Why Lightwork Clearing Doesn’t Help Suffering- or Awakening

Suffering has always been the trigger point from which we begin our awakening. Actually – to be more precise – the awareness of suffering is the trigger point that begins our awakening. In philosophy, it has long been a source of contention whether experience or knowledge has more access to truth. Well, the truth isContinue reading “Why Lightwork Clearing Doesn’t Help Suffering- or Awakening”

Understanding the Masculine-Feminine Abuse Dynamic

“YOGA IS THE RESTRICTION OF THE FLUCTUATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.“- Yoga Sutras, 1.2 Yoga is the mastery of the activities of the mind-field. Then the seer rests in its very true nature. Swami Rama The masculine-feminine abuse dynamic is a difficult topic to write about, because it is something that the programmed egoic-mind is programmed toContinue reading “Understanding the Masculine-Feminine Abuse Dynamic”

The Final Act: Egoic Number Games

 There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics Unknown In this article, I am going to touch on the topic of creativity and value; or the value of the creative Soul in society, and the way it is monetized and valued. I am going to remind the reader that this article isContinue reading “The Final Act: Egoic Number Games”

Timelines and Train wrecks

In this post, I want to talk a bit about timelines and the end of this current age. I’m sure you have heard of parallel worlds or universes. When we here about these worlds, we tend to imagine that the world is just like “this” one, the physically manifested world that the ego sees andContinue reading “Timelines and Train wrecks”

Neutrality in the Narcissistic Polarity

I mention polarity a lot in this blog. The reason is that it is one of the most important laws of this world to understand. Ignorance of this law is what causes so much more suffering than we really need to. At the same time, I know how difficult it can be to let goContinue reading “Neutrality in the Narcissistic Polarity”

Ego: Becoming our parents…and our parents’ parents

Every child born into the world receives the programming as designed and carried on within the energetic structure of their ancestry. Bloodline programming is transmitted through the DNA and has already manifested in the past generations at the physical level. However, all hereditary patterns were once acquired through energetic-subtle programming; that is to say, theyContinue reading “Ego: Becoming our parents…and our parents’ parents”

Ego: From little wave to ocean

The ego is defined by its attachments, with which it identifies at any giving period. The more attachments an ego has and the more stuff it needs around it (money, decorative objects, life goals, skillsets, ideas, people), the more work the ego has to put in to maintain itself and its identity. Most egos areContinue reading “Ego: From little wave to ocean”

Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness

Before I start this article, I want to make something clear. Twin flames is a topic that is highly popular these days. I get tons of people coming to this site because of the twin flame content. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it shows me that more and more peopleContinue reading “Twin Flames: The infinite spiraling of consciousness”

To Kill with Kindness – Abuse as Ego

I’ve frequently spoken about programming in this blog, especially in relationship to mind and ego. It is a difficult topic to write about, as I am forced to use language about something that has absolutely no obvious or common form of reference. This is because the programming is hidden from the consciousness, just like yourContinue reading “To Kill with Kindness – Abuse as Ego”

Twin flames: The mythology

In one of my more recent posts, I point out that the Twin Flame mythology serves a similar purpose to the Jesus mythology.  I want to elaborate a bit more on this topic, to make it clear as to why these mythologies are present within our experience. The reason is that many have sold theContinue reading “Twin flames: The mythology”