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wisdom is silentnot to be spoken to or by anyone else,it comes to you,and works through you,you won’t find profit in it,no one will be impressedor love you more for it,nor will you make more money,nor appear more beautiful,nor more wise. save your words for wisdom,they are hers…


the world hasn’t time to wait,for the seeds to grow,for the cows to eat the grass;for the moon to wax and wane,and for the water to flow,the time it takes to ride a thought,to know which way to go,the upheavals and the angles,the voice that says: go! Advice is a cool cup of waterbefore aContinue reading “Patience”

Material Marriage

as rocks tumble from mountain topsand the wind steals the smoke and the dustto hide those pieces away, inside purple flowers in the river vale below, the one who winds ’round,devouring whatever dares linger upon its edges,with waters who lap like tonguesand froth like the hunger of lovers, as those rocks tumble,I saw his lifeContinue reading “Material Marriage”

Unity and the Blood

Every number is divisible from its limited form,and every limitation has no end to its troubles,even the Unity and the One can be divided into trillions,scattering a diversity that has no bounds,two, four, six, eight, no one appreciatesthe millions of seconds of your Timewhose dismemberment is effortless and violent,breaking the bounds and boundaries of clocks,arms,Continue reading “Unity and the Blood”

God is Death

do you wonder about the laziness of trees,branches that move only by the wind;fruit that falls by a scampering squirrel?I know that most people cut it down a notch,just to have a view of their desolation,proof of work and proof of stake;killing and murder and cutting off,removing, abusing, and isolating:that is what human power isContinue reading “God is Death”

Love is worth that mad music

if you want to hear life,you’ll have to listen to your own,and,by the way,you’ll need to steal your own heart,and give it away for him to break itjust to see what will fly away,what will slowly slither out,and what will cling to every surface.if you really want to experiencethe conversation of the birds,the love thatContinue reading “Love is worth that mad music”


What does wisdom look like to you? Does it look like Socrates?Does it look like a monk sitting on a rock?Does it look like a yoga teacher?Does it look like meditation?Does it look like martial arts?Does it look like music? But wisdom is found only in the waters,keeper of the memories of what is hidden,harbingerContinue reading “Wisdom”

a smile over quiet ice

it’s funnyhow he believes silence concealswhat he loves and what he does not;as if the wordless treescould hide their breathing limbs,from me,as if they could suppress such majestyfrom the eyes of a goddess. I can even feel the limbs that’ve fallen,who remain as still and untouchedas that unused dictionary,as solemn and as dusty as churchContinue reading “a smile over quiet ice”

The Rivers

the Rivers,the great waters who roam,between the fingers and the toes,those who fill your cups and pails,and who prod and poke the lazy rocks,to goad a primal impotence to move,wasting their Time in daft mockery; everyone has seen those Rivers,in the movies and the politics,and the memories of booksand all the poetries of the worldContinue reading “The Rivers”