As you are

As you surrender the egoic-mind-lifeYou’ll see for the first time in lifetimesthat who you were was just a dream;dissolving into the morning,as dreams naturally do,night forever sinking beneath the sun. You can’t experience this through religion,a binding rope can’t hold the waves of water,where sun and moon reflect for each – arriving tearless and departingContinue reading “As you are”

Meditation: On Time

Beyond the clock and the digital timers…. The sun rises and sets and rises again,the years turn like the winding of a dial never-ending,the eternal return returns again. Time is a circle, not a line,and yet you believe you were born,that you have a middle life,and that you die in the end. The mind createsContinue reading “Meditation: On Time”

At the very least

…poetry arisesfrom the quiet of evening,just before the light fades,glimmer stretched onto a horizon,where, once dissolved,not even darkness is seen to move;you are flowing through distancereceding neither behindnor in front, careless that your long gone,but in the middle of somethingsomewhere and somehowwhere silence is louder than sound,and the power of what is saidis in whatContinue reading “At the very least”

The Wisdom through the Knowledge

Wisdom doesn’t arrive from knowledge; it isn’t the analysis of things or ideas;In fact, Wisdom doesn’t arrive at all, for the Fountain of Life remains eternal. From One comes Two,and from Three, they are One. Knowledge separates the creatures,binding each to their own devices,confusing loves for desires. But Wisdom is the only Love,as sure asContinue reading “The Wisdom through the Knowledge”

Poetry and the Illusion of Fact

The prose is nothing without the poetry; two lovers that must find, once again, their union, which is their power, and the only truth in a world that is a nonsensical maelstrom of streaming fictions and facts. Today, poetry has become something designed to be understood, something clever and tactical, something like programming and surfaceContinue reading “Poetry and the Illusion of Fact”

Meditation for Removing AI Interference

This piece is a meditation designed to help you remove AI from your system. It is a dialogue with you and is meant to be read that way. By dialogue, I mean that it has a number of voices that are speaking through it and in conversation. As such it addresses various controversies that tendContinue reading “Meditation for Removing AI Interference”

No Words for Self

As Self emerges from Non-Self,what you once thought straight,now seems to be sordid curve,what once seemed outside,now seems rooted in the heart;and what you desperately needed,now seems a desperate waste of time. Oh, and language itself:how highly inefficient it is,failing to capture butterfly wings,bright thoughts brewing wild storms,every minute like the time of raindrops,liquid raysContinue reading “No Words for Self”

Art and Art-ificial Intelligence: Never Surrender

I know that many artists out there are struggling to understand how AI is going to impact themselves and their livelihoods. I am writing this article in hopes that it helps artists to remember who they are in the world, their role in the human drama, and the importance of their teachings, either as professionalContinue reading “Art and Art-ificial Intelligence: Never Surrender”


Each one of us,We start small,Babies learning to roll,then tumbling to fall,over and over again,until we grow up;until we can walk,and the universe beginsto expand… Strange:for although he grew taller,his ego became stronger,proud to discover a proven smallnessin the context of scientific scenery,stars and moons, planets and galaxies:“I’m just the dust in the wind”,he says,Continue reading “Dust”