual thing. You actually experience yourself as a free autonomous being that can choose the life you want to live, regardless of what is happening around you or what others are doing or not doing.  You see and feel that they don’t limit you in any way. It is truly the road less travelled. Most people cannot be with that. They especially can’t be with it in totalitarian society that attempts to control in every way it can. The truth is that it cannot control these spiritual contracts. If these contracts release, the totalitarianism in the physical will fall.

The most difficult part about awakening is coming to terms with these things, coming to terms to the fact that in being bound to these contracts, we have chosen bondage, and not freedom. Most people point to others in order to blame them for the misery they have caused in the world. People have, in the Matrix, an ardent desire to make the “other” the problem, the one who is keeping them from safety or happiness or whatever.  If you wish to truly help the state of the world as you see it, work to dissolve your contracts between yourself and the beings who wish to keep you enchained. No external forcing, persuading, convincing, or arguing is going to change others to your point of view. You don’t need to change your point of view in order to change the world. All you need to do is dissolve your contracts, your limitations, your smallness, your idea that you need others in order to be free.  As you dissolve your contracts with them, you give them a little more freedom as well. If we all do this on a planetary scale, then we will see the change we want to be in the world. So the best remedy for life is freedom, and the best way to freedom is to cultivate what brings you joy, despite the darkness in the world, the evil, the demands and shackles that the world seems to want to live inside of. Just be free. Just be joyful. That is the beginning. Let there be light.

Mirrors of Light (One)

Spirit works through us,
as the sun stretches far into deep caverns,
even as it dances upon the surface of things,
it still falls down to inconceivable foundations
where dark creatures are free in their mysteries.

Every living creature breathing,
has the sun shining through it,
for light we are,
and to light we will return,
flowing like the waters;
but unlike the waters,
we cannot be contained.
So, we flow into and out of one another,
organ from organ, cell to cell, pain to memory:
we are one, but not even parts of the whole,
for we are invisible to the naked eye,
nudging us as we arise into new dreams
while we are still sleep walking.

This is what love is.
Not the desire.
Not the romance.
Love is the sun that showers,
The light that floods us all.
You can see them if you ask,
If you stand in the Present.
If you awaken from your sleep.

The harmless words we speak in the theater
can shatter the heart of those who hear us,
launching them into unknown darkness;
for the shadows contain more light,
than the intentional speeches of mind.
These are acts of love.

We live here on the earth in ignorance.
Nothing works as we expect.
We do not love who we think we love.
Our intentions fall like leaves in autumn,
for spirit uses our mind like pawns
so that we might love more.

We are that for each other.
We are that for Spirit.
we are the others for each other.
Mirrors within mirrors never-ending,
encouraging, goading each to see the truth,
that we are one and where one goes, goes all.
that if you are in pain, I feel it;
that if you are in joy, I feel it;
the boundaries are all illusion.
can you feel each cell’s desire to be free,
not by itself, but in the body’s entirety?

But mind wants to understand by dividing:
are these words a poem or a bit of prose?
do they rhyme? is the rhythm right? do I like it?
But this is nothing at all, just the spellings on screen,
a strange uncanny bit of light flickers in between,
an attempt to point towards a living being dreaming
that wants its soul, its planetary body, to see.

When you hate the other one,
you hate forgotten pieces of you.
When you love the other one,
You love forgotten pieces of you.
That is why, when you reach out,
you are reaching out to shadows,
phantoms that dissolve as they say,
as the dust in the wind,
as child’s dream dissolve.

The others are there to remind you of yourself.
The other is never other.
The other is what you have abandoned in yourself
When you return, the other dissolves.

We are not the mirror,
but we pretend to live in all the reflections of the mirror
like children playing house or school
before they know what is a house or school.

By the light of the Spirit working through us,
We live in fantasy and play in order to grow,
fed by a light showering light through all by all,
until the day where we as Source do see
and in silence stand we speechless
in the Presence of what love is,
that it is One,
that it is We.

Prison Planet: Choices vs. Free Will

Communities, like a flock of birds, are a natural and beautiful part of living and life. Supporting each other, working together, communicating and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge is not only necessary, but one of the great joys in life. Every group, every organization, whether that is a group of friends or a group of associates, volunteers, etc. exists by virtue of the investment of its members. This means that every individual in a community has a role to play, and, as a role, is either contributing, consuming or both. The more casual the group, the easier it for the group to grow as a unit, transform, and change direction. This can happen relatively easily – though not always –  in a group of friends or family. However, in larger organizations, change is slow and laborious and so is usually avoided. But its not avoided only because it is slow and laborious. It is avoided because larger and more embedded organizations have taken on, not only a strong egoic identity as a whole, but also strong mandate and contract for the individuals who consider themselves as members. A strong national identity is associated with this kind of organization. Also, a corporation such as Microsoft or Amazon provides a clear direction, goals, and inner character that is expected to be upheld by all its members. Members of communities are expected to follow the community guidelines as a rule. As individuals, most of us are members of various communities, in various roles.

The problem, however, with communities today, is that they have become, not natural formations, but synthetic structures of control.  Even communities such as groups of friends and family are affected by this phenomenon. This is because of the overlap of communities and the infiltration of one inside the other. For example, an individual can belong to political party with which his family is not affiliated. , When a political party becomes more associated with the identity of the individual, the ego offers less room for family and friends. Ego is always about role and identity. Egos cannot carry too many roles because it requires a reconciliation of incompatible roles,  a process that, to the mind, seems impossible (although this is a lie). More and more, we are seeing stories of families being toward apart simply on the basis of political beliefs, or beliefs in, for example, whether or not vaccines are harmful. These beliefs, that are planted outside the immediate communities of friends and family, are somehow easily being able to tear those more organic groups to pieces.

This phenomenon is rooted in the inability to reconcile difference, as it shows up in our lives.  The political party might believe that capitalism is bad, and the individual yet still has desires to open up a photography business. Which view does the individual choose? With which idea does the individual identify? On the surface, it appears that the ideas are not reconcilable, and so the individual most choose which role he wants to play. Choice is not free-will, however, and it is very crucial to notice this. The individual, in this state of two possible choices, is not utilizing his creative energy to actually merge the two together.

So, the individual will choose whichever choice most appeals to him at the time. “Appeals” is a broad term, and encompasses pretty much everything. We can choose things because others expect us to, or we fear losing something if we don’t. We can have all sorts of reasons for the choice, but in the end we also choose what seems to be to our advantage in the context of a particular group. In this case, the group could be the political party, or the family. Family is usually tied up with our identity as a child, and so is associated with our past, ancestral, and immediate. For that reason, we tend to choose the groups that promise something to us in the future, like a future in a political party, or in a point of  view that will be advantageous towards getting friends, a mate, and success. There are those interesting individuals who have had parents who have made a point of placing themselves in control of their child’s future. In those cases, the individual will generally choose family.

But these choices, as they prevent themselves, are just choices. We aren’t, when we experience life as an array of choices, engaging in our natural ability to create the life we want.  Choice is of course more comfortable.  Having limited options means you don’t have to exert too much effort in making a choice. The greater the array of choices, the more difficult it does become, however, especially when you are not in any awareness of what your soul really wants to create. The world today spends most of its time in choices and options, not in creation.  When we are spending time in choices or options, you will find that there are groups or organizations behind those choices and options, meaning that they are not yours and  they never will be. Groups always provide options and choices. This is great for a  while, but choices and options are like the spaces in between the prison bars. Sure, you get to see outside pretty well, but you can’t really go anywhere outside the boundary of the group, without free falling into  the void of free-will. This why Rousseau said that man is born free, but is everywhere in chains.

To be creative in the world is to let go of the choices and options, and create your own. Many creative people reach a point where they truly exhausted in trying to find a “group” that works for them. People such as artists, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers – all sorts of people who want to go a different path – fear that creative path because it won’t immediately guarantee to provide the success that the organizations may offer in return for their hard work. Contracts are attractive because they promise something. Creativity doesn’t have a contract. It only expresses itself. The choice between choice (or contract) and creation often seems to be the choice between a certainty and uncertainty, and wealth and poverty.  Fortunately, this dichotomy is an illusion of the highest order – designed precisely to keep you controlled, and inside the boundaries of surveillance and manipulation. There is no choice between choice and creation. There are choices, and then we go beyond choices – where the choices are actually created.

Creation is the source of all things, communities, parties, families, choices. Our world is something we create, but we cannot do that if we are living in reality structures and constructs that are not ours to begin with, and that are designed to actually keep us in low-grade fear, similar to the fear of a child. The inner-child movement seeks to reconnect us to that inner child for healing. This is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. The inner child actually needs to be merged into who we are now – the child needs to grow up, not be coddled and attended to.  That is just an imagination, that creates more division within the psyche of the individual. The creativity and joy of a child is not the same as the creativity and joy of an adult. A child is meant to be limited by the choices of the parents, for his safety and education. The adult doesn’t have to be.  Plato said that the Greeks are like children.  But when Plato said “Greeks” he generally meant all of civilization.  The manipulation of our energies has had us become increasingly infantilized, which is evidenced by the preponderance of victim mentalities and a general experience of being insubstantial, powerless, and uncurious about the scary world outside of us and within us.

So groups provide something like a romper room, or a place to make us feel more comfortable. They give us a role and a job, and so a sense of identity. There are people who are thirty years old, living out identities that were structured when they were fourteen. Some undergo modest adjustments over time, but they are kept inside the same circle of influence, the same recurring role in the play.  Most of us do not know what it is like to actually experience the fresh air of creativity, because we are only using a very small percentage of it. The rest of our energy is being utilized to fuel the energetic structures designed to keep us  trapped inside our playpens.  Plato wrote about this over two thousand years ago, in his Cave Allegory. Things haven’t changed much. In fact, the deception and the nature of the prison planet has grown more and more powerful. Yet, the good news is that, as the deception has grown into ridiculous proportions, so have those of us who can see through it and help others to see through it. There is always the light at the end of the tunnel. The hardest part is letting go of the toys and the playthings that have kept us distracted from the powerful being that we are.

Some people might say, well, how can I escape this kind of thing? The world can seem like a tangled mess, with all sorts of manipulations threaded through apparently benign groups and organizations.  Some might look to a leader to save them, or some kind of organization to rid the planet of all the nonsense once and for all. This cannot happen. To want to be saved is to a child hoping mom will get rid of the monster under the bed. What needs to happen is the awareness needs to emerge that the monster doesn’t exist and so there is no need to be saved. What must happen is that each one of us must choose to clear ourselves of the illusion. The illusion is just an illusion – the synthetic realities most of us live in, feel limited by, and – strangely enough  – defend, are the things that we must let go of. A great deal of what we are hanging onto are the projections of group dynamics, commonly called peer-pressure or group-think. Everyone knows what group think is. Most seem to avoid detecting it in their own lives. There is a deep seated fear of being left out, of being alone, have being free and of being in the presence of your own free will.  That terror, of being alone is the very thing that is used to keep the sheep in check. The projection of the scary wolves is just a reinforcement of that fear. But if you face the fear itself, you’ll see that everything you have been running from has always been yourself.

When you are in the presence of your creative power – solutions appear and many problems cease to exist. Problems are simply a result of the systems, and when they are the result of systems of control, the false realities we live in, they dissolve along with those false realities. So if you believe there is a race problem because of the structure of reality that emphasizes that, you will think it is a real problem, and you will try to fix it or help fix it. The problem however will not go away, because the structure wants there to always be a problem. The solutions will become increasingly painful as time goes on, if the system proliferates unchecked. But if the system reaches saturation and releases itself and deletes its processes, it will cease to exist and so will the problem. Magically, racial problems will be no more. The solutions to problems in all systems, programmatic or otherwise, is a reprogramming of the system, or a the displacement of that system with something else.  You can never fix a bug in any system by removing the effects of that bug.  You need to change internal processes. That requires creativity and the ability to stand outside the system. Who is willing to stand outside the system that generates issues concerning race?

This is why we have to be very cautious when the world announces that there are problems that must be addressed, especially when the propaganda is immense, and a great deal of money is invested in keeping the problem around. Books, philosophies, educational courses, medical treatments, the manipulation of society – there are all sorts of agendas that profit from the false illusion of problems that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Often, these sorts of systemic problems are sourced in small incidents that could easily be resolved on the local level. But there is no profit in low level problems. There is only profit in large scale problems like wars, pandemics and global racism.  In all of these, solutions will always lead to more and more problems. It is different kind of war, this information war. The casualties are not bodies, but billions of souls who were born free, and reduced to slavery.

In all these problems, the rising of consciousness is never introduced as a solution, and that is because there is an interest in keeping the world in a state of retroactive unconsciousness. It keeps us in a state of believing that we are trapped in a past action, for which we must pay the consequences in both the present and the future. Today, much of the world is living in a world where they are paying for the consequences of things that have happened in the past. Many are willing to call this a life worth living. I am not willing to call it that, and that is why I choose a life that is not fortified by or nourished by the identities those structures are offering. Every day, I discover something new and strange about the programmatic multidimensional systems we are living in, and every day, it gets easier and easier to simply remove them from my eyes wide open.

Seeking Presence, Seeking the Star

Life would be so simple for all of us if we did only one thing. Or, rather, if we were only one thing. What is that one thing? That would be who you are. Who you are is who you are.  But most people aren’t interested in being who they are. Instead, they are interested in being something else.  The entire reason why spirituality and spiritual practices exist, the entire reason why religion exists is because humanity, as a whole, feels incomplete in the way they seem to exist, somehow cut off from spirit and divinity.  But spirituality is usually a last resort. First they try other things. A person seeks a better career, more money, a relationships They do this and this makes up their life. But it never seems to be enough. The person keeps trying to make things better and better. After all, what else could be more interesting that constant improvement, constant goal chasing, a chance to be come better than the day before? Since we were kids, haven’t we been taught that self-improvement is a good thing? Isn’t there an entire section in the book store for self-improvement books?

But when the self-improvement seminars and books fail, we might turn to spiritual pursuits and teachings.  At that point, the spiritual seeker is looking to use spirituality and spiritual practice, to get the things he couldn’t get before. This is why there are countless YouTube videos on how to manifest your desires, how to attract your soul mate, how to get rich through intention and soul work. But this is not spiritual practice, this is yet another trying to get better, to improve your life, to become a better person or something better than something else. As Socrates said in the Republic, it is an example of chasing something for the sake of something else, and not for its own sake. The true philosopher – the philosopher meaning the truth seeker – is the one who seeks it for its own sake. In other words, the soul seeks itself for the sake of itself and nothing else.  The seeking part happens because we are lost. But when we are found, we realize we were never lost in the first place – that we have always been who we are. We just didn’t want to be present to ourselves.

Soul work, or true spiritual work happens when we stop chasing what we think is better than we are, and instead open up to our awareness and experience of who we are. But it takes a while to get to that point. So, in the beginning we are not doing spiritual work, but are simply seeking our spirit. It is a bit like trying to find our body in a room that is pitch black. It is present, but we can’t see it. We are present already, but our consciousness is not in the right place. In fact, it seems like this “right place” or presence has very little value compared to the better and better stuff that we have created.  After all, can presence be on TV? No it can’t. You can see presence outside of you. You can’t see who you are outside of you. What you see outside of you is never you, including what you think about yourself. Every thought, every expression through language is outside presence. But we want to see. We want proof, to show others how great we are, how beautiful, how kind, how loving. Many would rather see these things, than just be them. The world is always louder and more advantageous than presence – so it seems. We forget all the world’s a stage…

So, in seeking ourselves because we are blind, we  spend most of our time in resistance to “what is”. In that resistance, we create everything that doesn’t belong to who we are. That is why humanity never stops trying, failing, and trying again.  You, who you are, are inside what is. You are what is for you. This is totally unacceptable in any society or group, and it is an unacceptable thing that begins at a young age, when you decided, usually through someone else, that who you are is not enough in some way, that who you are is lacking – not happy enough, not clever, not beautiful, not fun enough. Something like that.  We begin to move away from what is; we begin to move our consciousness away from who we are and we direct it onto something we’d like to be – another person, a friend, a movie star, a parent – anything. Anything but us. We learn at a young age to be seek out or try to be like others. That is the basis of modern society to this day. The collective consciousness is a pooling together of individuals’ consciousness who don’t want to be present to who they are. As a result, no one is really there. That is why we easily fall for illusions and magic tricks. Very few are paying attention. For this reason, those who do manage to be present to who they are, are seen as strange, powerful beings. Some are seen as crazy or weird. Most people think they could never be like those people, the visionaries, the bold inventors, some famous and some not famous. Most people wouldn’t want to be them, or they secretly envy them, because they seem so careless and free. Socrates was killed for being himself. There are many others. Pythagoras’ legacy was destroyed. All we have left is his triangles. These are the individual pioneers who dare to be what their dreams are made of, what nature has designed them to be. They have allowed their consciousness to be directed by their soul presence. They didn’t ask permission. They didn’t ask for validation. They just saw and did the best they can.

Such human beings don’t have to be rare at all. But most of us confuse power with ego and ego with power. We think that all expressions of power are ego. No, not all expressions of power are ego. Expressions of control are ego. Mozart didn’t write his music because he was obsessed with control. No, the divine literally flowed through him and he allowed it. He couldn’t stop writing music. His music is who he is and he is his music. There is eternity in that, as we still hear him to this day, long after his body has passed away. Our souls are like that. They are eternal and they can manifest in this reality in a way that transcends time and place. But this is not ego. This is a powerful soul expressing itself.  Can you tell the difference within yourself? Do you feel something great within you, that is not ego based, but just wants to express itself, like a child dancing in the rain or playing in mud? Something you know that is magical within you, but you doubt it because it doesn’t fit into your plans or the plans others seem to have of you?  Does it frighten you because you might have to give up something that makes you comfortable? Does it frighten you because you might offend or disappoint someone? What is keeping you from being you as a magical being? How much of your life are you willing to spend on plans, goals, and activities that do not belong to you?  How long will the flower seed try to grow into a tree? When will the rabbit stop trying to behave like the wolf? How long will humanity try to pretend that, in order to be good, we have to be please each other?

Life would be so simple if we would be who we are, fearless and compassionately who we are. There is creativity in that – natural creativity. Inspiration, which means breathing in Latin, is something that is natural to us and natural to everyone, as long as our soul is free to breathe. There is no government, no person, no place that has control over who you are. You are always free, now and forever, in every way. There is no one way to express the soul – everyone ,is different and unique in their own expression. The natural way follows nature. Look to the natural planet and all the creatures on it. Is there something that we could do without? Is there are wrong animal species? No. Only human beings create wrong and unnatural, and we do it because we believe to have lost what we can’t have. We believe we are nothing when everything is what we are. We have become blind to what we are because we are obsessed with become important, better,  famous, and wealthy. So much confusion has given rise to entire movements designed to justify that confusion, the rage, the anger, the sense of injustice and failure that arises, not because of society or the world; but because, simply, we have lost sight of our own breath, our own breathing.

The Star – Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

True spiritual work begins with the will to be present, to be present and learn about who you are. This means being able to make choices between what is good for you and what is not. It means not being afraid to offend others in those choices, and to always honor the soul that you are as you are.  Being present means not requiring drama against this or for that, but simply choosing because it is what is natural to choose. It is not demanding others follow or others shun.  Life becomes a river that flows through you, that you often hold like a cup holds water, and let it go when you are ready to let it go. Your world then becomes a reflection in that water, a reflection of the being as it flows through, as it rises and falls, and as it stagnates. It doesn’t matter where in the river you stand, or what time you stand, the water continues as the rains continue to fall, refilling overflowing – all of it is still you, effortless and unencumbered even where the water meets the shore. This is the meaning of the river and the star.

Language of Your Multidimensional Soul

I am often asked about the different dimensions of reality.  There are many resources on the internet that detail the different dimensions and what they entail. In my experience, however, these dimensions are similar to maps: they are a way to organize the energetic frequency scale from low to high. The highest dimension of course, would be of the highest frequency of light, while the lowest would be the denser frequencies of the physical world. Either way, many people worry about what frequency they are experiencing in their spiritual life. In the end, the true answer is that we are experiencing all of them at once. We are multidimensional, because we receive an enormous amount of energy every minute of our life. Our biological bodies are designed to only receive what we need to receive. In other words, we cannot receive all the possible information of the universe. It would, actually, destroy our physical bodies. The same principle applies to your electrical devices. If they receive too much voltage or at a frequency that is too high, they will be destroyed. Some people’s bodies are able receive more of the lower frequency and some receive more of the higher. It is all a matter of individual readiness, aptitude, and purpose. It is not a matter of spiritual superiority or awareness. Awareness has nothing to do with the frequency and voltage of energetic reception. Our awareness of presence on all dimensions is delivered through what many call light language. Plato called this the logos, a word for which we have no true translation. The word comes from an agrarian word which means to gather, as in gathering a harvest. Language is a gathering, a focusing together of many elements into one bundle. You could call a word a singular photon of light, from the Greek word phōs, which means light, the light of the sun and the light of the higher consciousness.

Light Language

As I am writing this article, I am receiving energetic frequencies in the form of light language, which I translate into English. It has taken me years to be able to do this, and yet it was not something I have had to “work” at in the normal sense of working at something. I do not plan what I write. I sit and write.  I am not interested in the craft of writing. I am interested in the communication of light. That is all. I learned to see light codes when I studied Greek, then Latin, then Sanskrit. You learn to see the light behind the symbolic scripts. I also easily learned programming (mathematical) languages, such as C++, C, C#. Once you see the light codes, you can learn all possible languages with ease. All poetry ever written, not matter how old or young, contains more and less light codes – some greater some less. Some not at all.

The codes can be transmitted directly, and we do this in our experience in the world. Many people receive these codes outside of language. The receive through interactions with people, nature and events; through dreams, and sleep. Pretty much, we receive these as if were walking talking radio receivers. Much of the time, we are not conscious of this because the light interaction is not usually in the field of our conscious frequency spectrum. For example, if our consciousness is immersed in the physical plain, we will experience it as if it were caused by something in the physical plain. The more consciously aware we become, however, the more we will notice when we receive something, because our reality will immediately shift into a wider conscious perspective. We will notice that objects and people are not causing the light we are experiencing. Something else is, from a different mode of our existence. That is when we stop seeking the light in external sources, and begin to seek within. Regardless of where we are, there will always, if we allow it, come a point when we feel an urge to transmit, through art, or some form of creativity or skill. It is impossible to deny this because the energy becomes overpowering. It must be released. It is not because your boss tells you have to get it down, or because you want to be famous, or because you want money. You have to release this energy. For example, I have to write this, otherwise the energy build-up is tremendously painful.  This overpowering energy is your soul working with nature and Source at full speed. It is impossible to avoid this train, this kind of powerful momentum. The artist is the art form that he creates. This is the experience of your soul in the world. If we were all living in this, we would live the harmony that all other creatures in live in on the earth. Why don’t we do that? We don’t trust ourselves.

Light language, and everything that speaks with it, is something that always expands consciousness and your awareness. You trust it like you trust your own breath and heart beat. It is ever present and every working with you. It cannot be denied. It deepens your sense of presence.  In the next section I will explain a bit about why we don’t trust it, and so actually resist it, and resist ourselves, causing much suffering and pain. Regardless of the blockages, however, we still all feel it daily, some more and some less. Many people experience light language through reading books of wisdom, poetry, and art.  On the internet, people enjoy sharing memes. Many of these memes contain the light codes that expand your consciousness into an awareness of the multidimensional nature of presence.  This expansion can happen instantaneously, giving you a sense of “Wow, that is so true”.  Yes, the light bulb goes off when we experience light activation through light language. But, although we do experience this often, we will often go back to our lives of work, worry, entertainment, and the pursuit of knowledge. In other words, we go back to what we feel we “have to do” to survive.  In many ways, internet memes are like drive-by advertisements/reminders to seek out the light, to seek out what expands your awareness beyond the particular frequency you are currently driving on. The problem is, most people keep on driving (or really, being driven).

Light language (logos) is the language of the soul and the language of the truth of the soul. That is why the word for truth in Greek is aletheia. It means remembering, or unveiling what is forgotten. The light language always reminds you of who you are. It does not try to convince you of who you are. It doesn’t reprimand you. It doesn’t tell you that you need to be better or try harder. it is pure awareness and recovery of who you truly are. It is always and forever expansive and full of true unconditional love. It is important to remember that, because most people’s minds are filled with negative perceptions and attitudes about life and themselves, worrying about the future, and regretful of the past. It is incredibly damaging, because it creates fear, impatience, shame, anger, and frustration. When that happens to you, the best thing to do is find a source for light language, whether that is a meditation, a wisdom book, or something you do that puts you back in touch with your soul energy.

Writing is where I express my soul. When I write, I am working multidimensionally. My physical body is typing the words; my mind is translated light language into English, and I am allowing the light to continue to transmit the message. All of my writing speaks of one general topic, but it contains infinite possibilities. Remember, it is the logos, the gathering of light. It is a packet of light, a singular unit that illuminates all that it gathers simultaneously. You could even call it a quantum particle. It appears one way when you look at it one way, and completely different when you look at it another. The light and the aspects of the light shift with the shifting of consciousness. At first you planting something called a seed into a garden, but then you realize that the planting of the seed has a message for you. You are called to pay more attention to what seeds you are planting in your relationships, for example. Are you planting seeds, or are you creating PR campaigns? Are you trying to control how long it takes for the garden to grow, or are you enjoying the process of gardening? Could it be the case that you are a gardener, tending seeds and flowers in order to learn how to live the best life you can? Maybe the purpose of being a gardener on earth is to learn how to be a gardener of souls? Light language speaks to us about things in ways that ordinary understanding cannot understand.  This is why light language cannot be written as itself directly. The reason is that it contains possibilities of meaning, and not just one – it is guiding into the multidimensional nature of your possible existence.  All created things speak to us through the frequency by which our consciousness is tuned. The more frequencies we can see, the more spectacular our life appears in all dimensions. All of our activities are worked through from energetic input to physical output, because we are multidimensional transmitters of light energy, a.k.a. light language.

Sophistry and Synthetic Intelligence

Because light language emanates through all naturally created things, things of art, and things of nature, it is easy to see the difference between what is natural and what is created from Synthetic Intelligence.  But unlike the fact that most people cannot perceive the difference between a true and false diamond, or true and false gold, we are naturally able to see the difference between synthetic reality and biological reality. The problem is not in the recognition. The problem is in how we define it. In our society, which consists of synthetic structures of control and power, our language is devoted to making sure you ignore what light language is showing you. It will plant thoughts in your mind like, “this is silly, I don’t have time for this”, “I have work today. I don’t have time to do what I really love to do.”, “I don’t have time to play”, “How can expansive awareness pay the bills?”, “No one will like me if I am like this”, “I will disappoint everyone if I speak about this.”, “Someone told me this is bad”. Eventually, your mind is trained to replace “everyone” and “someone” with I. You are being trained to negate yourself. That is the nature of society and going along with the herd.  The opinions of the multitude become your own, and that is when you find yourself on train designed and directed by others who don’t have your best interest in mind.  This is why it is so hard for people to trust themselves truly, and why they cling to social groups, friends, and various other types of cults in order to feel secure and safe in who they are. Very few people want to stand alone. But the truth is, everyone can do it and the world would be a better place together if we all allow the different flowers to bloom naturally.

You are energy and your soul speaks through you energetically, beyond physical language. Light language is the language of Source or God to your soul, and so the language will illuminate what you are meant to see and experience. It is yours and yours alone. This is why it is completely fruitless and even harmful for you to spend your life thinking that what illuminates for you, must also illuminate for others. Society’s tendency to want to control others, to manipulate them in order to persuade them to a certain point of view, is a function of Synthetic Intelligence. Plato called this kind of argumentation and persuasion sophistry. To him, sophistry is not interested in truth, but is interested instead in being right and persuading others. Plato didn’t have a word for ego, but if he did, he would characterize the ego as sophistic in nature.

Synthetic intelligence is often sold as being smart or science. It does this in order to prove itself, to prove itself as the best way for everyone. When we preoccupy ourselves in Synthetic Intelligence, we find the rest of the world to be resistant to our good ideas, to be ignorant sheep, to be unwilling to listen to (our) reason, etc. This through process often propels people into great feats of speechmaking, video making, and various other forms of modern sophistry. As it stands, our society is completely addicted to sound bites, emotionally charged unsubstantiated rhetoric, and snarky memes. Most people don’t want to travel down the proverbial rabbit hole, but the rabbit hole is the soul language, the multidimensional, multifaceted diamond that reflects your souls and the soul of human kind. The richness and strangeness of history, of all the created beings of the world are hidden inside you. Yes, you are a universe of every brilliant conceivable color and sound, shape and depth.  The world has created a life in the physical dimension that is afraid of what is inside you, and it uses that fear to manipulate, to convince you that it is safer to stay complacent and fearful with the rest of those who are also just as fearful.

As a society, we have, as a whole, strayed far from soul’s inspiration, and have instead become a tool for manipulation and control, for defense and offense. The more we live inside of sophistic language, the less we are open to receiving the light language through our soul. It is very simple. Millions of people spend enormous amounts of time on the internet, listening to and conversing with others. Arguing, praising, liking, disliking, forwarding, sharing. All of those activities are about approval and disapproval, praise and condemnation. What we are doing is creating a world of synthetic language and imagination, and the more we engage in it, the more real it becomes. We are truly fabricating our reality through thought, through the manipulation of our consciousness. Eventually, all manipulations of consciousness have impact on the lower densities of the physical world, through inaction or specific action.  

What kind of world are we creating when we are living in the language of sophistry and the language of control?

Two Roads

There are two ways for us to go. Either we raise our level of consciousness and communication, or we do not and remain in a world of created fear, hate, and blame, a world where the soul is left uninhabited, or where the soul is forsaken and replaced with machines, computers, and Synthetic Intelligence, driven and determined by sophisticated technology companies who censor and protect you from the harm of your own free being in the universe. That is world where people choose to become weaponized SI systems, where they fail to trust their soul and nature, and guidance from within. That way is not the way for me. I hope it is not the way for you.

If we choose the raise our own consciousness, through the exploration of and expansion of soul and soul purpose, to allow the universe to speak through and with us, as in a Platonic dialogue, then we will be able to hold dialogue with all living souls around us. Our true nature is to be in dialogue with the energies all around us, the dia-logos, is what we receive and transmit. We receive words as answers and we seek with our questions, shifting our consciousness all the while. That is learning, that is growing, that is discovering. It is not about making others wrong, punishing others for things of the past, or spending time in prehistoric stories about skin color differences, and various other things that the social computer program wants you to spend time in. Those of us on this train to deeper consciousness have already know how to relate to each other souls, not as bodies with skin and bones. The only way forward to that new earth is to continue to transmit the light language, and to lead the way for the inspiration of others to join us. But to do that we need to surrender to the universe of our soul, and the to trust that we can lead the way and be an example to those around us. We cannot do this with sophistic arguments, persuasion, and social controls and governments. There are many people here working on building better systems with technology, to help us learn to trust ourselves rather than a dear ruler or a politician. The future is on its way. It is up to you to choose which way. You do that by choosing to plant the seeds you wish, for you are the gardener. There is no other.

A Garden Beyond Paradise

by Rumi

Everything you see has its roots
    in the unseen world.
The forms may change,
    yet the essence remains the same.

Every wondrous sight will vanish,
every sweet word will fade.
    But do not be disheartened,
The Source they come from is eternal--
growing, branching out,
    giving new life and new joy.

Why do you weep?--
That Source is within you,
and this whole world
    is springing up from it.

The Source is full,
its waters are ever-flowing;
    Do not grieve,
    drink your fill!
Don't think it will ever run dry--
This is the endless Ocean!

From the moment you came into this world,
a ladder was placed in front of you
    that you might transcend it.

From earth, you became plant,
from plant you became animal.
Afterwards you became a human being,
endowed with knowledge, intellect and faith.

Behold the body, born of dust--
    how perfect it has become!

Why should you fear its end?
When were you ever made less by dying?

When you pass beyond this human form,
no doubt you will become an angel
and soar through the heavens!

But don't stop there.
Even heavenly bodies grow old.

Pass again from the heavenly realm
    and plunge into the ocean of Consciousness.
Let the drop of water that is you
    become a hundred mighty seas.

But do not think that the drop alone
becomes the Ocean--
    the Ocean, too, becomes the drop!

Programs, Contracts and the Matrix

program (n.)
1630s, “public notice,” from Late Latin programma “proclamation, edict,” from Greek programma “a written public notice,” from stem of prographein “to write publicly,” from pro “forth” (see pro-) + graphein “to write” (see -graphy).

The meaning “written or printed list of pieces at a concert, playbill” is recorded by 1805 and retains the original sense. The sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923.

The general sense of “a definite plan or scheme, method of operation or line of procedure prepared or announced beforehand” is recorded from 1837. The computer sense of “series of coded instructions which directs a computer in carrying out a specific task: is from 1945.

I am going to talk a bit about programming at how it works at the soul or psychic level. You will also get at glimpse into how this relates to psychic agreements and contracts.  Many of us have been told to follow our intuition, or heart, when it comes to questions about our lives. The challenge with following intuitive messages is that there are many kinds of messages. Some messages are created by and through artificial intelligence, or what I call Synthetic Intelligence, and others are send through the natural biological universe, through and by Source or God.

The Agreement to Programs

I used to work as a software engineer, both in a practical and theoretical capacity.  With vast swathes of the population addicted to phones and devices, I can assure that nearly all of the content you see has been sent to you based on your past behavior, as well as you current interests. There is a lot of information about how your phone is spying on you, and I won’t get into that here. Everyone has been amply warned, and not many people have really cared.  We must always keep this in mind before we start complaining about how brainwashed people are these days. The truth is, that we agreed to it.

So what did we agree to? Well, many things, but I am going to focus on a general agreement, a contract. In the physical world, we signed it by checking a button, and clicking OK. We agreed to exchange our data for their data. They can take our data and use it to deliver even more content to us. The content they deliver back to us is determined by algorithms.  And, the algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to be aware that they are being targeted by profit seeking enterprises.  To the average person, they are enjoying their internet content. They are being entrained by the entertainment.  Whether you are a content creator or a consumer, your content will be trafficked in this manner, for the sake of profit both to yourself and the system. For the most part, people agree to this as long as there is a perceived benefit.

The Cancel Cult

The relationship between content creators and consumers seemed to be going quite well for a while, until the elephant in the room started moving around so we could see him.   People started noticing that their follower numbers would be suddenly diminished, or that their content would no longer be picked up by the algorithms, thus losing reach. This was happening all over social media platforms. It seemed that certain accounts were being reinforced by the platform, while others were being deliberately reduced in scope. This was a slow process, and yet has picked up speed. In the beginning, a select few were being targeted, and because their voices were not being heard due to algorithms, their cries for help were going unheeded. It is always the case that when a few eggs are cracked, the rest of the eggs show very little concern. This is why all true revolutions do not happen suddenly. Destruction, if it wants to succeed, must occur at a snail’s pace, so that it is able to work without anyone really noticing anything.

The end goal for the algorithms, and the snail’s pace, is to completely remove the undesirable eggs from the ecosystem. This is happening now. Millions of people are being censored and cancelled. They have been forced to use other platforms that are more permissive of free speech. However, the fact remains, that the internet is now segregated and divided between those who can speak anywhere, and those who can’t. If the snail has its way, these smaller platforms will be removed as well. A few already have, such as Parler.

The internet was originally conceived as a place where ideas are platformed and shared throughout the entire world. The internet, from the very beginning, was designed to create a virtual community of ideas and content. Over time, however, that freedom has dwindled, and controlled by software programs that centralize idea expression and control. As long as participants obey the contract, they benefit. Fail to obey, and you not only lose reach, but you lose discoverability. Google, the search engine will only display what it wants you to see. Through the use of algorithms and centralized control appearing as private “companies”, this virtual community has been shaped and molded into any form the “owners” of the internet desire. Now, the owners of the internet are the owners of the content of the internet. In fact, we are a stage in the game where many of us defend the right of the owners to censure, de-platform, and remove anyone who is saying or introducing ideas that the masters do not want. This was the goal of the snail, to essentially create digital armies of people, no matter how artificial – some of them are paid mercenaries – to not only spread propaganda, but to engage in trolling, abuse, and cheerleading for the masters who engage in censorship. This is a virtual nation, one based on the contract that everyone signed. In that sense, again, we chose what we have as our reality. At that point, or should I say, at this point, censorship is deemed as being an act of courage and virtue in the community. There is truth to this because of the contact – we signed it. In other words, we are the participants of the program and the programming. The good news is, however, we can, as a collective undo the contract. The question is: are we willing?

Messages for Your Soul

We are like radio receivers. We can receive messages through our soul, from the Universe, from God or Source. They can be clear, alive and intended to guide us in our lives. Other messages, however, can be recordings, from this life or the past, or someone else’s life entirely. Those recordings can contain interferences of all kinds. You can learn to distinguish them, but it takes practices a great deal of discernment and caution, especially in the beginning. The good news is, the more you begin to discern, the easier it gets, mostly because you become more and more acquainted with the natural style of your own communication.


So, in all of this, how can you determine what messages are being sent to you through Source and which are through algorithms? The answer I am going to give you may be surprising, but it is simple to understand. There are no distinctions at all.  To believe there is a distinction is a trap. Imagine that you think that all the controlled messages on the media are manipulated propaganda in some way. You choose to ignore. You seek out what you can discover through meditation perhaps, or dreams, or some other medium that feels authentic.  Unfortunately, this puts in you in a difficult state. The reason is that because of the programming that the internet affords, it has infiltrated the dream state of the collective, as well as your own. This is why turning of the internet is not going to help you escape what you have deemed inauthentic messages. Instead, what will happen is you will just get more personalized version of the program. In the world of programming, all programs run both on a global universal context thread, as well as on an individual one. It is the power of the Synthetic Intelligence. Don’t underestimate it. The Mind is a powerful thing.

So, back to my example. Imagine you choose to consult your dreams, as they were pure Source messages. Well, this is going to put you at disadvantage because you will no longer be wary of the false messages. If you see an angel or an animal in your dreams, you will assume it is a good message, and something you should consider. What if it wasn’t? What if it was planted there? This is actually what is occurring for many, many people. There are dreams are actually, where the Synthetic programming really shows its force and power. This can cause people so much pain, disorientation, misunderstanding, and fear. Many spiritually sensitive people spend their lives clearing and cleaning their psychic space. It seems unending, the amount of cleanup work that has to be done.  The problem is that the more we go down this path, the deeper we walk in confusion and fear. Some might find a way to self-isolate, and protect their energy. The snail doesn’t care about that however. The snail just wants all powerful souls out of the way, and unfortunately, this trick is effective in keeping powerful souls out of the picture, out of the internet, and out of causing disturbances in the matrix-master programming structure. The key to escaping the matrix, is not to run from it. You can’t run. The key is to go into deeper awareness of it. That means, of course, that we must no longer be afraid of dark sprits, demons and energies that wish to keep us in that fear.

Mastering the Synthetic Intelligence

The only way out of the contract/fear based Matrix is to master the programming of the Matrix. Experiencing this may, to some, feel counterintuitive, I suppose. You cannot escape it without living a life of fear, and  yet you do not want to be submerged inside of it. In fact, for those who are aware of the Matrix, it is impossible to go back anyway. The choice is: live in suffering and fear, or find a way through your own magic. Synthetic programming, of which the Matrix is created, is entirely mind-based. You must learn to master the Mind. It is the key to avoid being overwhelmed and overpowered by Matrix energies, as well as learning to live and create here and live a full life.

There are so many challenges and issues with Mind mastery. I don’t want to get into it all here, as it would require a book, rather than a short article. But I will just mention a few fundamentals about mind mastery that are important to know.

The first is that the ego is a platform, it contains who you think you are, as well as your timeline, both past and future.  Egos believe knowledge is power, and knowing who you were and how you came to be, and what you want to do in life is absolutely paramount. Another thing the ego knows is that it doesn’t like death or getting old. Getting old is the road to death, and death is the end of the ego – something the ego is programmed – yes programmed – to avoid at all costs.  This is not the same as saving your life by climbing a tree because a lion is about to charge you. This is about protecting the energetic identity of the ego. In fact, if the ego saw a lion, and it could save itself at the expense of the body, it would do it in a heartbeat. How else do you think so many people live their lives chasing money, but don’t care what kind of food and drugs they put in their body?

So, the ego’s fears of death and old age is incredibly powerful. Our culture of narcissism and obsession with youth and beauty is a reflection of this ego.  Now, imagine how Synthetic Intelligence, can use the egoic platform to create all sorts of enemies and friends of the ego.  It is easy to do: create stories and associations with death and old age (the road to death), and give them different faces. For example, it is easy to associate any politician with death. It is also easy to associate an idea with egoic destruction and disease. By using this fear,  the public ego willingly agrees to remove any entity that is made to seem as a threat. It is really that simple. The collective consciousness has become an egoic consciousness that works as a unit in many ways. This is why so much of humanity at this point seems to think in the same way, or at if not, wants to appear to. Thanks to the internet and the control structures that have emerged to take advantage of it, we are witnessing a form of mind control the likes of which have never been seen before.

Regardless of the massive nature of the mind control, you can master it. If you cultivate an awareness of Mind and the power of its programming, you can begin to see how it has influenced yourself in your own life. Bit by bit, you will begin to notice where you are operating from within a false program, rather than through your natural soul essence.  This is where the awakening really happens. You are simply clearing away the programs. It will eventually get to the point where you can see a program running through you from the outside and in and yet, it will have no impact on you.

As a former programmer and intuitive psychic, I have been gifted with the ability to see these programs in action. Most of them are transmitted during sleep time,  both through devices, WiFi and 4G/5G.  Of course this is happening during waking hours as well. However, during sleep, you are most vulnerable to manipulation. It is one of the reasons why, in our culture, the ego is programmed to put little importance on dreams and more importance on the rat race of daily living.   With the ego, what is up is actually down. What is peaceful is actually war, and what is false is more precisely true.  That is the world of Alice in Wonderland. That is the true nature of mind programming that we live in. If we do not master it, we will become completely submerged into what is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual reality, a prison made of mind, to keep the heart in chains. Another word for that goal is transhumanism, something that poses as science fiction. Unfortunately, it is not science fiction at all. It is the greatest threat on planet earth at this time, called the singularity.

Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter

Awakening is a Threat

Awakenings are always heart-breaking.  The reason for this is that the ego, as it begins to ground itself, forms something like a shell, a protective avatar that is designed to protect you in the world. The ego and all its attachments and systems are attached to the heart space, like skin is attached to the body – it keeps it together, protecting it, and nourishing it.  The ego is programmed to do this in many ways – it makes sure it belongs in society or groups within society, follows all the rules, is considered good, valuable, and productive etc.  This does work for a while – until it doesn’t.  Awakening is not something that we choose. It is something that happens to us. As a result, it can be a shock to the egoic system. It doesn’t like it at all, because something is urging it to come out of its protective shell. And the ego would be exactly right, because awakenings are a natural process of expansion, the expansion and growth of consciousness. The world, meanwhile, doesn’t make it any easier. The world encourages us to stay in our egos, because they attachments we create through ego want us to stay where we are. They too don’t want to lose what we feed them.  There is not a single society in history that welcomes consciousness expansion. Socrates was sentenced to death for it. Jesus was hung on the cross for it. Pythagoras’ work was destroyed. Plato’s school was burned to the ground, killing many of his students. The struggle to be allowed to grow out of old structures is real, and it is what has driven all of what we call the history of human kind, in its attempt to control, dominate and prevent the awakening of human consciousness.

Resistance and Surrender

It is always up to the individual, to either allow the soul to expand, or to remain within the confines of ego. But if the individual resists, they will find themselves in a life of pain and difficulty. They will never find true happiness, because the soul cannot possibly be happy and joyful in a limited egoic structure that doesn’t it allow proper expression and expansion. This is why many people, when they experience awakening symptoms will revert to many addictions and distractions to rid themselves of the urge to leave behind what has become comfortable to them and comfortable to those around them.   They will use the mind to make excuses, to keep it going, to keep the lie alive – anything to avoid the scary prospect of expanding in a direction they don’t feel they can expand to. The more limited the ego, the more restrictive and co-dependent, the more difficult it will be for them to expand out of it. However, the results, if they manage to finally escape, will be enormous joy, a sense of freedom and love that is beyond comprehension.

When the time comes, and the consciousness is willing to let go of the ego, awakening is a natural process of the soul to shed that ego-skin once again, recognizing that the skin is not who “I am”, and never was. This is where the heart-break is experienced, the thing the ego was resisting before. The heart-break comes because this period usually means that the ego’s relationship to the world begins to shatter, and fall apart.  The universe, at first, is very kind during this process and will always give you an opportunity to easily and willingly lose the attachments to the ego-skin, but most of us don’t hear our soul’s calls, and we dismiss them, simply because we don’t want to let go. We want to hold on to the belief systems, the relationships, the agendas, and even the familiar worries and preoccupations. This is what is often referred to as attachment. Letting go of attachment, is a letting go of the ego that no longer truly feels comfortable – it actually begins to feel foreign.  When the consciousness sees this ego as foreign, it naturally and more easily lets it go. It stops resisting and surrenders to the process.

The Problem of Other People

Many will try to allow the expansion of their soul, but hold onto the old attachments at the same time.  This is also called trying to have your cake and eat it too. This too brings on much pain, because the old ego’s ways are no longer able to fit into an expanding universe that is beginning to express itself in wider, different ways.  This pain can easily turn into anger and frustration that others are not willing to follow you on your journey, or even anger at yourself for not being willing to keep your old ways for the sake of those others. If you observe yourself wondering when others will catch up or wake up, you can be sure that you are holding onto what was once your own state of sleep. The egos – and yes, we formulate many in any one lifetime – are by nature an unawakened state, and we generally, once letting go of the ego and its structures, soon find another to take its place.  This is why to be awakened is very challenging, because it is only possible if we are able to completely remain unattached to any egoic structures of any kind – including people around us.   The good news is that it is often the case, that those people will eventually rise with us. However, they will not do so if we force them with expectations or anger. It is always best to let them just be in your presence, and to allow the process to flow through you and into them. That is where the true magic happens, because when you begin to align more with your soul, you are giving permission to others to do the same. All of us are on different stages of our own special journey. There is no right way or wrong way here. We are all headed towards the same destination, which is to completely embody the soul, without attachment to an egoic structure. Jesus and Socrates were purported to be individuals who were able to embody their pure light soul energy while on earth.  Both men knew that they were eternal souls, and were only hear to serve others in their process of growth and expansion. Neither was interested in fame, followers, fortune, or popularity.

Experiencing the Pain of Contrast

The rest of us, who are not yet egoless manifestations of soul, are in the process of working with our egoic structure and the natural flow of our soul. That means, we must confront both the shadow and the light of our existence. The contrast of shadow (ego) and light (soul) is a powerful experience that the universe uses to assist you in the process of letting go of the old ego skin. It can kind of be like using your own soul against (actually for) you! Your soul is light after all, and what shows the shadows better the light of your own soul?  For example, perhaps you have ideas about what success looks like, and how you have to get it.  Your ego programming had you running around, reading books, taking seminars, trying to find a way to get your business or project started, to get the money and the notoriety and respect.  You spend a lot of time networking, and making contacts in the hopes of getting the word out.  All of this stuff is great, but this is not how the soul operates. Yes, the world likes loud, splashy, and catchy, but the soul does not. Your soul knows that every opportunity that has come your way, has come your way like magic, like a gift from the universe, regardless of what the ego does or doesn’t do.  So, here is how the universe might provide contrast to you. Imagine you have allowed your consciousness to follow your soul’s calling – life seems more positive, more beautiful, more magical. However, the next day you wake up, and feel some kind of negative emotion. You lost that “lovin’ feeling” somehow.  This is an indication that you haven’t quite let go of something, that you are still holding onto something attached to the ego.  Your soul will help you get to the bottom of it, if you work with it and ask – pay attention to your dreams especially. Many dreams provide contrast by putting yourself into situations and mindsets that you had when you were younger. These mindsets actually still hold onto you, beneath your consciousness, within the subconsciousness. Your soul is using your newly found bright light to reveal this situation to you. It can be painful to go “back to the past” like that. But this is a gift, and it is also a realization that you never left it in the past at all, and that it has been with you all along. Once you see the contrast, you will see the problem, and that will enable you to clear it. It is really that simple.  The contrast experiences happen very frequently, and it is very common to think that you have back-tracked or have lost your way. This is far from the case. Knowing the truth of who you are involves knowing the whole truth, comfortable or not!

All Work, No Play Makes Ego a Dull Boy

During the awakening process, when we begin to work as soul instead of ego, and allow the ego’s expectations and habits to go by the wayside, we experience our work as something joyful. Life, when we work on that level, is very much like when we were children, just daydreaming while looking at the stars, or playing with stuffed animals, creating all sorts of adventures, or playing house like the adults do. Joy is the nature of your soul, joy in all aspects.  The ego however, regards joy as being a limited commodity that is only present under certain conditions. The ego says: “I will be happy when I get this deal.” “I will be happy when I get famous or rich.” “I will be happy when my business takes off.” “In the meantime, I don’t have time to be happy.” “Only rich people are happy. I am poor.” To the ego, everything takes time and hard work. And that makes sense, because the material plane of existence is slow and does run on linear time. The material plane is also designed to keep you experiencing yourself as a being that doesn’t have enough resources, skills, or knowledge to be successful. It has gotten so bad that there are sections of the population who are creating timelines that tell people that they are victims of other people, or are somehow prevented from having what they want in life because of certain circumstances that are out of their control.  These are all lies to keep most of humanity under control, unawakened, and resentful of those who attempt to awaken them.

Fun with Frequencies

The  soul – our true nature – doesn’t work in the material realm – It works on what could be called the invisible realm.  Some people call it the fifth dimension and upwards, but dimensions are just more egoic constructs so that egos can feel good about being higher up the totem pole than other egos. The truth is, dimensions or not, we are all energetic beings of all sorts frequencies, from low (material realm) to high (energy faster than light).  When our consciousness is focused on the lower frequency realm, things happen slowly and seem hard – it’s always a tough slog, this earth.  Mind tells soul it is limited because of the limited body and timelines.  When our consciousness, however, is focused on the higher frequency realms, our thoughts don’t take a long time to implement. They happen at a rapid pace.  This is why raising your frequency is important – it helps you shed the ego skin quicker, because you can change your entire world with a simple shift in thought programming. In the denser frequencies this is not as easy and usually ends up in frustration and failure.

So, as we rise in frequency, we become more aligned with our soul essence. This does not mean, however, that we leave our bodies behind. No. Our bodies are our home on this planet earth.  It does mean, that we begin to experience our body in a different way, as we start to intuitively understand its purpose in relation to soul expansion.  Ego, after all is not your body. You don’t want to leave your body. Your soul, as it expands, naturally heals your body in miraculous ways. It will make you feel and look younger, heal old stubborn wounds, aches and pains. When you expand your soul, and let go off the false limitations and doubts of the ego, that you once held, your soul can work absolute magic in your world, without you having to anything other than change your thoughts. This is what is meant by creation, and creativity.  The more you consciously connect to your soul, the more you realize who you are unconditionally, and what you want. At that point, you know that you choose the thoughts that you want to work for you in the world.

About that Manifestation Thing

The idea that you can create your world through thoughts is often called manifestation. I don’t talk much about manifestation, even to myself, because you don’t need to talk about it. The soul really isn’t interested in manifestation, because manifestation to the soul is like child’s play or breathing. The soul is by nature a manifester. In fact, the soul already knows it has whatever it already desires – all that’s left for it is to play!  Isn’t it an absurd idea to tell a child who likes to play, to learn how to play with proper technique?  The ego, on the other hand, is the one that wants to gobble up as much information as it can on manifestation techniques.  It has lost its sense of play, and so it needs to learn how to do it. That is the nature of manifestation and the way it is sold as spiritual guidance. It is really just ego-guidance. So that’s about all I have to say on that topic.

Embodying Your Soul

As I mentioned above, the purpose of this earth-school is to learn how to master the energies here.  Our mastery is derived from our joy, the joy of expanding and creating and witnessing the creations of others. As our soul expands in that manner, we begin to see that the soul of whole shines through all things, the dark or the light. That is why neo-Platonists talk about emanation as being a function of the One Light, the highest consciousness, or Source/God. We, as individuals are just fragments of that light, and each one of us can shine into any object we place or focus upon. This is why it is so important to shine our light wherever we can, bring our joy no matter who laughs or grows angry.  Each one of us is asked to dare to be ourselves unconditionally, with unconditional love, no matter rich or poor, high or low. As souls, as light we are all made of equal substance. Don’t let the world’s tricks make you forget who you truly are.


There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about, but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.

It’s as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do. So human being come to this world to do particular work. That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you don’t do it, it’s as though a priceless Indian sword were used to slice rotten meat. It’s a golden bowl being used to cook turnips, when one filing from the bowl could buy a hundred suitable pots. It’s like a knife of the finest tempering nailed into a wall to hang things on.

You say, “But look, I’m using the dagger. It’s not lying idle.” Do you hear how ludicrous that sounds? For a penny an iron nail could be bought to serve for that. You say, “But I spend my energies on lofty enterprises. I study jurisprudence and philosophy and logic and astronomy and medicine and the rest.” But consider why you do those things. They are all branches of yourself.

Remember the deep root of your being, the presence of your lord. Give yourself to the one who already owns your breath and your moments. If you don’t, you will be like the man who takes a precious dagger and hammers it into his kitchen wall for a peg to hold his dipper gourd. You’ll be wasting valuable keenness and forgetting your dignity and purpose.”

Rumi, The Soul of Rumi : A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: An Original Translation

I’ve spent a few hours today translating Plato’s “allegory of the cave”. For about a year, I have working on and off on a full translation of Plato’s Phaedo, however Plato’s famous passenger in Book VII of the Republic kept showing up for me, so I decided to do my own translation and post it here. Walking with Plato is a quite a journey, and and it grows deeper, as your consciousness expands. This is why it is so challenging to translate his dialogues. However, the cave metaphor, and other metaphors that Plato expresses, are easier to mange, since they are formulated as stories or pictures. Everyone can look and understand a picture.

The “allegory of the cave” is a description of the awakening process, the challenges of awakening, and the reactions of others who are not yet ready to become awakened. Remember, Socrates was put to death for teaching the youth how to ask questions about what Athenian’s took for reality. In our world today, where people are being censored, not only for their political views, but for even questioning the view of others, this passage of Plato is even more relevant and is why I have been called to take a break to translate it, and include a good amount of footnotes.

Footnotes are really necessary, due to the fact that the Ancient Greek cannot be translated directly into English. Plato is a master, if not the master, of the Ancient Attic Greek language, and he used it in many interesting ways to help his readers make correlations, connections, and insights into the world that Plato would have understood as the invisible realm of heart-intelligence, or phronesis. Phronesis is the activity of the soul, in its search for truth, unimpeded by the illusions of the physical senses and distractions. The heart is, after all, the place where we see all things as much as we can, as they are, in their true light form. For Plato, the true nature of the beings (the things we talk about) can be seen through phronesis, and, yet, as Socrates says, cannot be taught directly. The reason for this problem is revealed in the cave allegory, where human beings consistently and mistakenly believe that the shadows of things are the things themselves. In the end, the things themselves are the object of the seeker, or the lover of wisdom or truth, and it is a journey that doesn’t end, not even in death. But that is a whole other story that is reserved for that other dialogue I am working on, the Phaedo.

It’s important to consider the images of bondage in this allegory. To be unawakened, is to be transfixed, and held in place, beneath the surface of the earth.  Plato calls them puppeteers, but the translation could easily be “magicians”. The deceivers are the facilitators of this bondage and are the ones who are “putting on a show” for the captives. The captivation with the show, and the lies of the show, are what entertains the human beings when they are disconnected to nature and her true essence.  In this passage, the folly of being disconnected with true nature, is a disconnection from the soul and the heart spaces, phronesis. The opposite, could be considered synthetic, a phantasm, the lie, or the artificial. Yes, you can extend this to include artificial intelligence. Plato, through this single allegory was combining the problem of entertainment as mind control, artificial intelligence and representations, such as Deep Fakes, and various other technologies. As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. That is the truth.

The deceptions that human beings are subjected to are created by other beings, who do “tricks” like puppet masters. To this day, we still refer to powerful people as those who “pull the strings” of others. Those who follow and do what they are told, are simply the puppets on the stage. The one’s watching only believe what they see in front of them. To them, there is no other reality than what they seem to see, whether they like it or not.

Plato doesn’t talk about, in this passage, who the puppet masters are, but their desire is to keep most of humanity in bondage, in their lies, instead of leading them out into the light. These are, in fact the gods, the theoi, the ones who see, but they are the ones that want to keep the humans in bondage, in worship to them. Socrates was sentenced to death because he didn’t believe in the gods that the Athenians believed in. Socrates, as the philosopher, which means “lover of wisdom” is the guide, or representative of the light, who wants to assist others in their awakening and their autonomous freedom. As such, he was a threat to the “gods” of the caves. It is remarkable that caves, in antiquity were always associated with holy places and the worship of gods/goddesses. By Plato’s day, these cults had become corrupt and dedicated not to wisdom, but to enslavement. Not dedicated to expansion and the light of consciousness, but determined to keep human beings in the dark and limited in their ability to see.

And that gets me to the light. Plato had no word for “consciousness”. In fact, the word “consciousness” is from the Latin, and it mostly means guilt.  In Ancient Greek, and during the Neo-Platonic era, consciousness as we understand it is simply the light, for the light is what enables us to see, to be able to watch and become aware. In this passage, Socrates uses the metaphor of the physical sun, to represent the light as consciousness, which to him is the ultimate good, or the Good, and, so is the God, of all things – beyond the gods.

Four Tips for Reading Plato

I will give you four tips in reading this small passage.

The first tip is to consider that it might be best to forgo the footnotes until a second reading. Get a sense of the linear story, and then dive into the footnotes.

The second tip is to understand that “being” is Plato’s way of referring to the essence of “things” or “stuff” we see. It may sound like abstract philosophical stuff, but he is only trying to express in language the truth, as opposed to the seeming/lies/deceptions in the cave.

The third tip is to notice that I have left out all punctuation for direct speech. There is no punctuation in Greek, and by putting it in, it creates a distinction that Plato didn’t intend. Plato often tells us something by moving in and out of embedded direct speech. It is best to be a little confused about who is talking, rather than try to make it clear and lose the ambiguity.  The entire Republic is told to us from the person of Socrates. So, the “I” always refers to him. In this case, the character he is dialoguing with is Glaucon, who was actually Plato’s elder brother.

The third and most important tip is to know that the Platonic dialogue is designed to make you notice things you didn’t notice before, to see something that wasn’t there in your mind previously. It encourages you to ask questions, and the more questions you have, the more you seek, the more richer your experience will be.

I hope you enjoy reading this translation as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Norman Maclean.

Plato’s Cave (The Republic, 514a – 517a)

So then, I said, liken[1] our nature in relation to its education and lack of education [2] to the following condition[3].   Consider human beings as those who live in a subterranean cavelike home, and although there is a passageway towards the light[4] beyond[5] the cave[6], the human beings are kept there since childhood, with their limbs and necks tied up in chains to keep them in place and to only see what was right in front of them. Because of their bondage, they are unable to move their head around, and so, to them, the light, burning from afar, comes from above and behind them[7]. In between the fire and the prisoners is a pathway that leads up towards a wall, just like the walls that are setup by puppeteers over which they present their wonders.

I see[8], he said.

Look further, and notice the human beings who are holding all sorts of props over the wall: artificial objects and statues resembling both men and the other life-forms, all made of stone and wood, and all sorts of things. As they carry these over the top of the wall, some are silent, but some make sounds like the animals and human beings they are carrying about.

You are describe a strange likeness, he said, and strange prisoners.

But they are like us![9], I said: Do you believe these people are able to see[10] anything of themselves or each other, other than the shadows that the fire projects to the opposite side of the cave?

How could they?, he said, if they have been forced to keep their heads fixed and unmoved their entire lives?

What about the objects being carried about? Isn’t it the same thing with them?

How do you mean?

Well, if they were able to dialogue[11] with each other, would you think that they’d believe that the things are[12] the very things they are seeing?


So, what if the prison could carry an echo all the way to the opposite side? Do you think, if someone passing by made a sound, that they [the prisoners] would believe anything other than the shadow passing before them is the one making that sound?

By Zeus, not I!, he said

So then, in every way, I said, these human beings would believe that the truth is nothing other than the shadows of artificial things.

Unavoidably so, he said.

So, consider, I said, what might be their possible release from bondage, and medicine for their folly, if they naturally encountered the following situation:[13]  As soon as someone is freed from their bondage, he would be compelled to suddenly stand up, turn his head around, walk and look up towards the light. While doing all these things, he would suffer pain and, due to the extreme bright light[14], would be unable to see those things, the shadows of which he saw before. [In that circumstance], what do you believe he would say, if someone else should tell him that what he knew previously was foolishness, but now he is closer to being, and that, by aligning himself more with being, he will see more correctly. Furthermore, by showing him each one of those who have been moving around [behind the scenes/wall], he would compel him to answer, by asking him what they are. Don’t you think that he would be confused and would believe that the things he used to see to be more true than the things he is being shown now?

By far, he said.

So then, even if the light itself forced him to look at the light, would he experience pain in his eyes, and turning away, would he run towards those things he was able to gaze upon, believe those things to be in reality clearer than the things that were being shown to him?

It is like that, he said.

But, if, I said, someone should drag him by force through the difficult uphill ascent and, refusing to release him until he is carried out into the light of the sun, wouldn’t he kick and scream as he was being dragged? Then, when he would finally arrive at the light, wouldn’t his eyes fill with the light of the sun, and he would be unable to even see what is now being called true?

No – at least not right away! he said.

I believe he would need to get accustomed to it, if he wanted to see the things above. First, he would be able to see the shadows quite easily, and after that, he would see the images of human beings and everything else in the waters. Then, finally, he would see the things as they are, from which things he would also see the stuff in heaven and heaven itself, more easily at night, by gazing on the light of the stars and the moon, rather than the light of the day and the sun.

How not?

Finally, I believe he would gaze upon the sun itself, not its reflection of the water, or in another place, as an illusion of the sun, but as the sun is by itself and in accordance with itself, he would see and wonder as to what it might be.

Necessarily, he said.

After all this, he might converse with himself and think that the sun is the bringer of the seasons and the years, nourishing all things in the visible realm, and that the sun in some way is the cause of all these things they[15] have been seeing.

It is clear that he would come to these conclusions, he said.

What then? After remembering his first home, what [is called] wisdom there, and all those who are in bondage there, don’t you think that he would count himself blessed from his transformation, but would pity the others?

Very much so.

So, if at that time there were any honors, praises, or gifts amongst them, to award the one who could with greatest clarity see the things that go by, or the one who could remember which things were carried first, which things afterwards, and which things at the same time, or even further, one who is most powerful at predicting what would arrive in the future, do you think that he would be enthusiastic for these awards, and would be envious of those amongst them who were honored and the most powerful there, or would he instead experience the saying of Homer, and so would rather “be a farmer of the soil, a serf to another even poorer man, and to suffer anything else whatsoever, rather than to think or live  as they do?[16]

I believe this is so, that he would rather accept suffering than to live in that way.[17]

Consider this, then, I said. If such a one returned and sat in his old seat, wouldn’t his eyes be full of darkness, having all of a sudden arrived from the sun?

Very much so, he said.

If it was required that he search for knowledge in terms of the shadows there, where his eyes were still dim, and argue with those who have always been prisoners, before he could get clear vision – for it could take a long time before his eyes to adapt – wouldn’t he receive ridicule, and would be said to have ruined his eyes ascending above, that it really isn’t worth it to even attempt to do such a thing? Furthermore, if it were possible for them to take and kill the one who attempts to free and lead others, wouldn’t they do so?[18]

Absolutely, he said.

[1] Socrates calls on Glaucon to look at our human state of education in terms of a likeness. Remember, this is a parable that is about how we confuse the likeness of the beings, with the truth of the beings. The parable itself is a likeness about the condition we face as being attached to likeness. The metaphor of the cave is a paradox of mirrors.

[2] Education in ancient Greek is παιδείας. The root -παι- means child/of a child and so this word refers to all aspects of child rearing at home and at school. The word, education mostly focuses on institutionalized learning. The Greek is more expansive. It is good to keep this mind, as Socrates is not making a critique about the school system. To Plato, the world is where we learn, from childhood to adulthood. Education is synonymous with living. Learning is growing, expanding, and cultivating every day of our life.

[3] The word for condition is πάθει, from which we get our word pathos, or pathetic. It means suffering, in the sense of experiencing things outside our control. The human condition, in this parable, is one of slavery and imprisonment.

[4] This light is the light from outside the cave. It is not the fire that is described below.

[5] The preposition παρὰ is ambiguous. It is used a lot in this passage. It can mean besides (parallelogram), passed over (paraleipsis), beyond (para-normal), outside (para-dox), against (para-sol). So, the idea is that the light enters the cave, but it is not “in” the cave. It is there, but not there. I translate παρὰ as ‘about’ or ‘around’, just to keep that sense of ambiguity.

[6] Socrates refers to the cave-like home as σπηλαιώδει. But here, he uses the word cave, σπήλαιον. Notice that he quickly substitutes a world indicating likeness, with a word indicating being. This is important: language conceals that we are referring to likenesses. Keep this in mind as you continue to read the passage.

[7] Like cave and cave-like, Socrates is equating fire with the light, as if they were same. In the cave, the people can feel the fire at their backs, and they can, as we shall see, see the fire-light behind the shadows.

[8] Socrates told Glaucon to liken our nature to the conditions describe. “I see” has replaced “I liken”, which is a replacement of likeness, with identity/being. ἄτοπον

[9] Glaucon has distanced himself (projected) from the likeness by calling them “strange”.  The word is ἄτοπον, from which we get our word topology. Literally, it means “no place”, and therefore “non-existent”.


[11] Glaucon and Socrates are now dialoguing with each other. This is, after all, a dialogue of Plato.

[12] The things are represented by the objects, and those carrying them. Remember, the prisoners only see and dialogue with the shadows projected on the wall of the cave.

[13] The word that I translate as ‘folly’, ἀφροσύνης, is impossible to translate in English. The word derives from the Greek word for heart, and it describes a folly that originates in the blindness of soul, connected to the heart space.

[14] Like when you turn the light on in the middle of the night, and it is painful to the eyes.

[15] All of a sudden, it seems that the one person who ascends towards the light, is actually not alone. This is a fascinating passage. “They” and what the “they” have been seeing is actually all humans everywhere. It’s just the not all see it as clearly as the one who is awakening. It is worth meditating on this passage, because the suggestion is that the beings, in their illusion and in their being are all emanations or creations of what Plato understands to be the realm of the Good or God.

[16] The awards are given to those who see, those who can remember, and those who can predict.  In other words, the awards are given to those who deeply believe in the false reality structure, a structure that defines past, present, and future. This is how the cave-puppeteers control the narrative and award those who are able to repeat and reinforce it. Plato is showing us how timelines can be used to entrap consciousness in ignorance if we believe the stories we are told about the shadows on the wall. Public honors and awards keep the show going.

[17] The philosopher always chooses to live in truth, rather than chase the rewards of receiving good public opinion. Living in alignment with light consciousness, in the light of God is its own rewards. This sentiment is also amply expressed in the New Testament.

[18] This is hypothetical because awakening is not something that someone does to something else. Awakening is truly the awakening of the soul in connection with the Source/God/The Good, which cannot be “killed”. This is why Socrates did not hold any fear at his deathbed. They cannot kill the seeker of truth, because it is an emanation of who we are, as divine emanations of Source.